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  • The fabulous benefits of writing in Daily Telos

    Experts claim that the only thing that lasts forever is writing. That’s why I always write every morning everything I have in mind, my emotions, my wishes, my prayers, and also everything I have planned for the next day. History… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos: How to succeed in life!

    Some studies on human habits have agreed that a journal is an invaluable and very important weapon, that not only helps to keep memories alive, it keeps the brain active and you can also have excellent mental health. Memories are… Read More ›

  • Emojis in Daily Telos

    Thank you first for choosing us! Daily Telos for many has already become a tool of daily utility. Many already use it as an online journal, others as a file to save important information that you do not want to lose. We… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos Fitness Online

    Latest Release – 20th June 2021Daily Telos is pleased to announce the most recent update to Daily Telos Blockchain Diary which now implements an Exercise Tracking Feature. You will love this new update from Daily Telos. It does not matter if you… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos Fitness

    This year I decided to take things seriously, about training, some countries are still in quarantine due to a pandemic that we all know. That is why we are at home for a long time, and this is making us… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos my timelines

    Since using Daily telos, my life has changed a bit, not only is it a more complete visual diary Organizer with the most advanced technology. and of course in the blockchain, which is the technology of the future. I think that… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos is a space of freedom

    Today I got up writing – I think about what is good and important for my life and not only for writers and those who do it professionally, like my writer friend Davis, but also for anyone who wants to… Read More ›

  • Division 1 – Round 38

    SME Beta Test Phase III – Season 1 Final Round report Round Highlights: And the final round of this entertaining season! It was a great season with lots of changes in the table until we reach this final round with… Read More ›

  • Leaving footprints with Daily Telos

    I am not the same person that I was was when started, then Hive, or even a month ago when Daily Telos started I always enjoy new experiences. and this new experience makes me think and keep my thoughts… Read More ›

  • Division 1 – Round 37

    SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report Round Highlights: A really entertaining round that proved to be decisive in the final decisions of the league! Juventus fulfilled the goal against the neighbours of their rivals! Madrid city was looking… Read More ›

  • Since I can remember, I have kept a diary

    I’ve kept a journal since I learned music, and I will explain why since I learned music! Because I have the saved notes of my songs. and also those of some songs that I like and I like to play… Read More ›

  • Division 1 – Round 35

    SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report Round Highlights: One more round has been played and the fight for the title is really entertaining! One of the highlighted matches to be checked was Juventus and PSG! The match played… Read More ›

  • Division 1 – Round 34

    SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report Round Highlights: I mentioned last week that this title fight was getting even more entertaining with the results of that round… but oh my – this was nothing compare with the results… Read More ›

  • Heinz Johan

    I have many favourite tactics but one of them is an attacking rotation. It’s a tactic developed by one of my favourite managers, Gian Piero Gasperini. That’s why I play aggressive in every possible way, such as pressing and attacking, but trying keeping the balance as well.

  • Division 1 – Round 33

    SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report Round Highlights: Overall it was an entertaining round in the title fight point of view, with more clubs raising their chances to win the Beta Phase 3 Division 1 title! Let’s start… Read More ›

  • Tigerbaker Interview

    SME’s most influential Manager – Beta Test Phase III First of all, I would like to personally thank you Tigerbaker, for accepting our offer to be interviewed and to come to our studio! For those who don’t know him, Tigerbaker… Read More ›

  • Division 1 Results – Round 29

    Other great climb, came from Barcelona, following their win against Lazio that was with the same points, that give them the opportunity to climb up 2 places, passing Lazio and Tottenham and they are now back into 9th.

  • Telos T-Bonds

    They did it! They created their own DeFi fundraising solution. It would take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and they would be called… T-Bonds.

  • Diary saves the day

    Judge Kavanagh’s mother, a judge; and father, an attorney – both highly successful in their own right, had drilled into a young Brett the importance of keeping a diary. As it turns out, it was perhaps the best advice that two loving parents could have given their son. Now it is your turn.

  • Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative

    Goldsmith Money Virtual Mint To celebrate the recent launch of Daily Telos Blockchain Diaries, the Goldsmith Money Virtual Mint is pleased to announce the release of its first edition – Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative. The original Edxseverus design combines… Read More ›

  • Diaries and Journals

    silver ipad

    Goldsmith Money has understood the financial benefits of a journals and diaries for a long time. However, until now they were best kept in a book or in a digital form you could trust. Well now we have the blockchain. And the blockchain has taken diary and journal storage and maintenance to a whole new level.

  • Anne Frank

    A blockchain diary? Few diaries are more important to the world than Ms Anne Frank’s. The posthumous release of the personal diary she kept in her family’s secret annex in Amsterdam, helped educate the world to the atrocities committed by… Read More ›

  • The Diary

    No more carrying journal books. No more relying on the survival of a digital service provided. No more worry about losing your life’s story to fire or theft. Daily Telos enshrines your life and legacy in digital form, within a public blockchain – forever!!

