Taurion – Alpha Test

Starts Tuesday, 25 August 2020.

Over 1,500 people have already signed up for the Taurion Alpha Test – that’s right…


This is 1,500 super excited people, all of whom are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a gaming revolution.

The start of a new era in massive, trustless, decentralised gaming realities. Encompassing human mining, atomic trading, Dapps and a myriad of opportunity.

Taurion Treasure Hunt


With 1,500 registrations for the Taurion Alpha Test (including Treasure Hunt III), the Xaya team has decided to delay commencement until the end of this month. They wish to ensure that the game is fully buffed and ‘polished’ prior to the much anticipated launch. And understandably so.

If you have not yet registered for your Taurion Starter Pack – please do by clicking on the Goldsmith Money Invite Link and completing the email registration.

If you would like to know more about the treasure hunt prizes, click on the following link to our treasure hunt information page.

Giveaway (now closed).

With all the excitement surrounding Xaya and Taurion at present. And in honour of the 1,500 Taurion registrations. We thought we would add to the fun. Which is why we are giving away 1,500 CHI!

That’s right…

1,500 CHI

Sharing in the 1,500 CHI prize pool is easy – just answer the following question:

What excites you most about Taurion?

Post your answer as a comment in this web-page below, along with your Xaya name and CHI address.

The best and most creative answer as determined by us, will receive the 500 CHI first prize. The next best 10 responses will receive 100 CHI each. (Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into).

Competition has now been closed and the prize CHI has been transferred. Thank you to all the participants.

We had two major winners – Hersi007 and Ali Akinar. Each winner received 300 CHI. Congratulations to you both.

See you all at Taurion!


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  1. Seriously! Taurion has always been the most anticipated game for the gamers and also for the the Xaya team, so I’m pumped to see what this brings, couple with the fact that there are lots of amazing prizes to be won.
    Although, MMORPG games are in a weird space for me lately. Like other than specific games, nothing really had me hyped like the SME game because I’m a huge soccer fan.

    However, after having watched the Taurion trailer on XAYA’s YouTube channel, I knew this is definitely going to be lit, with the Impeccable designs, and graphics. And of course, the fact that they partnered up with Soccer Manager to include shares in the soccer clubs amongst the prizes just made it even more interesting for me. Can’t wait!!

    XAYA Name: hersi007
    Address: CYNRqMcbZ832LkD3GofHWJuwQGfSF5YKUS

  2. Good morning,

    The first thing I like about Taurion is that it is among the first blockchain games being developed. The fact that whatever you spend in the form of time and currency in-game becomes your asset is also very appealing.

    After watching the trailer I enjoy the story line of 3 spacefaring civilizations, with a common origin yet divergent in it’s growth and setting.

    I see a lot of potential in this game to grow into a trully MMO game with many years ahead of it.

    I look forward to playing it for the long run.

    Thank You & Stay Healthy

    XID: Alphahyperion
    Address: CcQmkmXCjhZN984vfUpB264RcrJDg7WiaT

  3. here it goes: I have been waiting for this event for a long long time, sadly missed the last one because I had too much going on with my life back then. Right now, because of the pandemic I am working from home as a freelancer but still managed to arrange my whole life around this event, have been shifting things around based on any date hinted by the dev team in their discord channel.. wish it was a little bit earlier though, because I don’t want to wait any longer.. this may sound like an exaggeration but believe me it is not.. I am already in love with MMO games and I am really excited to see blockchain tech finally catching up to give us such a game.. Furthermore Xaya is a project that I have been following since 2018 and I definitely admire what they accomplished so far.. Also I have been telling all my friends about this event, they are not as hyped as me yet, still playing stupid games elsewhere. all in all I am really happy to witness the development of Taurion and excited to think what it will become in near and long term..


    • I too will need to rearrange some time to make the most of the treasure hunt. It is hard not to want to get family and friends involved – so agreed. 100 CHI has been sent to your account. Thanks ecnnn. G.

    • Congratulations Ali – you are equal first with Hersi007. I like that you are so excited about this you are inviting all your friends to play – just as I am. Another 200CHI headed your way. Good luck in the treasure hunt. G.

  4. I love the feature where you can rent out advertising above your buildings and generate some passive income . Or you can just rep your favourite sports team or band 😉

  5. I am mostly excited about Taurion and the play to earn. I think play to earn ids the future or games and maybe even work. CYR1bnznnAh531QbPQg4XHskBuzsYD7dHy

    • Play and earn – yes! This is what it is all about. New opportunities to earn and prosper. Virtual economies. Thanks Jeffrey. 100 CHI has been sent to your account. Cheers. G.

  6. CbAMNCxixtGqV9s1oKt2Uc4SnvXuNqByUx

  7. Well to start with i have never been a part of beta… but have seen some videos and promos…. concept of farming resources and upgrading…. Keeping ur resources safe… Fighting for ur clan and ur fellow mates….. Always was awesome….. Well it has a big world i like that too …. THE STORY its awesome….. The story really is great…. Only three guilds are known so far… More might be introduced as there where total of 12 i guess… Man thats a huge pool of players….s o its always fun to play with more player and with more variety…. And its just not the guild with different logos…. They all have different story different evolution and different traits…. Its spices up things a little….. I really want to play this game but with current specs i might not be able to do so… But i will surely play this as soon as i get the desktop required….
    Man i just only watch videos and i like this stuffs…. Im sure once i start playing there will be more…

    Well you know me from SME Beta mate (im Pratik Jathan)….. Still i would metion my Chi address below

    • Agreed Pratik – great story and plenty of interesting game-play to keep us in front of the monitor for hours at a time. Good luck with the new PC. 100CHI has been sent to you. Thanks for the comment. G.

