Getting Started

In order to create your new Daily Telos Blockchain Diary there are a few things you must do. This page will take you through the process, step by step.

1. Create your new Telos account

If you are experienced in Telos – please create a new Telos account with new public keys using SQRL or another wallet.

If you are new to Telos – we suggest you start with a SQRL wallet. When you first download a wallet to your PC you will be able to create a new and free Telos account.

If you need to set up an account via a mobile device go to for information about other wallets, some of which will also allow you to create a free account.

You might also be able create a new a free Telos account at

When establishing your new Telos account you will be asked to create a unique Telos account name. This will be the name of your Daily Telos diary account. The name must consist of 12 characters, using a-z and/or 1-5.

If you would like to remain relatively anonymous, we recommend you choose a simple and non-identifying name. If anonymity is not an issue – be as revealing with your name as you like.

The following YouTube video by CryptoTexty will help with simple account creation.

2. Private Keys

When establishing your new Telos account you will be issued private keys (51 random digits). Please be sure to record your private keys somewhere secure and safe.

Your owner key can be used to change your active key – so lock this key away.

Your active key is needed to transact on the Telos blockchain. You should keep this key handy as you will need it for interacting with Daily Telos.

Your active key can be the same as your owner key however this is less secure. So best you change the active key in time.

3. Acquire Telos Tokens (TLOS)

You will need to deposit a small amount of TLOS into your account. Depositing 3-5 TLOS tokens is enough to get you started. At the present time this is about $1-$2 dollars worth.

You can acquire Telos directly from only a handful of exchanges – Probit and NewDex being two of the more commonly used.

However, you can access TLOS tokens simply and easily from any cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to withdraw EOS.

A single EOS token will currently buy you over 100 TLOS. All you need to do is transfer an EOS token to EOS account ‘tradefortlos’. Be sure to place your new Telos account name in the memo. The TLOS will be automatically deposited into your Telos account at the going NewDex offer price. The video link below will help you with this process.

Each Daily Telos diary / journal entry will cost between 0.1 and 0.2 TLOS, depending upon the number of characters. You can choose to pay the transaction cost with HEARTs, if you prefer.

Now go post your first diary entry –

Hopefully you find this easy. However, if not, don’t fret – instruction videos to come.

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