Blockchain Gaming

New virtual worlds of real world opportunities

As discussed previously, Goldsmith Money takes the view that blockchain and gaming industries will soon merge into one enormous industry – abundant in opportunities for all.

Blockchains will allow the formation of decentralised and trust-less gaming worlds for:

  • social and competitive game-play;
  • game asset trading;
  • socialising;
  • news media;
  • content creation;
  • live streaming and video broadcast;
  • music; and,
  • entertainment and communication.

And the limits of these new virtual worlds (being trustless economic ecosystems) will be boundless.

People from all over the world will migrate to the ecosystems for entertainment, along with business and employment opportunities.

A new breed of blockchain entrepreneur will develop new and revolutionary decentralised applications – in what will be the most rapidly growing marketplace on the planet.

We do not propose to report on all changes in this brand new industry here at Goldsmith Money, as this would be impossible. We will attempt to report on what we deem to be some of the best projects.

We make no investment recommendations in regard to any of the projects we discuss. We are merely alerting you to their existence. What you choose do with this knowledge is completely up to you and done so at your own risk.



The first project we propose to follow here is XAYA – a project we have been following for a number of years.

The team behind XAYA have stated:

We see the blockchain as a transformational technology where games transcend the virtual and take on a life of their own in the real world.

XAYA has two huge games in development which are already well into Beta Testing. Each game has the potential to be its own standalone economic ecosystem. These games are:

We will now begin our examination of XAYA and our participation in the projects being built on it – and it will all be discussed right here at Goldsmith Money.


Telos is the genuine 3rd generation & decentralised blockchain. It is super fast, PoS efficient, Smart Contract enhanced, effectively governed, user-friendly and highly scalable.

From a gaming perspective – Telos offers all the functionality needed by game developers from token management, escrow and gameplay smart contracts, game data recording, messaging, free transactions and free account creation.

Telos has recently forged a pair of substantial indirect agreements with 2 HUGE gaming corporates – UNITY and STEAM.

Farm Game / STEAM

Official public announcement – 26 May 2020

After months of testing, Telos exclusive Farm Game has officially launched its first game DOTA 2. Gamers from all around the world can now come together to engage in competitive gameplay with real crypto on the line, handled trustlessly with Telos Smart Contracts

Qudo / unity

ANNOUNCEMENT: Block Bastards and Telos Foundation Partnership

We are really excited to announce a partnership that will revolutionize gaming on the blockchain. Now, thanks to Qudo proof-of-gameplay rewarding mechanism running on the Telos blockchain, unity games can join the blockchain and have token-based features,

Block Bastards & Qudo – 22 April 2020

Telos related links and tools will be constructed at our Quick Links page in the near future.

Like XAYA, we will continue our journey into Telos over the months and years to come. So be sure to Subscribe to this website for all your latest Blockchain Gaming news. As Blockchain Gaming… is where the money is going to be.


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