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This year I decided to take things seriously, about training, some countries are still in quarantine due to a pandemic that we all know. That is why we are at home for a long time, and this is making us sedentary. and it is a bad thing for our body.

Other countries and places already have access to start over in the gym on the right foot, a great idea to get in shape is to make your own training schedule. And what better way than with Daily Telos, whether for your crossfit classes in the gym, for your running workouts or for your preparation for a triathlon in a training notebook you can record your workouts and keep an optimal follow-up of each one of them. .

Remember that having Daily Telos you must be constant and avoid excuses for not doing sports in your day-to-day life. Daily Telos is done in a month and day format.

Daily Telos Fitness

Are you ready?

In a few days, we will update the diary to a diet and exercise tracker and step counter.

Before starting to practice your favorite sport, Enter Daily Telos and control and follow a healthy routine when exercising.

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Daily Telos my timelines

Since using Daily telos, my life has changed a bit, not only is it a more complete visual diary Organizer with the most advanced technology. and of course in the blockchain, which is the technology of the future.

I think that lately, I have wanted to keep timelines in life, news counters of the last thing that has happened in this difficult year, lists of things to do or that I have already done in my life, objectives and goals, lately I have wanted to do some goals in my life.

I like to compare situations that have happened or that will happen in recent times so difficult in the whole world.

Motivating phrases, because that is what always inspires me every morning, leave my inspiring phrases to always read them.

It is simply a tool to write the biography of a complete life, which will never be erased!

Enjoy the process and look forward to the day when you can stop to think and reflect on your wonderful memories. a day after day full of special and not so special occasions to remember and write down forever on the blockchain.

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Daily Telos is a space of freedom

Today I got up writing – I think about what is good and important for my life and not only for writers and those who do it professionally, like my writer friend Davis, but also for anyone who wants to experience the advantages and positive benefits of writing. it’s exciting, all of this.

Writing helps me to reflect on my life, what I live, see the changes that take place, it is incredible, because with so many things that happen around me. I also like to write about my past, my present, and my future.

One of the ways you can begin to incorporate writing into your life is through the Daily Telos. In the personal journal without rules or norms and without a referee to evaluate what you write, you can confidently put your world, your life on paper, it is incredible how addictive and exciting it is once you start, your emotions, thoughts, and frustrations, You can capture them forever, and thus have control of a new beginning every day. Bearing in mind that it is an encounter with you and only with you. no one else knows yourself.

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Division 1 – Round 38

SME Beta Test Phase III – Season 1 Final Round report

Round Highlights:

And the final round of this entertaining season! It was a great season with lots of changes in the table until we reach this final round with all the decisions in the title race and the relegated teams.

Juventus were the favourite to win the league and it would need only to win the match. The match was tight but the bianconeros forwards weren’t with much accuracy and had 7 shots out of the frame of the goal. Tottenham took the lead at the 5th minute, the Best Goal Scorer of the league D. Costa levelled the game, but the 2nd Juve goal didn’t showed and the 1st place run out through Hersi007 fingers in the last round.

Real Madrid were facing the red lantern of the league Everton and they were struggling to get the win has the match reached the half-time with 1-1. Knowing that Juventus were losing and that the title chances were higher, los blancos got back to the field really motivated and with 2 goals from G. Bale, they got a 3-1 win, the 3 points and were crowned the CHAMPIONS!

In the lower side of the league, that was also an entertaining last round!

Napoli lead by Pakal got an outstanding and crucial win in France aggainst the 5th of the table PSG, with 1 goal on each half the 3 points seems really secure all over the game and so was the maintenance in the Division 1.

With the Napoli win, there were only 2 teams fighting for the last place of the relegation to be decided, between Arsenal and Leicester. And that’s how it was…
-In the 2nd minute Barcelona scored but Arsenal kept away from relegation
-In the 61st minute Barcelona raised the advantage to 0-2, but still Arsenal was above the death line
-Probably due the news in Emirates Stadium, right in the minute after Leicester scored and with these results Leicester was in the 16th place and Arsenal dropped to the 17th place! Terrible times for the London boys
-But on 86th minute, AC Milan scored and levelled up the game and that was the final result, so it turned back to how it was Leicester was 4minutes away to kept their place in the 1st Division, but in the end, with some luck with was Arsenal, managed by UIGoku who kept the team in the top division.

The Leaderboard:

  • CONGRATULATIONS Tigerbaker for the throne conquered by the white jersey from Madrid. It wasn’t a tough trophy with a lot of discussion, but in the end, who gets more points is the winner, so enjoy your champagne! 😉
  • Of the losers of this round has to be Hersi007 who made a great recover, reaching the 1st place when not much people were expecting some other manager besides tigerbaker and heinzjohan would compete for the title, but the great recover wasn’t complete and in the last match of the season, to frustration of all their supporters, they lost the 1st place.
  • One of the losers of this season probably will be heinzjohan. He lead Inter Milan to be the leader mostly of the season but a poor run at the end of it, with only 1 win in the last 6 matches, made the Italian team dropping from 1st to 4th place.
  • Other unhappy managers would be the ones of Leicester, Atalanta, Roma and Everton, 4 jersey we won’t see in the top flight next season.
  • Besides the title in the league, I would also congratulate Tigerbaker for being nominated the Best Manager of this Beta Phase 3, he surely shown he is the Elite of the Elitist manager. You can check the full table here
  • I would like to congratulate every manager who fulfilled their goals and also, I would like to thank you everyone for the entertaining season it was. BIG BIG Thank YOU! And with this post, I wish everyone a great new season

Leaving footprints with Daily Telos

I am not the same person that I was was when Steemit.com started, then Hive, or even a month ago when Daily Telos started

I always enjoy new experiences. and this new experience makes me think and keep my thoughts on the blockchain forever. You are always growing. The experiences do not stop, and that is good, living in a country that is little by little more difficult, difficult to get food, difficult to buy clothes or shoes.

But this is life here in Venezuela. And these very experiences that seem so difficult when you go through them are the ones you look back on with gratitude for how far you’ve come.

I always enjoy new experiences. and this new experience makes me think and keep my thoughts on the blockchain forever.

It is always good to grow, and every day to learn, The experiences do not stop, and that is good. And how wonderful it is to leave a mark on our life on the blockchain.

What matters in life is not to do more than someone else, but to do everything in one’s ability with the greatest possible intensity. That being the case, because we all have something to tell and different moments, that is why we should all know this beautiful way of telling our stories, such as Daily Telos.

As strong as the road, “Everything passes” and you will look back, and I know that some lesson life has taught me.

