Markup Language – for your Blockchain Diary 🥁

Naturally you are going to want to add your unique style to your public blockchain diary. The following is how you do this.

Title for Entry

A Title will be created using the first line of a dairy entry.  This title will be displayed as is, up to 24 characters.  If you hit character 25, the system then adds a “…” to the end, and splits the line, putting the extra text into the diary entry.

By putting a blank space in the first line and skipping to the second line, you can create a blank title.
Headers# starting a line creates a Big Header## starting a line creates a Small Header

Bold and Italic

** … ** – Double ** surrounding text, applies bold.
++ .. ++ – Double ++ surrounding text, applies italic.


|| … || – Double || surrounding a valid URL, creates a normal link.
|| …url… | …text… || – Double || with a separating | in the middle, creates a descriptive link, where text links to a url.

Horizontal Rule

—  Three on a line, creates a horizontal rule.

Space between paragraphs

Need a space between lines? On a new line type &nbsp

Emoji 💯

For the Ultimate Emoji Guide – try this site. All Emojis should work on your Daily Telos – Blockchain Diary. 😀

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