Innovation and Technology

An investor’s perspective

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

Wayne Gretzky

The Past

Identifying innovation and technological advances before the rest of the world can be financially rewarding – just ask the creators and early investors in YouTube, Google, Bitcoin, Uber or Netflix.

From an investment perspective, a good investment asset is determined at the time of purchase, not the time of sale. So if you have done your due diligence, you know where demand for the asset is going and you are invested early – you might just profit off your foresight.

With respect to innovation and technology (I & T), we could be looking at company level innovation or industry level innovation.

I & T can turn average companies into industry leaders through efficiencies in production or service delivery. Examples might include more fuel efficient aeroplanes for airlines; more automated assembly lines in factories; and, faster and more capable computer software for business.

Technologies will also see new industries arise and old technologies die, just as video streaming has flourished and decimated the old DVD and VCR hire industries.

Of course discovering which technologies will be successful and who the likely winners will be, is much easier said than done.

The Present

Blockchain technology is opening up a world of trade, communication and finance outside of traditional establishments. Digital tokens can be securely sent anywhere in the world in seconds. Developers from around the world can tap into these chains to run their applications. All secure in the knowledge that the blockchain is decentralised – meaning it does not belong to any one person, company or country.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of people are logging in to play video games daily – the majority simply for fun and excitement at home.

Unlike the games of old however, these are not simple platform Donkey Kong style games. They are huge platforms for near virtual reality style game play. Where individual players are participating in arena style battles with hundreds of gaming peers, from around the world, at any one time.

Is it any wonder that some of these gamers are now earning millions per year on competition circuits – rivalling some of the top sporting professionals?

The Future

I take the view that over the years to come the blockchain and gaming industries will merge into one. Blockchain will allow the formation of gigantic ecosystems for gamers to play, compete, share, trade and communicate – across multiple games but within a single game universe.

I expect a virtual reality will emerge that will not only provide opportunities game-play, but opportunities for trade and production of virtual assets, along with banking, finance, investing, commerce logistics and media, all creating a myriad of new business and employment opportunities.

We are watching ‘blockchain gaming’ closely and now take pleasure working with some of the industry leaders through the Goldsmith Money YouTube channel.

Perhaps the future is already here.

The Disclaimer

There is no crystal ball as to what the future holds. Nor is it possible to know for certain who the winners and losers will be. We are simply pointing out that a ‘blockchain gaming’ future is likely… and encouraging you to do your own research. As far as our research goes – one of our most recent YouTube videos is below.

There is of course innovation and technological advances taking place all the time. We have outlined but one emerging industry here – there are of course, many more. One that springs to mind is DRONES! More on this in the months to come.

Please feel free to share your I & T ideas here, in the comments below.

Stay safe and healthy.


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