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Daily Telos – Use it for your cooking recipes

I was talking to a cook recently, and she told me that she would start using Daily Telos for her recipes.

I asked myself for what? she answered me:

Can you imagine having a personal cookbook that collects all my recipes that I have invented in one place and well organized!

I was immediately shocked, because yes, she will start using this excellent application for her kitchen.

She told me that she would add her own recipes, and those of her coworkers from the restaurant where she works.

She also said these words to me: you know what it is to have my own shopping list, recipe ingredients in one place and neatly and with just one touch I can see them.

I will take my mobile phone to the restaurant, or simply in the kitchen I open Daily Telos, on the same computer where we see the food orders, the lady described very kindly.

They are professional chefs of a chain of restaurants in the city, which they can share their recipes with friends and family, other chefs of the guild. just by sneaking the link of the recipe on their social networks.

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Daily Telos Fitness

This year I decided to take things seriously, about training, some countries are still in quarantine due to a pandemic that we all know. That is why we are at home for a long time, and this is making us sedentary. and it is a bad thing for our body.

Other countries and places already have access to start over in the gym on the right foot, a great idea to get in shape is to make your own training schedule. And what better way than with Daily Telos, whether for your crossfit classes in the gym, for your running workouts or for your preparation for a triathlon in a training notebook you can record your workouts and keep an optimal follow-up of each one of them. .

Remember that having Daily Telos you must be constant and avoid excuses for not doing sports in your day-to-day life. Daily Telos is done in a month and day format.

Daily Telos Fitness

Are you ready?

In a few days, we will update the diary to a diet and exercise tracker and step counter.

Before starting to practice your favorite sport, Enter Daily Telos and control and follow a healthy routine when exercising.

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Daily Telos where I always want to express my experiences

From the moment I started writing in Daily Telos, I love to express all my thoughts in an understandable way, because I know it will be etched forever on the blockchain.

“Transmit what was thought in Daily Telos“. It definitely adds precision, clarity, and harmony daily to my thoughts or what I want to keep, because I know I will read it at some point in my future life.

separador generico.png

Sometimes in the afternoon I love to sit near the trees that are in my house and write to express my thoughts, I open my Daily Telos from my cell phone, in case you did not know, this application is multi-device, so you can open it in any mobile or tablet device.

Writing for me is a hobby and doing it well is what I try day after day. Easy to do on Daily Telos.

The point is that I manage to express what I want to say in a few lines.

There are no cheats in Daily Telos. The rules are set by the writer, you just have to dare and open an excellent online journal.

I always want to express my own experiences and also those of my friends. my inspiration comes from the little things that life gives us daily. and with Daily Telos, I have succeeded.

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Daily Telos my timelines

Since using Daily telos, my life has changed a bit, not only is it a more complete visual diary Organizer with the most advanced technology. and of course in the blockchain, which is the technology of the future.

I think that lately, I have wanted to keep timelines in life, news counters of the last thing that has happened in this difficult year, lists of things to do or that I have already done in my life, objectives and goals, lately I have wanted to do some goals in my life.

I like to compare situations that have happened or that will happen in recent times so difficult in the whole world.

Motivating phrases, because that is what always inspires me every morning, leave my inspiring phrases to always read them.

It is simply a tool to write the biography of a complete life, which will never be erased!

Enjoy the process and look forward to the day when you can stop to think and reflect on your wonderful memories. a day after day full of special and not so special occasions to remember and write down forever on the blockchain.

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Leave your mark on this world

There are those who affirm that *the only thing that can transcend time is the written word in books and newspapers*; And significantly this is totally true, as time goes by, history has been in charge of supporting this theory, emphasizing the importance of leaving a mark in this world.

From the Egyptian hieroglyphs, various forms of ancient writing have been discovered, also ancient scrolls, where they talk about the life of Jesus, the scribes were in charge of leaving that legacy in the books.

It has happened with many of the oldest texts that we have managed to know, which have been preserved almost intact despite the adversities of time, they are digitized.

Be part of the most advanced technology, imagine a visual organizer of a complete personal diary. and adaptable to all devices. a legacy that the technology of the future can leave forever on the blockchain. Daily Telos, you will leave your legacy forever.

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Daily Telos is a space of freedom

Today I got up writing – I think about what is good and important for my life and not only for writers and those who do it professionally, like my writer friend Davis, but also for anyone who wants to experience the advantages and positive benefits of writing. it’s exciting, all of this.

Writing helps me to reflect on my life, what I live, see the changes that take place, it is incredible, because with so many things that happen around me. I also like to write about my past, my present, and my future.

One of the ways you can begin to incorporate writing into your life is through the Daily Telos. In the personal journal without rules or norms and without a referee to evaluate what you write, you can confidently put your world, your life on paper, it is incredible how addictive and exciting it is once you start, your emotions, thoughts, and frustrations, You can capture them forever, and thus have control of a new beginning every day. Bearing in mind that it is an encounter with you and only with you. no one else knows yourself.

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Leaving footprints with Daily Telos

I am not the same person that I was was when started, then Hive, or even a month ago when Daily Telos started

I always enjoy new experiences. and this new experience makes me think and keep my thoughts on the blockchain forever. You are always growing. The experiences do not stop, and that is good, living in a country that is little by little more difficult, difficult to get food, difficult to buy clothes or shoes.

But this is life here in Venezuela. And these very experiences that seem so difficult when you go through them are the ones you look back on with gratitude for how far you’ve come.

I always enjoy new experiences. and this new experience makes me think and keep my thoughts on the blockchain forever.

It is always good to grow, and every day to learn, The experiences do not stop, and that is good. And how wonderful it is to leave a mark on our life on the blockchain.

