Identifying trends in your political, social and economic environment is an important part your Financial Awakening. Like a strong ocean current, it can be your friend if you allow it – but try to fight it and you will surely find yourself alone, exhausted and lost.

Understanding the trends

The Financial Awakening breaks down trends into the following categories, though it is noted that some trends will fall into multiple:

  1. Political.
  2. Social.
  3. Economic.
  4. Technological.

Some trends are simply cyclical. Born and bred out of human nature. The ongoing struggle for resources, money and power between the haves and the have-nots.

Other trends are derived out of major events – wars, famine, disease and natural disaster.

Many trends of course are derived from technological advances, increased productivity and through economic efficiencies.

Those who are able to identify trends quickly are often those who go on to create opportunities within trending industry. These people tend to be well rewarded. Those however, who fail to spot the trends, risk being left behind.

Worst still, some will jump into an old trend having missed identifying the new trend which was forming. For these people unfortunately, the financial consequences can be disastrous.

Our metaphorical goal for the coming weeks and months, is to start to rise above the noise and motion of the waves, to see the larger ocean and the currents within. Identify where these currents are running to and how long they might last.

And hopefully we will have some fun doing it.


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