By Daniel Marcelo.

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Division 1 – Round 37

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

A really entertaining round that proved to be decisive in the final decisions of the league!

Juventus fulfilled the goal against the neighbours of their rivals! Madrid city was looking forward for a cooperation between the 2 teams for the orgullo madrileño but Atlético Madrid wasn’t strong enough to take away points from Hersi007 lads. Rabiot was the hero responsible for the 3 points with also C. Ronaldo getting another MofM performance.

Real Madrid, managed by Tigerbaker travelled to Italy, many Juventus supporters travelled to Roma, bought blue jerseys supporting Lazio against the their rivals, believing they could celebrating the title at the end of the 90minutes but Real Madrid didn’t left too much space for the dream be alive as Kroos scored right at 6th minute and that was the only goal of the match!

The biggest surprise of the round came in a English clash! Liverpool was in the title fight and were facing the threatened Arsenal. The Liverpool were the favourites, they were the team closer to the goal, Leno had a great performance saving lots of shots, but were surprised by the efficiency of the London team, that scored 3 goals with the 3 shots on the frame of goal. With this defeat blade is out of the title.
I would like to welcome UIGoku to the Division 1 – gratz for the win too!

Also I would to welcome Topher who took charge of AC Milan and started really well with 3 points in the bag.

The biggest win of the round was the match of Napoli vs Man. City! The Italian blues defeated heavily the English ones. 4-1 was the final result. It seems Pakal took advantage of City having the cup final to play and saved the best players for that game, but this 3 points might be crucial for surviving!

The Leaderboard:

  • Some rounds ago no one would predict this, but now, with only 1 round to go Juventus are clearly the favourites to get the trophy and that it would be standing at Juventus Stadium Museum next season!
  • In the past rounds we had 5/6 teams battling out for the title but with only 1 round to play Real Madrid is the competitor for the throne!
  • There is no surprise at all Hersi007 and Tigerbaker are managing the 2 teams fighting until the end for the title and both of managers are the only ones fighting for the Best Manager title of this Beta Phase round 3 of SM Elite!
  • Liverpool is one of the losers of this round, the painful defeat left no chances to conquer the trophy.

    Further down in the table the fight in really hot too
  • Arsenal and Napoli were the winners of the round, both getting 3 points against teams that were way above them!
  • Leicester City managed by MarkGoldbridge that was praised in the past for the incredible recover run they had, are currently in a result crisis, with only 1 win in the last 6 matches dropped down in this round to the relegation zone! Will the recover in the past be useless and being relegated after all!? We will have the answer next week but in this round, it would be one the losers of this round.
  • AS Roma and Atalanta have confirmed the relegation and 3 relegated teams are know, there is only 1 team to be determined.

Next Round – the games to watch!

Tottenham (14th) vs Juventus (1st)
Real Madrid (2nd) vs Everton (20th)
The 2 tittle competitors both seems to be favourites to get the win. Juventus will travel to England and if they are able to get the 3 points, they will have a lot of Italians waiting for their heroes in the airport!

Arsenal (15th) vs Barcelona (11th)
Paris SG (5th) vs Napoli (16th)
AC Milan (6th) vs Leicester (17th)
The survival race has 3 teams battling out, Arsenal, who are on the highest place on the table, the only one playing at home and facing the team lowest in the table, seems to be the favourites to stay up!

The other 2 will travel to top 10 team grounds and will have tough challenges ahead. Note that Leicester really need to win to survive, with only a draw they will be relegated, no matther what happens on the other fields.

Since I can remember, I have kept a diary

I’ve kept a journal since I learned music, and I will explain why since I learned music! Because I have the saved notes of my songs. and also those of some songs that I like and I like to play and sing in church. It’s nice to keep a music journal, but now I keep my journal and on Telos Daily, it is an opportunity to digitally save my important thoughts on the blockchain. you may need them in the future.!

Daily Telos can be a good start to this new year. I think that from now on we must keep a trace of our life on this earth, our footprint, our legacies.

I want to learn from my mistakes, I think that keeping a diary with my experiences and reviewing from time to time what I did or thought a few years ago, it could be that life begins to smile at us in the present and in the future.

If you’re still wondering what the benefits of journaling are, here are 7. I like this number, God created the earth in 7 days (just saying).

These are the potential benefits of using Daily Telos

  1. Helps organize your thinking and priorities.
  2. Increase knowledge.
  3. It gives meaning to one’s life and the world.
  4. Contributes to memory.
  5. Stimulates creativity.
  6. Improve physical and emotional health.
  7. Improved decision making.

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Division 1 – Round 35

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

One more round has been played and the fight for the title is really entertaining!

One of the highlighted matches to be checked was Juventus and PSG! The match played at Juventus Stadium was really tight and the PSG was a bit unlucky since they had the majority of the ball possession, made more shots, but the accuracy of the black & white forwards was better and with the top agent CR7 in the field, Hersi007 was the happy manager at the end of the match.

The other match highlighted involved in the title competition was Chelsea vs Real Madrid. We have commented about the unbeaten run from Chelsea and if Tigerbaker would break the record… and he did! Ehswar side started really good the match, scoring right in the 1st minute and seemed they were heading to the 15th unbeaten run but the Spanish team fought back and scored the winning goal at the 78th minute!

One of the surprises came from Camp Nou, Inter Milan was the favourite side but was unable to collect the 3 points vs Barcelona. Ter Stegen was the one to blame for the Italian supporters as he was the MofM of the game, saving all the 11 shots on goal made from Lautaro Martinez (the best goal scorer of the team) and his fellows!

Other highlighted match was as important match for the relegation battle! Pakal had a crucial win over AS Roma. After the match, Milik shirt got sold out at the Napoli store, with countless sky blue supporters willing to praise the hattrick hero!

Surprising results were in the fight for the points that Sevilla and Atalanta were battling for. In the end, the Spanish team sitting in 8th place was unable to defeat the 19th in the table. The match was entertaining, there were only 4 shots made in the frame of the goal and ALL got in! 2-2 was the final score! Note that Atalanta finally scored and the goalless run is over.
Also the 10th of the table Lazio wasn’t beat the red lantern of the league Everton. In this match it was a goaless draw!

