The key to success is simple – record your experiences, review and critically assess, improve, then repeat.

For 2,000 years successful people of the world would document their achievements, their failings – along with their travels, their meetings, their experiments and their personal and business dealings.

For some it was with the goal to better themselves. For others it was to protect their knowledge, wealth or reputation. For many it was to ultimately publish and share a lifetime of wisdom and accomplishment with the world.

A Daily Diary

A daily diary can provide personal insight, enhance motivation and lead to superior decision making processes.

Unfortunately, there have always been problems when it comes to maintaining a diary, including:

  • Diary books are cumbersome, costly and not very practical in the modern world;
  • Many years worth of diary books will take up a lot of valuable storage space and can be difficult to quickly review;
  • Digital diaries are reliant on third parties to maintain the your history and data. And if the service provider goes out of business – many years of your effort could be lost.
  • Both written diaries and digital diaries are able to be edited and tampered with and as such, may not be considered a reliable record if needed for legal proceedings.

Daily Telos

Daily Telos (your daily purpose) offers you an opportunity to begin a new ‘crypto diary’, built upon a decentralised, trustless, infallible and auditable blockchain.

Each Daily Telos diary entry you make is recorded forever on the Telos blockchain – with Telos being one of the fastest and most advanced public blockchains in existence.

Each diary entry / journal becomes your very own timestamped and signed public record. Preserving the story of your life, your thoughts, your aspirations and your version of events – forever.

Similarly you will always have access to your diary – regardless of whether you use the Daily Telos interface, or another of your choosing.

All it takes to get started is a new Telos account, some Telos (TLOS) tokens and the will to better oneself.

The entire setup process is relatively quick – please refer to the Getting Started page.

You no doubt have questions about visibility and anonymity. In this regard to refer you to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Daily Telos (Blockchain Diaries) is a Goldsmith Money concept, built by blockchain application developers – TLCC.

Should you wish to contact Daily Telos or TLCC, please feel free to drop into the Daily Telos Telegram chat room.


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