The evolution of personal diaries

New technologies are very positive and advantageous for the progress of the humanity and in the future they will be essential to work or simply to live Now, we know that today, a product can go from being a great… Read More ›

What is the Metaverse?

Whatever it is – it seems to be where Telos and XAYA are headed! At Goldsmith Money, we talk blockchain based virtual gaming worlds and economies ad nauseam. Yes – virtual reality platforms are the future of economic marketplaces!Yes –… Read More ›

Telos T-Bonds

They did it! They created their own DeFi fundraising solution. It would take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and they would be called… T-Bonds.

Diary saves the day

Judge Kavanagh’s mother, a judge; and father, an attorney – both highly successful in their own right, had drilled into a young Brett the importance of keeping a diary. As it turns out, it was perhaps the best advice that two loving parents could have given their son. Now it is your turn.