One of the uneven match came when the 2 Manchester teams collided! The Red Devils reds beat the Citizens with a clear 3-0! The match was more tight than the result seems to wonder but the red jersey players had a better killer instinct, being Rashford the player in evidence with 2 goals scored. Surprisingly the biggest transfer of United this season (R. Sterling) didn’t left the match against his former club…

The Leaderboard:

  • The team leading the table Real Madrid, survived the competitors fierce battle. Not only survived but they raised the points difference to the 2nd place of the table.
  • One of the losers of this round has to be Inter Milan. A punishment draw in the visit to Spain, punished a lot this team, seing los blancos rivals getting running away from them, but also leaving the podium – dropping 2 places in the table!
  • One of the winning side of this round was Juventus, Hersi007 performance lately has been great and the Italian side reached now the amazing 2nd place in the table, with just 1 point to reach the peak of the mountain.
  • Liverpool supporters will be happy with this round. They took advantage of having on their side the best goal scorer of the league to get the 3 points, and skipped through Inter Milan and come back to 3rd place in the podium.
  • NGrimes was unlucky with the match, as I mentioned earlier and also with the overall results of the round, dropping down 1 place and seeing the leader gap raise to 5 points.
  • The digital manager 111010111xx wasn’t happy with the performance of their lads and this result punishes the team really badly, dropping 2 places in the table.
  • Napoli had a crucial win in this round that allowed the team to skip though Arsenal, rising and leaving the relegation zone!
  • On the other side, Arsenal ended the match frustrated by the defeated against the unmanaged team of the league AC Milan. The shareholders might be really unhappy the club going back to the underwater. We now wait to see what the new Arsenal manage Goku can deliver to the team… and fans.

Next Round – the games to watch!

Inter Milan (4th) vs Juventus (2nd)
Real Madrid (1st) vs Napoli (16th)
Arsenal (17th) vs Leicester (15th)

Inter Milan (4th) vs Juventus (2nd)
The match of the 36th round! This Italian derby is a great match to be followed, with only 1 point apart from them, and with only 2 matches left to be played at the end of the round, the team that loses this match should have the title chances crushing down 1%.

Real Madrid (1st) vs Napoli (16th)
Crucial match for both teams! Real Madrid is clear the favourite in the bookmakers, it is crucial for the club as the title race is getting close to the finishing line but on the other side, we have Napoli that has also a crucial life or death match in their hands!

Arsenal (17th) vs Leicester (15th)
Another emotional derby in this round! Arsenal is the 1st team below the relegation zone and facing Leicester the team 2 places above in the ladder with only 3 points away from them, with would crucial to the London side in the survival battle and a golden chance to catch up the opponents!

Division 1 – Round 34

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

I mentioned last week that this title fight was getting even more entertaining with the results of that round… but oh my – this was nothing compare with the results of this week! The top of the table it’s getting packed up with teams aiming to win the premiership and take home the big trophy featuring in the museum of their stadiums!! What an entertaining 2 weeks we have left.

The big game of the round was Inter Milan and Liverpool! It was a top match as expected, between 2 great managers heinzjohan and blade. Two managers who have prove their capabilities over and over in this beta phase!

Liverpool had performed a little bit better in Giuseppe Meazza and but the game remained goalless at the half time. The 2nd half started with Liverpool leading with a goal at 53rd minute from Firmino, levelled up to 0-2 in the 61st minute with a free kick from Wijnaldum. On 66th minute V. Lazaro brought Inter back to the game…and on 67h minute a goal in the Santiago Barnabéu from Greenwood put Liverpool virtually in the 1st place of the table! But it seems that was too much pressure for the red boys because it only lasted 17minutes, when A. Sanchéz goal tied up the game and crushed Liverpool dream to jump into the top of the table so soon!

And one of the biggest surprised came from Santiago Barnabéu as it was mentioned above! Real Madrid was clearly the favourites, playing within their own stadium vs the 15th of the table Manchester United. As Tigerbaker mentioned in the interview they were crossing fingers to the match between 2nd and 3rd end up tied, that it did, and if he was able to get the win they would be clearly favourites to win the title! The probably is that they didn’t and this loss make the champion fight very open! Oladz made a great work, controlling the game and being very active in the attack, so much that the brightning star of this game was Real Madrid’s keeper Courtois, saving everything he could, unless the penalty taken by Greenwood.

Other surprise came from another clash between an English and a Spanish team, again being the British club the joyful one! Arsenal, probably the busiest time in the transfer market this week, managed by RobsterNL took advantage of the skills of the newcomers and brought down Sevilla! The well know of the home supporters Lacazette was the goal scorer of the only goal of the match, but the MoM performance was delivered to new signing G. Chiellini! Featuring also in the starting eleven there were also K. Walker, Gundogan and Joselu!

Other against the odds result came from Goodison Park! Who went to the stadium has seen a great performance from Calvert-Lewin scoring 2 goals and giving the 1st win of the season to Everton!! A great work from krille120 with only 7 games in charge was able to get the 1st victory of the club and also more points than the previous manager in 25 matches! The new manager arrived too late for avoid relegation, but the Toffee supporters believe this is the right manager to bring them back to the top next season!

The Leaderboard:

  • The table leader, Real Madrid, was disappointed at the defeat but their feelings weren’t bitter because even with the defeat they were able to keep the 1st place on the table.
  • Also, the Nezzaruzzi supporters had a mixed feelings at the end of the match. The draw at the start of the game didn’t seemed a great result, but recover from a 0-2 defeat to get a drawn and with that point catching up Real Madrid on the 1st place, it seemed a valuable point!
  • The winner of this round it has to be Juventus! Hersi007 got the biggest win of the round, clearly beating Man. City in English soil by 0-3 and climbed up to the podium! This recent streak with 4 wins in a row, made them climb from 6th place, 9 points away from the 1st place, to the 3rd place, now with only 1 point behind of the throne!! What a recover!!
  • On the other side, the loser of this round it has to be Liverpool. They have reached a 0-2 win, they had virtually the 1st place of the league for some minutes, but a goal from the opponents 6 minutes to the end, make them drop from the virtual 1st place to the 4th place!! What changes a goal can make! 😮
  • PSG and AC Milan also won their matches and we have now a only 4(!!) points of distance between the 1st and the 6th place of the table!! What entertaining end of season this will be!
  • Note or praise to Chelsea‘s Eshwar that moved up to 9th place again. And remembering this team after the 21st round was sitting in 16th place with only 19points and now they have 48, it really worth to be mentioned. Congratulations for your development Eshwar!
  • In the top 10 we welcome SS Lazio who got a win from their Italian fellows Atalanta!
  • Moving down to the shadow zone, we have Barcelona that lost in an entertaining 3-2 match vs PSG and dropped down 2 places and also left the top 10.
  • Man. Utd great win in Spain, make them one of the winners of this round, climbing up 2 places in the table, to a comfortable chair nº 13!
  • Their fellow English Tottenham supporters wouldn’t be happy with the recent performances, with 6 games without a win, and their defeat against the unmanaged AC Milan make them drop 2 steps down in the ladder, now standing in the 14th position.
  • Of the teams that benefited from the results of this round was Arsenal! The 58M spent in the market in this week has proven to be worthy to get some points! Also, some English nation cooperation seems to be working, with Everton bringing down the Italian sky blue team Napoli, the direct rival of Arsenal. This helped Arsenal moving out of the relegation zone and finally they can breathe natural oxygen.
  • As mentioned, Napoli defeat against the 20th of the table make the supporters furious, as the team entered now the relegation zone, due to their poor performance with 6 matches without a win.
  • Also running poor performances and keeping without scoring and the Italian duo AS Roma and Atalanta! Arsenal win make them see the survival gap rise to 9 and 10 points respectively and with only 12 points to be on top of table, probably next week we will have 1 or 2 teams doomed to follow Everton steps.