What matters in life is not to do more than someone else, but to do everything in one’s ability with the greatest possible intensity. That being the case, because we all have something to tell and different moments, that is why we should all know this beautiful way of telling our stories, such as Daily Telos.

As strong as the road, “Everything passes” and you will look back, and I know that some lesson life has taught me.

By Daniel Marcelo.

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Since I can remember, I have kept a diary

I’ve kept a journal since I learned music, and I will explain why since I learned music! Because I have the saved notes of my songs. and also those of some songs that I like and I like to play and sing in church. It’s nice to keep a music journal, but now I keep my journal and on Telos Daily, it is an opportunity to digitally save my important thoughts on the blockchain. you may need them in the future.!

Daily Telos can be a good start to this new year. I think that from now on we must keep a trace of our life on this earth, our footprint, our legacies.

I want to learn from my mistakes, I think that keeping a diary with my experiences and reviewing from time to time what I did or thought a few years ago, it could be that life begins to smile at us in the present and in the future.

If you’re still wondering what the benefits of journaling are, here are 7. I like this number, God created the earth in 7 days (just saying).

These are the potential benefits of using Daily Telos

  1. Helps organize your thinking and priorities.
  2. Increase knowledge.
  3. It gives meaning to one’s life and the world.
  4. Contributes to memory.
  5. Stimulates creativity.
  6. Improve physical and emotional health.
  7. Improved decision making.

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Diary saves the day

The Brett Kavanaugh Story

Never has there been a better example of the need for a diary, than the story of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It was in 2018 that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for appointment to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. Fearing conservative values within the highest court, many on the other side of politics sought to put a stop to the certification. Coincidentally, it was at this exact same time when allegations were first raised about Judge Kavanaugh’s involvement in a sexual assault – back in 1982.

How does one go about disproving an event which is said to have occurred 36 years earlier?

With a diary of course!

This diary.

His diary, kept upon a NorthWestern Mutual Audubon Calendar, was deemed substantive enough to clear Judge Kavanaugh of wrongdoing and the confirmation proceeded. If not for the diary however, Judge Kavanaugh’s career may have been left in tatters.

At Goldsmith Money we discuss diaries ad nauseum – diary, diary, diary.

Successful people keep diaries!


Yes, it drives self-improvement through focus, reflection and documented achievement. Of course it does. But it is so much more.

A diary could, as in the case above, prove your innocence. Perhaps in a Court of Law or in the Court of Public Opinion.

Judge Kavanagh’s mother, a judge; and father, an attorney – both highly successful in their own right, had drilled into a young Brett, the importance of keeping a diary. As it turns out, it was perhaps the best advice that two loving parents could have given their son. Now it is your turn.

We have given you the tool – Daily Telos. A blockchain diary, which anyone can use.

Daily Telos is an inexpensive means to record your diary, calendar or journal onto a blockchain.

Trustless, decentralised, timestamped and permanent. So long as the Telos blockchain exists, so too will your diary entry. It is quite possible that your legacy will exist upon the blockchain, until the end of time.

We encourage you to give Daily Telos a go today. It is both easy and engaging. The link to the Daily Telos calendar page is below and you will find getting started links there.

It is important to remember, the success of Judge Kavanaugh’s diary in this case, stemmed from his daily use of it. It was the brief, yet daily entries made throughout his life, which demonstrated that his diary was reliable. And that he was a fit and proper person, worthy of the coveted position of US Supreme Court Justice.



Diaries and Journals

silver ipad

’10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Journaling’

To achieve financial success, just like any other form of success, you must be willing to sacrifice time in pursuit of your goals. Of course one needs to be effective and efficient in the manner in which the sacrifice is made. Which is where a diary, or a more comprehensive journal, becomes invaluable.

Diaries and journals provide you with structure and discipline; along with focus and clarity – all of which should lead to better time management and more productive outcomes.

Contributor to Huff Post and The Utopian Life, Mr Thai Nguyen, describes the following 10 personal benefits of keeping a daily journal or diary. These are:

  1. Stretching Your IQ.
  2. Evoking Mindfulness.
  3. Achieving Goals.
  4. Enhance Emotional Intelligence.
  5. Boost Memory and Comprehension.
  6. Strengthen Your Self-Discipline; ‘Discipline begets discipline’.
  7. Improve Communication Skills.
  8. Healing.
  9. Spark Your Creativity.
  10. Self-Confidence.

You will find the links to the full article at the bottom of this page.

my secret plan to rule the world book
Photo by Ann H on

Goldsmith Money has understood the financial benefits of a journals and diaries for a long time. However, until now they were best kept in a book or in a digital form you could trust. Well now we have the blockchain. And the blockchain has taken diary and journal storage and maintenance to a whole new level.

We developed Daily Telos as a diary / journal tool for all to use. Built on the Telos blockchain, Daily Telos could be considered public, decentralised and trustless. Your diary can never be lost and it can never be destroyed.

Used as an anonymous public diary or journal you can achieve the 10 benefits outlined by Mr Thai Nguyen, with much convenience.

Used as an open public diary or journal – in addition to the above you might be bridging the gap between traditional journaling and modern social media. By publishing specifics of your targets, trials and achievements you will be publicly bound to your goals – without the tiresome commentary, criticisms and trolls that go with it.

The link to Daily Telos is here.

Getting started on the Telos blockchain is the hardest part – but you will find more information here. And really, this is an easy way to make the leap into blockchain.

As for Telos itself – Telos is a rapidly growing 3rd Generation blockchain, with some very impressive people involved in its ongoing development. Learn more here.

Finally, for those on Telos now – what are you waiting for? Why not jump onto Daily Telos and give it a go today!


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