  • Gold on the blockchain

    In collaboration with the Perth Mint, InfiniGold they are taking the GoldPass digital certificate to the Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC20 standard token.

  • Random Hierarchical Representative Government

    The output of such a system would be a form of government which should represent the will of the people (to the extent such a thing exists). The system is neutral with respect to political opinions regarding the size/scope of government. It is neutral to Republican and Democratic opinions. It is neutral with respect to race, money, religion, abortion, war, etc.

  • What is DeFi?

    happy young couple doing purchase on internet together at home

    DeFi stands for Decentralised Finance and according to Mr Cheah, this financial industry has grown from US$2.1 million to US$6.9 billion in the past 3 years.

  • Cryptocurrency Tokenomics

    The tokenomics of a cryptocurrency consists of a large range of inputs, all of which impact its value in the decentralised market place. (Let’s examine)

  • Introducing ‘Political Arena’

    ‘The contributors to this site are dedicated to explaining the values of free and fair markets, and of liberty tempered by restraint and personal responsibility…’

  • Not such a Goodyear

    Failing to heed to the warnings and experiences suffered by corporate peers such as Gillette; Goodyear published the following employee dress code. As per usual – some disgruntled employee uploaded it onto Twitter… and then all hell broke loose.

  • Become your own bank –

    The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is filled with financial opportunities for the Financial Awakened. And you first step into it… a wallet!

  • It’s blockchain gaming…

    Over 12,000 people have signed up to participate in their Soccer Manager Elite (SME) phase III beta test. To have 12,000 sign up to simply test the software really is extraordinary.

  • Appics

    Appics is not the first social media platform built upon a blockchain. However in our opinion, it is the first built to a speed, aesthetic quality and functionality high enough to take on the mainstream players for usability.

  • Taurion

    Trade, transport, mining, refining, manufacture, construction, marketing and security… collusion, racketeering and piracy. Basically any other type of business venture you can dream up, could very well be possible at the planet Taurion.

  • Covid-19 treatment and prevention data looks extremely positive…

    In conclusion the study found that whilst much data was still pending, the enumerated evidence strongly suggests great benefits from zinc supplementation as a preventative against Covid-19. This was especially true for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, who might have become zinc deficient.

  • XAYA update

    Soccer Manager Elite and Tarion Updates Be sure to subscribe to the Goldsmith Money YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in blockchain gaming – especially XAYA! In last night’s report (below), we discuss the progress of… Read More ›

  • Hi ho Silver, away.

    In the midst of a global pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty and unprecedented levels of currency printing – investors are once again turning to the tried and tested safe haven that is SILVER.

  • Farm Game / Dota 2

    Farm Game has opened up a world of opportunity for gamers, linking all the benefits of blockchains (decentralised and trustless financial ecosystems), with the massive Steam gaming universe.

  • Gold sets new record high…

    bullion gold gold bars golden

    and conditions are just right for more. For those of you who have been following this blog for some time, the headline above will be of no surprise. Yet it will be very exciting nevertheless. Yes – it has happened…. Read More ›

  • Taurion Treasure Hunt

    So many great prizes to be won and Goldsmith Money plans on winning many of them. And we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to do it. Raid, plunder, loot, steal, destroy. All is fair in the resource rich, yet desolate alien planet of Taurion.

  • Silver is shining

    Over $US20 a troy ounce and rising! Long before silver was being used in your smartphones, television sets and ipads – silver was money, just like gold. Countries over the world have implemented various types of silver monetary standards, at… Read More ›

  • Parler

    Conservative Counter-Culture strikes again. Here at Goldsmith Money we pride ourselves on identifying trends early. One of the more recent trends identified is the rise of what some social media pundits are calling the ‘Conservative Counter-Culture’. This conservative movement is… Read More ›

  • The run on Gold and Silver has begun

    The rush for Good Money will soon be a stampede According to those in the know – being those speaking with bullion dealers, wholesalers and the mints daily… ‘The shelves are now empty!’ Much like the toilet paper and grocery… Read More ›

  • How to use your Daily Telos

    4 very easy steps to start your online journal! Go to the journal entry Choose the method of payment Fill in the box with the desired information And voila, you have your information saved and organized This Dapp developed in… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos – Use it for your cooking recipes

    I was talking to a cook recently, and she told me that she would start using Daily Telos for her recipes. I asked myself for what? she answered me: Can you imagine having a personal cookbook that collects all my recipes that… Read More ›

  • Daily Telos where I always want to express my experiences

    From the moment I started writing in Daily Telos, I love to express all my thoughts in an understandable way, because I know it will be etched forever on the blockchain. “Transmit what was thought in Daily Telos“. It definitely adds precision,… Read More ›

  • Leave your mark on this world

    There are those who affirm that *the only thing that can transcend time is the written word in books and newspapers*; And significantly this is totally true, as time goes by, history has been in charge of supporting this theory,… Read More ›