Next Round – the games to watch!

Juventus (3rd) vs PSG (5th)
Chelsea (9th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Napoli (17th) vs AS Roma (18th)

Juventus (3rd) vs PSG (5th)
Thrilling match is to be played in Italy, with the clash of Hersi007 and NGrimes. Juventus rasied to 3rd place and is looking up to get even more up in the table but it will be a tough match, since PSG is 2 places below but only 1 point behind!

Chelsea (9th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Real Madrid will face another english team in this round and this time they will have to travel to Stamford Bridge, where lives the only team that has no defeats in the last 6 matches played! In fact Chelsea recent campaign is so amazing that the unbeaten run is already lasting for 14 matches in a row! It is really amazing Eshwar, congratulations! So, will Tigerbaker break this amazing record!?

A fun fact, Tigerbaker revealed that it was he who appointed Eshwar manager of Chelsea! How Eshwar (and Chelsea) return the favour?

Napoli (17th) vs AS Roma (18th)
Won’t be one of the better matches of the rounds since the both campaigns have been really poor. However, from a survival point of view, it will be crucial to see the final result of Napoli and AS Roma. AS Roma really need to win to be stay in this division next season, however Napoli doesn’t have any more positions to drop. So both teams really need the win and we will be watching.

Heinz Johan

Meet one of SME’s most influential managers of Beta Test Phase III

I personally would like to thank you Heinz Johan (account: heinzjohan) Heinz, for accepting this interview and for taking the time to reply to all my questions 🙂

Santa Claus.

Heinz Johan – Interview

If you are familiar with Soccer Manager Elite, you will know that Heinz Johan as the highly successful and determined manager of Inter Milan, the team with the most consecutive rounds leading Division 1 of Beta Phase III. And while the competition at the top of the table is now fierce, Heinz will stop at nothing to ensure an Inter Milan victory!

Claus: Heinz, where do you currently reside?

Heinz: Santa Claus, thank you, I live in Indonesia

Claus: How did you come to find out about SM Elite and Xaya?

Heinz: I am playing other SM games on other devices and have done so for around 3 years. I’m familiar with Soccer Manager games and I knew about this SME because I follow their fans page in Facebook.

As for Xaya, I don’t really know much about them except to say the SME runs on the Xaya blockchain and it is also the CHI cryptocurrency.

Claus: Is this Beta Phase 3 your 1st experience in SME?

Heinz: Yes, I have started playing SME in this 3rd phase.

Claus: When you found out about this game, were you familiar with cryptocoins or CHI? Did you already hold some CHI?

Heinz: No, I’m not too familiar with cryptocurrency since in my country they aren’t popular. Nor did I know how to buy CHI.

Claus: And now? Is your knowledge about crypto coins greater now? And now, have you invested in CHI?

Heinz: I haven’t. I believe CHI could be a very good investment, but I’m not taking any risk for now. I will continue to educate myself on blockchain and cryptocurrency before I invest in it.

Claus: Who is your favourite soccer team? Is it one of your goals to take charge of that team when the full game is released?

Heinz: My real-life favourite team is Manchester United, but I’m not going to be picky about the job offer. As long as the owner cares about the club and plan to invest in the team.

Claus: What are your favourite tactics and why?

Heinz: I have many favourite tactics but one of them is an attacking rotation. It’s a tactic developed by one of my favourite managers, Gian Piero Gasperini. That’s why I play aggressive in every possible way, such as pressing and attacking, but trying keeping the balance as well.

Claus: The title fight has really hot between Inter and Real Madrid over recent weeks. Who do you consider to be the favourite to win the title? And after last round – at least 4 other teams are looking a threat. How are you feeling in this late stage of the season?

Heinz: I’m keeping a positive mindset. And I believe a positive mentality will be rewarded. I know about the threats and accept that this battle will be tough – but I will fight for the title until the very end.

Claus: How do you feel after Inter Milan be rooted in the 1st place for so long, losing the title position so close to the final and be sitting in 2nd place when there are only 5 matches to be played?

Heinz: I’m frustrated. There are technical problems within the game that cost me some matches because I can’t log in and not able to change players. However, we can’t change what’s past – but it’s time to rebuild the foundation and win games again.

Claus: Both of the teams have cup matches to play, do you consider this situation will make any of the teams struggle with the amount of games they still have to play? And, how are you handling the player conditions between the cup and league matches?

Heinz: No, because we are the biggest club in the world, that’s why we need to compete as many competitions as possible and reach semifinal or final and I always have rotational players that I put trust on an able to compete in many competitions.

Claus: Do you set any of the titles to be a priority one?

Heinz: No. I’m ambitious person and a believer, so I want to reach as many finals as possible and win the league title!!

Claus: You started this season with Boca Juniors, and the results weren’t great at that point, let us know how the Inter Milan manager opportunity came up, and how you handle this shift from a division 2 team to a top division 1 team?

Heinz: I noticed in Discord that Goldsmith was offering the manager position at Inter Milan, so I have applied for the role. There aren’t big differences from changing one club to another or one league or another, but you need to adapt in the league you were on since your opponents are different. I’m also continuing the foundation that already build and implement my new tactics in Inter.

Claus: Inter Milan is one of the most active teams in the transfer market with plenty of signings and also a lot of players sold. Any major signings you consider to be crucial to the campaign you have made so far? Any regrets seeing C. Eriksen moving to your title chase rivals Real Madrid? Do you think this move could penalize you and helped your rivals to get closer to you? How were the negotiations between the clubs, since they were already title rival by then?

