Not such a Goodyear

Failing to heed to the warnings and experiences suffered by corporate peers such as Gillette; Goodyear published the following employee dress code. As per usual – some disgruntled employee uploaded it onto Twitter… and then all hell broke loose.


Appics is not the first social media platform built upon a blockchain. However in our opinion, it is the first built to a speed, aesthetic quality and functionality high enough to take on the mainstream players for usability.

Games, Crypto and Lockdown

An Epic Combination! According to CNBC, video game sales are soaring. They stated: Sales of the latest video games have smashed records as millions are stuck at home after governments around the world locked down entire cities and pushed for social… Read More ›

Gillette v Egard

Trends – The Conservative Counterculture. In January 2019, Gillette launched a bold marketing campaign which aimed to hold men to what they consider to be a higher moral standard. Their television commercial appeared to portray men as privileged bullies, catcallers,… Read More ›

A Political Movement

Trends – Political and Social (Part 3) When it comes to politics, just like anything else, there are always trends taking place. Long, short, weak, strong.  At present, we are seeing a very strong global trend which is likely to last… Read More ›

The Political Pendulum

If you are left with only two options though – the first being an authoritative socialism on the left, or democratic capitalism to the right – be pushing towards the right all the time. Not only will your standard of living will be higher, you will probably live longer too.