The Gold Factor

A hedge against the printing press! We borrow the following chart from a Money Management article by Russel Chesler titled ‘The Gold Factor‘. The link to the article is here. The article begins – ‘With the world mired in debt… Read More ›

Just throw money at it!

Will currency printing re-inflate stock markets? There is an expression –  ‘There is no problem which can’t be fixed by throwing money at it.’ And during these times of viral contagion, this is exactly the course of action that the… Read More ›

Why pay taxes…

when they can just print money? Day 1 in Coronavirus Home Isolation, we are thankful that the governments of the world are printing trillions of dollars to keep us fed and paying our bills. Day 2 we start to wonder…… Read More ›

Good Money and the Dollar 2

Part 2 – An introduction to inflation. Following on from the ‘8 characteristics of good money‘ detailed at Good Money let us continue an examination of the ‘Dollar’ with respect to each. In this post we ask the question – Are dollars a… Read More ›