Heinz: No, every player are crucial in this title challenge and winning other competitions, as I already said that we are the biggest team in the world – that’s why we need rotational players and active in transfer window and getting profits from smart business.

I don’t have any regrets selling my players that needed to be sold since they aren’t fits with the tactics, or we need the money for purchasing rotational players, and about Eriksen deal specifically? He’s not that crucial and I don’t really think he helps Madrid title win run.

Claus: Also, with all this transfers Inter Milan is one the richest club with around 58M available in cash for transfers and still build a strong team to handle the league and being still in one of the cups. Talk a little bit more about this strategy.

Heinz: Because we are the biggest club in the world that’s why we need to have smart business that getting us profits, and always active for bargain deals in transfer window.

Claus: If you could change 3 things in SME, what would they be?

Heinz: Maybe transfer windows, along with communication between manager with other manager or manager with the board and substitutions.

Claus: For our readers – what do you think about this game and would you recommend them to play this game? Why?

Heinz: I’m not going to miss playing SM Elite full release. The game feel is fun, entertaining and also challenging for anyone who interested in tactical or football in general. The devs also care about the game and willing to hear the users, so that’s a good sign for the future game.

Once again I would like to THANK YOU, Heinz Johan, for taking your available time to come here for this interview. Your insights are highly valued, as you are one of the most successful managers in Soccer Manager Elite… thus far.


Division 1 – Round 33

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

Overall it was an entertaining round in the title fight point of view, with more clubs raising their chances to win the Beta Phase 3 Division 1 title!

Let’s start with the highlighted match to be seen of the previous post, that took place at Juventus Stadium. Hersi007 had license to kill Real Madrid, CR7 with 1 goal and a MofM performance was the agent inside the 4 lines in action to annihilate Tigerbaker lads. With was a close and tight match but Juventus was the more effective team in front of the goal, so they were the ones to take the 3 points from the game, 2-0 was the final result! In this game that were more to fight for than the positions in the table and the champion title. Hersi007 has also climbed to the 2nd table in the best SME managers table with only Tigerbaker ahead of him, so this game was also a crucial win in the top managers table too!

Another match with high expectations was the one in a crowded Anfield were the lads of blade and NGrimes were fighting against each other! Another really close and tight match proving these teams are really top level and really close to each other’s value! The reds was also the ones with the best aim at goal, getting 2 perfect shots and Becker being the 2nd player with best rating of the match has been decisive in this match too, getting the Liverpool net unbeaten, denying all the 10(!) attempts made from the PSG striking force!

A curiosity note is that PSG has the greatest striking force of this league with 57(!) goals netted in this 33 matches and this was only their 7th time they reach the 90th minute without the joy netting 1 in! On the other hand, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Liverpool defenders seem to know the secret as they also finish the game at Parc du Prince with a clean sheet! 😉

Also just another praizing note that this 2-0 wins from Juventus and Liverpool seems to be due to their defenses performance as they both are the 2 teams with the less goals aggainst with only 18goals getting past to their keepers.

The most surprising and most unbalanced game of the highlighted ones took place at King Power Stadium, the strenght of the teams powered by the blue jersey seemed to be decisive as Inter Milan used the alternative outfit and they left the stadium in misery with 3 Leicester goals without answer! Maybe heinzjohan make the big boys rest for the cup match…

The other game in the highlights was another italian team in trip to England. Like in the match above, the english lads of Arsenal were the happy ones and Atalanta lads left the field crestfallen, clearly worried about their future in Division 1! It wasn’t a good start for Aexio, the new manager in charge of Atalanta.

Note also to the most uneven victory of this ground, where blaugrana was the joyfull in Camp Nou stadium beating Man. City for 5-0! This was due to probably Harris follow the footsteps of heinzjohan and also took the best players out of this game.

Another surprise came from the english blue derby were Chelsea and Everton were facing each other. The top 10 team Chelsea was really close to be defeated by the 20th of the table and making this a even more surprising result. Chelsea were never in the winning position and it was only 11 minutes away to left the match with 0 points. Kai Havertz with the 2 goals from the London team was the hero for the home supporters.

The Leaderboard:

  • The two first teams of the table, we get us used to winning and winning week in and week in, this time they both got defeated so the distance between them (Real Madrid and Inter) are the same as before, but both can be considered losers of the rounds because they let the competitors teams get closer!
  • One of the winners is definitely Liverpool! blade got a major win vs PSG, took their place in the podium and they are now only 3 points away from the 1st place. Also, an important note, that in case Real Madrid lose the next match and Liverpool wins, due to goal difference, Liverpool would take over Real Madrid!
  • Juventus also took this round to raise their chances in the title! Their win against the leader Real Madrid, let them able to climb one more place and they are now sitting in 4th place. The distance to the trophy is currently set as 4!
  • One other loser of this round was PSG, if they had won, they would be only 1 and 2 points away from the 2nd and 1st place respectively, but they had lost and not even they weren’t enable to take advantage of the top 2 teams defeats, they also lost 2 places in the table, dropping now to 5th place!
  • Man City was unhappy with the results, seeing AC Milan taking over them and also Sevilla being grabbed by them.
  • Barcelona‘s MasterNinja98 was on the winning side of the round, with their great 5-0 win they climbed to 9th place, taking over Chelsea who was penalized by not getting the 3points against the 20th, Everton.
  • Leicester‘s MarkGoldbridge had 1 more impressive match with the win against the 2nd team in the table, they have raised the undefeated streak to 9 matches(!) and even the distance from the water line is kept the same, they moved 1 ladder and they are now on 14th place, climbing over Man. Utd.
  • RobsterNL should really feel one of the happiest managers on the round, with the over Atalanta, they have glued up at Napoli, with only the goal difference keeping them away to get out of the water to finally breathe some oxygen! 😉
  • Roma and Atalanta draw and got defeated and they are with 1 less round to recover. Seeing Arsenal moving so much ahead of them it would be a hard task this 2 Italian teams recover and get a salvation from the death row…For curiosity it really seems that the relegated teams will be English and Italian teams, as the last 7 teams in the table are all or English or Italian!
  • We welcome Aexio and wish him all the best, it will be a run against the clock, but let’s see how it goes!

Next Round – the game to watch!

Inter Milan(2nd) vs Liverpool(3rd)

In this round, instead of shuffling the reports to a bunch of games, all the reports and media will be attending a match that should be really crowded! How interesting and decisive would be match between the 2nd and the 3rd teams in the table when after the match, it would be only 4 matches to be played!?

