How to use your Daily Telos

4 very easy steps to start your online journal! Go to the journal entry Choose the method of payment Fill in the box with the desired information And voila, you have your information saved and organized This Dapp developed in… Read More ›

Random Hierarchical Representative Government

The output of such a system would be a form of government which should represent the will of the people (to the extent such a thing exists). The system is neutral with respect to political opinions regarding the size/scope of government. It is neutral to Republican and Democratic opinions. It is neutral with respect to race, money, religion, abortion, war, etc.

Telos Saves the World

An ode to a reliable utility blockchain. There was zero social distancing in the hall,This gathering would be attended by all;A cryptocurrency bonanza,A blockchain – extravaganza. Bitcoin veterans suave as could be,Buterin’s boys singing Ethereum Me.Binance reps were strutting the… Read More ›