Blockchain Gaming

Taurion Cubit Faction Coins

In honour of the rapidly expanding blockchain gaming ecosystem Taurion, we have minted our first range of virtual tokens, which we are calling our Taurion Cubit Faction Coins.


Trade, transport, mining, refining, manufacture, construction, marketing and security… collusion, racketeering and piracy. Basically any other type of business venture you can dream up, could very well be possible at the planet Taurion.

XAYA update

Soccer Manager Elite and Tarion Updates Be sure to subscribe to the Goldsmith Money YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in blockchain gaming – especially XAYA! In last night’s report (below), we discuss the progress of… Read More ›

Farm Game / Dota 2

Farm Game has opened up a world of opportunity for gamers, linking all the benefits of blockchains (decentralised and trustless financial ecosystems), with the massive Steam gaming universe.

Taurion Treasure Hunt

So many great prizes to be won and Goldsmith Money plans on winning many of them. And we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to do it. Raid, plunder, loot, steal, destroy. All is fair in the resource rich, yet desolate alien planet of Taurion.

Taurion Teaser Trailer

A complete cinematic experience The financial world is quickly awakening to blockchain gaming. More specifically, the roles that these decentralised, trustless and provably fair virtual economies will play in relation to our entertainment, social interaction, recreation and trade in the… Read More ›

Telos Saves the World

An ode to a reliable utility blockchain. There was zero social distancing in the hall,This gathering would be attended by all;A cryptocurrency bonanza,A blockchain – extravaganza. Bitcoin veterans suave as could be,Buterin’s boys singing Ethereum Me.Binance reps were strutting the… Read More ›

XAYA SME beta testing and more

Blockchain Gaming Over the past month Goldsmith Money has found itself thoroughly involved in XAYA game beta testing. This is the beta testing for one of their two major blockchain gaming projects, being Soccer Manager Elite (SME). Over the course… Read More ›