The title fight is getting really hotter in this end of the season…and Tigerbaker, will be a close watcher at this match and has he mentioned in his interview will be crossing the fingers for the match being tied up when the referee blows the whistle 3 times!

Tigerbaker Interview

SME’s most influential Manager – Beta Test Phase III

First of all, I would like to personally thank you Tigerbaker, for accepting our offer to be interviewed and to come to our studio!

For those who don’t know him, Tigerbaker is one of the top managers in this Beta Phase 3 of SME, at the time of this interview – currently ranked #1.

And as the manager of Real Madrid, currently in 1st place in Division 1 – he truly is a man on a mission.

But let’s hear it from the man himself.

Q: Tigerbaker, tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am English but I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. I’m in my late 30s.

Q: Were you playing SM previously and how did you find out about SM Elite/Xaya?

A: I’ve been playing SM Worlds for over 10 yrs. I got an email informing me about SM Elite.

Q: Is this Beta Phase 3 your 1st experience in SME?

A: Yes, I haven’t played in the previous 2.

Q: When you found out about this game, were you familiar with cryptocoins or CHI? Did you already hold some CHI?

A: I have been a trader of financial products so I was aware of Crypto’s but not CHI. I held Bitcoin, but not CHI.

Q: Which is your favourite team and is it your intention to take charge of that team when the full game is released?

A: I haven’t got a favourite team. I enjoy watching the Premier League and the Champions League .

Q: What are your favourite tactics and why?

A: To be fair, I have no favourite tactics, but have had a lot of injuries so play the tactics must be adjusted depending on players available.

Q: The title fight is really hot between you and Real/Inter all over the season, who do you consider to be the favourite one to win the title?

AND; Do you still consider that any other of the teams below pose a threat?

A: Inter had a head start because the team when it didn’t have a manager built up a sizeable lead.

I have caught them up and over taken them I think I can win the title but Inter, Liverpool and Juventus are all in with a chance.

I would like to see Liverpool and Inter draw in the next match and Inter have a cup match so I have to beat Man Utd.

If I beat Man Utd I would think Real are the favourites!!

Q: How do you feel after finally reaching the 1st place so close to the end?

A: I’m enjoying every game so happy to play each game as it comes.

Q: Both of the teams have cup matches to play, do you consider this situation will make any of the teams struggle with the amount of games they still have to play?

How are you handling the players conditions between the cup and league matches?

Do you set any of the titles to be a priority one?

A: I am happy with my team don’t worry about the competition. Injuries have affected Real badly but hopefully Benzema (note: he missed 7 league matches) will be back for the next game.

Q: You took charge of Barcelona, then Real Madrid, then Man. City and then moved back to Real Madrid in the 6th round, any recall what came in the result of switching teams test and why you have choosen Real Madrid to be the one to manage?

A: In the beginning I built up 5% stakes in a few teams and I looked at a few teams before Real, but they were the best team for me, so I took them on.

I gave Eshwar, Gabinho, N Grimes, Master Ninja and Oladz starts in the big league and they have all been impressive!

Q: You are one of the largest shareholders of this game, owning shares from multiple teams and players and probably the user with higher returns in this beta phase, how you handle with the Tag “Tigerbaker, the moneymaker?”

Talk a little bit more about this strategy.

A: I like dealing in shares in real life and this game is just an extension of that.

Q: I noticed you have sold plenty of players and signed a few. Any major signing you consider to be crucial to the campaign you have made so far?

Did Eriksen help, letting you know the strategy heinzjohan uses and how to take advantage of it?

How were the negotiations between the clubs, since they were already title rival by then?

A: I like Eriksen and he replaced Modric. But I don’t think any one player has influenced Real it’s been a team effort.

No negotiation just bidding actually think SM Worlds is better for negotiations etc the transfer market is a little dull in SM Elite.

Q: If you could change 3 things in SME, what would that be?

A: I would change the transfer market to be more like SM Worlds; I would change the player positions to be more like SM worlds; and, I would shorten the voting times for manager of the club and player’s agent positions to 24 hrs or 48 hrs.

Q: For our readers, what do you think about this game and would you recommend them to play this game?

A: The game is fun so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone

Q: And now the final question, that our readers are really eager to know the answer…Who let the dogs out?

A: Prefer the good winner / good loser approach, so the dogs never get let out.

Q: Anything you would like to add?

A: I would like to say Goldsmith from Goldsmith money is a complete legend! I love his YouTube channel – definitely makes the game more fun. And, your reporting is definitely exciting and entertaining to read. I hope you both keep up the great work!

Me and also in the name of Goldsmith Money would like to THANK YOU very much for your compliments, for taking your time available to come here to this interview and for all your answers. Surely they will be valuable for the users who are already familiar with SME, but also for the ones who were in doubt if they should join or not! 😉

Division 1 – Round 32

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

1st thing I noticed in the overall of this round and got really surprised by it, it that NONE team playing in their home ground was able the collect the 3 points!

The biggest surprise came right from the Milan derby between Inter Milan and AC Milan, where at the end of the 90th minutes, the unmanaged rossonero team was the one celebrating when the final whistle was blown! AC Milan was really the stronger team in the field and only a great performance by Inter Milan keeper Handanovic make the loss kept at low numbers.

Santiago Barnabéu was the field where one of the most awaited matches of this round was played! Two great teams, filled with great top players performed in this El Clásico, that this time didn’t have a great moment to celebrate because the game ended with a goaless draw. The game was really tight between the teams of Tigerbaker and MasterNinja98 and the draw was an acceptable result.

Other game from this round that the result surprised the most also came from a derby (plenty of derby played in this round) this time the North London Derby between the white shirts of Tottenham (11th) and the red shirts of Arsenal (17th). The game took place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium but it was the away team to celebrate the victory over the rivals!

Another out of ordinary result was performed by Leicester in their travel to France to face PSG! PSG the 3rd of the table was clear favourite facing the 15th of the table, but besides MarkGoldbridge team seemed to be the stronger team in the field, it was NGrimes team who was closer to get the 3 points, as J. Draxler scored right at the 5th minute and the advantage was kept secured until, when the referee’s watch reached the 75th minute, J. Vardy scored and levelled the score, that kept still until the end of the match.

The Leaderboard:

The winner of this round it surely has to be Real Madrid! Besides not being able to win, the blancos did enough to collect 1 point and that was enough to climb over to the top of the table! Also with the results of this round, Tigerbaker seems now to be the clear favourite to win the SME top manager of this season as, with only 6 matches to be played, the manager has a 5 win advantage from the 2nd best manager!

