TLCC Testing.

Division 1 ā€“ Round 30

SME Beta Test Phase III ā€“ Matchday report by Santa Claus Round Highlights: In this round the english teams surprised many in their travels to the top team’s ground, and step back into their dream title!! One surprise came from Giuseppe Meazza Stadium where the relegation zone team Arsenal step up to be David and […]

Division 1 Results – Round 29

Other great climb, came from Barcelona, following their win against Lazio that was with the same points, that give them the opportunity to climb up 2 places, passing Lazio and Tottenham and they are now back into 9th.

What is the Metaverse?

Whatever it is – it seems to be where Telos and XAYA are headed! At Goldsmith Money, we talk blockchain based virtual gaming worlds and economies ad nauseam. Yes – virtual reality platforms are the future of economic marketplaces!Yes – these platforms will be built on trustless and decentralised blockchains!Yes – these new virtual worlds […]

Telos T-Bonds

They did it! They created their own DeFi fundraising solution. It would take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and they would be called… T-Bonds.


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