  8. CN5JCChRchBpXJ7M7nvCc9Np6UrZjAhQfG

    – a runaway ode to XAYA by MachnBird Sparo


    Thought I would save you some reading time with a one word answer.

    A more readable version of my reply can be found at either of these post:

    Fair warning, I write for a living and even though my degree is in aviation, the runner in me can construct legitimate sentences that would force-accept my high school English teacher who knows that not only can I not spell worth a damn but that I have the I.Q. to pass most tests reading the Crib Notes and keeping one-eye open in class.

    About My Crypto Journey

    Now, I ain’t that smart, in part, cause I believe in an aviator/fitness lifestyle that we should all be out, not as monks as some thought Bruce Lee believed, but rather, racing the falling leaves of mountain trees. So why do I reveal all of this? You may guess the answer upon knowing that I began seriously looking into crypto by listening to Andreas Anotonopolous in the background as I prepped dinner, practiced T’ai Chi/Yoga/home-workouts, or on work breaks.

    As a visionary, Andreas instilled in me the difference between Bitcoin dream, altcoins with true vision, and stolen blockchain tech by enterprises wishing to create pseudo decentralized ledgers (aka limited participation) under the veil of crypto. I would eventually settle on EOS because my funds and time were limited. I liked the idea of a blockchain built for developers. And, I began calling my EOS handle (machwire4eos)- my virtual computer.


    I was excited about EOS (and still sort of am) until I was denied entry into Voice. I am a U.S. citizen with nothing on my record other than poverty. Hard to like something that has you questioning if your class, race, and/or religion was good enough. I still have hope for EOS and even Voice, then again, I believe I would be somewhat excited working for Facebook Libra, IBM Blockchain-as-a-Service, or Amazon Managed Blockchain. Yeah, the jobs (if you can call them that) I’ve had were pretty bad. But, what do you expect coming out of NYC metro. Undoubtedly the reason why I get many of Andreas’ analogies. We also share a view that higher degrees from accredited institutions can have value alongside free enterprise development; and, maybe also a position on independent politicians.


    Renewed Hope

    Let me start out by saying that CHI was easy to get via Discord, but I would have loved to have an easy access free market (I’m a U.S. citizen) to acquire some. It’s an ideal that I’m confident that XAYA will meet one day. That said, I believe the rest of what I write will be entirely positive, if not for the only reason that many projects (with active community discussions) seem to be avoiding the word DECENTRALIZATION.

    As perfect as perfect gets

    – Overall XAYA website
    – Description of its cryptocurrency
    – Triple support (tutorial, forum, and custom via email)
    – Learning center

    DECENTRALIZATION is the first item of business under the Blockchain Basics lesson. Now… if the XAYA monks wrote that lesson as is 7+ years ago… well, I won’t go into how afraid cryptonians need to be, just stay in really good shape to run:)

    I dare you to find a better presentation of how to use a platform than what is found at xaya.io/learn

    It’s like the minds behind the project want it to do what their mission says.

    Some Sanity… FINALLY!

    If you have an advanced degree, then you can understand where I’m coming from. Many people get their B.A. or B.S. and never think of school again. Their ongoing learning might be self-centered or driven by corporate indoctrination. But for those that venture to even a master’s degree, the concept of building upon the lessons of the past requires clarity of purpose and ease of use. I already conveyed this as one of the primary definitions of XAYA when it’s included in our future dictionaries.

    The question XAYA tasked us with:

    – What excites you most about Taurion?


    – DECENTRALIZATION (the same as XAYA).

    As for what I’ve seen of the game, if I say that I associate more with Han Solo than Luke Skywalker, does that fully convey my excitement? Well, that is, except for the speedster inside Luke.

    Now, bring in an Indian Jones TREASURE HUNTING aspect inspired by the far off dreams of Hunter:)Coin, and well, establishing a decentralized crypto economy derived from provably human skill is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    Would you believe… I got the spelling right on the first shot and that, other than the highlighted spell checks as I wrote, this is unedited (ok, added/changed three or four words)?

    I am about to create a Steemit/Hive post to promo XAYA a bit and hopely inspire some discourse about the advantages of DECENTRALIZATION. I’ll come back to read this for fluidity and hopefully not change anything, other than add a link to my blog post.

    Thanks XAYA minds, and I hope to dive into the tech in a meaningful way.

  10. Sincerely speaking, I wasn’t so drawn to turion like that because have not been following up even though there’s a regular updates for it on the xaya discord server, I was more focused on SME, and that’s simply because have been addicted to SM since the days of the Soccermanager World, So what really excites me on this turion hunt is definitely the juicy SME shares attached to it and this would be of great advantage to own a portion before the launch. Also, am so excited to see one of Xaya project gaining momentum and this would surely be of benefit to the holders of CHI and gamers also would definitely jump in to this to check this out considering the huge varieties of prizes to be won.
    so glad this is coming up, patiently waiting and hoping all turns out great at the end, am hopeful


    • The juicy SME shares will certainly be creating some urgency in the treasure hunt – hoping for a couple of these myself. Thanks for the comment Fafa. 100CHI has been sent to your account. G.

  11. A wonderful game must be!

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