Of the losers of this round it will be Heinzjohan‘s Inter Milan! Sitting in the 1st place of the table since the 4th round, it should be really painfull dropping that place in the 32nd round, when there is only 6 matches to recover the 1st place. There is still time, but the blue & black jersey boys now don’t depend on themselves as a 6win in a row from Real Madrid would move the title to the spanish club.

A note to Juventus, managed by Hersi007, (that got the biggest/clear winner of this round (0-4) at the costs of the italian fellows AS Roma), that recently as been really solid and was sitting in 6th place since the 23rd round, was able to move 1 step up in the ladder in this round and they are only 2 points away from the bronze medal podium position! A negative note to the AS Roma team who was severe punished in their Stadio Olimpico, and seems to be struggling recently, seeing the salvation point already 7 points away from them, also being the 2nd team with less goals scored (only beaten by the red lantern Everton) and now have already 6 matches in a row without scoring any goal! Reporting this, I would also have to report that other italian like Atalanta is facing the same goaless score of Roma and I would also have to add that Tottenham is now facing a “dark era” in front of goal too, with 4 matches without scoring too!

Of the losers of the round is also Man. City that were facing their english rivals Liverpool and were only 1 point behind, but a punishing deafeat at Etihad Stadium, saw the opponent moving further ahead, Juventus getting though them and also being catched by AC Milan.

The media was already tooking notice of Chelsea‘s Eshwar management skills performed recently, and was on the winners of this round, coming back from Italy when they visit the 10th in the table Lazio with the 3 points, make them able to reach the top 10 table. Congratulations for that! Also, it has, so far as I reported the biggest jump on the table ever, climbing 4 places in only one round, skipping through Lazio, Tottenham and Barcelona. A note that Barcelona had draw aggainst the new leader by 0-0, but that wasn’t much of a surprised as that was the 3rd consecutive goaless draw from Barcelona. I guess, if they continue like this, the attendance of Barcelona matches will be dropping, because no one wants to go to a stadium knowing goals won’t happen! 😛

Down in the table, the fortunate one was Arsenal, being the only team to collect the 3 points between the last 6 of the table, which provided them reducing the distance to the lifesaver buoy, from 5 to 3 points.

2 of the italian teams, AS Roma and Atalanta, as I reported above, are facing really troubles to score and without scoring you can’t get the 3 points, and they seem to be almost drowning as the water line is already 7 points away, and if the scoreless record doesn’t break, it would be impossible to reach out there!

Next Round – the games to watch!

Juventus(5th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Leicester (15th) vs Inter Milan (2nd)
Liverpool (4th) vs PSG (3rd)
Arsenal (17th) vs Atalanta (19th)

All the supporters will be bubbling hot to know the scores of their teams! what to say when in 1 Round 4 of the 5 top teams are facing each other!? One thing will be guaranteed! Thrilling matches and the table won’t stay the same!!

New leader Real Madrid will travel to Italy to face the new rising Juventus! One of the curiosity is, if CR7 would be eager to punish his former club and maybe taking the throne away from them!?

2nd place will travel to 15th of the table, and supposedly it would be a easy win, but on the english blue side we have MarkGoldbridge recent performances to prove otherwise, with the draw in Parc du Prince to prove they won’t be that easy punching bag that the position in the table makes us think to be.

Liverpool and PSG were for some time battling in and out to keep/get this 3rd place and now they have a golden chance to reach and kill the direct opponent of the competition! Another thrilling match to be seen! 😀

As the positions on the table aren’t great, can’t say the level of the game will be great, but the enthusiasm and the emotions will be on top, that’s a guarantee, as the season gets to an end, 17th facing 19th could be decisive to know who survived and who got relegated when we reach 17th March!

Division 1 – Round 30

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report by Santa Claus

Round Highlights:

In this round the english teams surprised many in their travels to the top team’s ground, and step back into their dream title!!

One surprise came from Giuseppe Meazza Stadium where the relegation zone team Arsenal step up to be David and had a great performance getting the upperhand right from the start, at 6th minute, to never let the advantage go away and collecting the 3 points in a very intense, entertaining and thrilling match! 2-3 was the final result!

And when all the Real Madrid supporters where in Santiago Barnabeu hearing what was happening in Italy, hoping they would finally surpass them and take the Inter Milan leadership reign to an end, since they are sitting in 1st place since the 4th round, but the dream came to a nightmare with a 0-2 against the blues Leicester!

Leicester had more possession of ball, Real Madrid was the team more closer to the goal, but a good performance from K. Scheimeichel saving 9 shots on goal and a poor performance from Courtois saving only 2 of the 4 shots on goal made the result reach half-time at 0-2, that remained until the end. A word of praise for the MarkGoldbridge performance and he is running away from the “death line” with a 6 consecutive match without any defeat!

Regarding the match of the week as I named, with was a tight duel between Ngrimes and kaiser lads! Proving their higher individual talents, PSG was the happy team when they were leaving the stadium in their bus, partying all over and celebrating the defeats of Inter and Real Madrid who took them just 2 points away from the 1st place and the champion title! Verratti with a goal on 24th minute was the decisive player of the match!

Other surprising result came from already relegated Everton! Despite this unfortunate fate, under the new manager, the boys are refusing to give easy points to the opponents and in this round they were able to get a goaless tie aggainst the 9th of the table, Barcelona! Pickford was the hero of the home supporters getting a MofM performance and keeping the goal inviolable even when Everton were playing with 1 less player in the field in the last 22 minutes of the game.

Another highlight worth to be mentioned, will have to be Chelsea result, getting a 0-6 win at Atalanta stadium! Eshwar is realling getting his name know for the SME football curious!

The Leaderboard

  • With the results from this round, nothing much in therms of position have changed! Inter Milan seems to be in crisis with already 3 games without a win, but despite the defeat they were able to raise 1 goal difference advantage from Real Madrid team.
  • The winner of this round, would have to be PSG. They didn’t climbed in the table but they are now 2 points behind, so 1 match away to be a possible holder of the such ambitioned 1st place!
  • One of the few changes in the table was dato2105‘s Lazio climbing over Tottenham and be back in the Top10.
  • Despite not being able to shorten up the difference to leave the relegation zone and they are still 4 points away to leave the downwater zone, with the amazing win at Real Madrid, RobsterNL of Arsenal have climbed 1 place in the table and this 3 points collected in this round might be crucial in the end of season.
  • As I mentioned above, Everton unfortunately have the relegation confirmed this round! If only the shareholders had appointed kirlle120 much sooner, it could have been a tottaly diferent story….

Next Round – the games to watch!

Liverpool (4th) vs Real Madrid (2nd)
Sevilla (7th) vs Inter Milan (1st)

31st Round will be a really interesting round, as the title fight will get very hot when the top teams are facing tougher teams! Real Madrid’s Tigerbaker, the actual best manager of SME will face blade the actual 4th best manager of this entertaining game! The 2 teams are 5 points apart, but it is not only the teams fight in the table, there is also the fight for the best manager on the game to show off! 😉 For curiosity, Liverpool is the team of the league that has less defeats!

Sevilla were doing really well until they played in the Parc dus Prince stadium and now the manager is eager to set the team back into the right course again! Will they able to do it, when on the other side of the pitch they have the leader of league Inter Milan managed by heinzjohan, who is also hurrying to get the italian team back into the winning role!? One of those matches that is really hard to name a favourite!

Santa Claus

Division 1 Results – Round 29

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report by Santa Claus.

Round Highlights

I had named the match being played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium one of the most thrilling match/results to be on the radar of football supporters all around this SME World and the prediction wasn’t wrong! It was an interesting match to be seen as only 2 busy keepers outstanding performances, saving all the 19 shots made onto the frame of goal in the afternoon, kept the result the same from start until the end! Gratz GrigoreVarlam that’s getting his name know, taking away points from the 3rd and the 1st in the table in 2 consecutive matches!

Other entertaining match under the radar was Real Madrid travelling in the same ground/city where they lost against their league rivals for 5-2 back in 21st November. The result wasn’t what Tigerbaker wished for, they fought hard to get the 3 points but G. Donnarumma denied all 9 attempts on goal and so Real Madrid weren’t able to break to clock and collected 1 point this time, that made the title chances very open until the end.

One of the surprising results came from Ramón Sanchéz Pizuan Stadium, but mostly if you weren’t in the stadium. Harris have chosen the left some of the key players out of pitch, and without the skills from Ederson Moraes and Kevin de Bruyne it won’t be easy to collect the 3 points in this SME 1st Division matches.

Other surprise came from Atalanta, that bagged 5 goals in the last round and they were able to get a clean sheet at Wanda Metropolitano, the house of the draw Champions of this league, that strengths this title label with one more to collect. They have an impressive 8 draws in the last 12 matches, but on the other hands currently they are already 6 matches without a win.

A word of praise to Eshwar, that got the biggest win of this round(0-3), even more in a away match and the improvement he did lately. After 21 rounds Chelsea had 19 points, equal to 17th on the table for that round and a struggling survival fight. Now however, only 8 matches later they almost doubled their score, reaching 37points, and they are sitting 3 points away from the 10th place and 11 points away from the relegation zone!! Congratulations!

I would like to comment to the Leicester vs Roma duel, that ended as it started, who could had been vital for MarkGoldbridge side as they kept the distance from the relegation zone! Leicester is doing a great “run for your life” performance, escaping the relegation zone now with 5 matches in a row without a defeat!

A final word to the newcomer that seems that is making Everton tougher as time goes by! Last week they broke an unsuccessful record and score a goal and in this week, in the Merseyside derby, they scored twice, they even were winning by 1-2 even playing with 10 men since 8th minute and even with this adversity, they were only 11 minutes away to collect 1 point! It seems that the Everton pushing bag performance are over and it is nice to see they battling out for points! Good luck for the next matches.

The Leaderboard

  • Following the 2 goalless draws of the two top teams the positions didn’t suffered any changes!
  • Two of the winners of this round was NGrimes’s PSG that saw his advantage from the 4th place rise from 1 to 3 points and also getting closer to the champion fight, now being away a full hand of points, and also blade’s Liverpool that took over the 4th place, climbing over Man. City
  • Sevilla also got back the 7th place in the ladder skipping through AC Milan.
  • Other great climb, came from Barcelona, following their win against Lazio that was with the same points, that give them the opportunity to climb up 2 places, passing Lazio and Tottenham and they are now back into 9th.
  • One of the losers of this round it has to be Arsenal, the defeat in the hands of PSG might be really hurtful, as they see all the teams around them collecting 1 point and letting Atalanta moving closer and Roma and Leicester moving 1 step away!

Next Round – the game to watch!

PSG (3rd) vs Sevilla (7th)

Inter Milan and Real Madrid seems to be clear favourites as they face teams that are in the relegation fight zone, so the match who seems more unpredictable would be the French team facing the Sevilla jersey side. PSG are 3rd seems to be favourite, even more they play in their Parc dus Prince Stadium but it should be noticed that Sevilla are 7th with only 5 points behind them. A thrilling match to be seen!

Santa Claus

See the Goldsmith Money live stream update here.

What is the Metaverse?

Whatever it is – it seems to be where Telos and XAYA are headed!

At Goldsmith Money, we talk blockchain based virtual gaming worlds and economies ad nauseam.

Yes – virtual reality platforms are the future of economic marketplaces!
Yes – these platforms will be built on trustless and decentralised blockchains!
Yes – these new virtual worlds will open up NEW and COUNTLESS opportunities for all!

It seems that we are not the only ones saying it.

Today we came across a terrific essay today by Piers Kicks, titled ‘Into the Void: Where Crypto Meets The Metaverse‘.

Piers introduces what is a new concept to us called ‘The Metaverse’.

The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact.

The essay had actually been tweeted out by Tim Sweeny, CEO of Epic Games (think Fortnite). Seeing the BIG game developers were taking it seriously – so should we.

In keeping the concept simple for us – we think of The Metaverse as the ‘OASIS’ in Earnest Cline’s, Ready Player One. However, we accept that there are a myriad of forms a non-fictional Metaverse might take; and, a good deal of time and development to get there.

According to Piers, FIVE converging verticals would drive the emergence of The Metaverse

  • Culture
  • Content
  • Mediums
  • Standards and Protocols
  • Infrastructure.

The foundation for the fusion of the FIVE verticals however would be blockchain – or more specifically, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Piers writes:

I believe that within NFTs and crypto lie the most elegant solutions to the problems of digital scarcity and uniqueness, digital property rights, large-scale coordination across virtual environments, and robust privacy-focused systems that cannot be exploited for the enrichment of few at the expense of many. Without the assumption of a robust economic membrane, the entire concept of the Metaverse quickly collapses. 

Many of you reading this blog post will already have an understanding of cryptocurrency and NFTs. More than likely you are already part of the Telos or XAYA communities, which we work closely with.

For the XAYA team, The Metaverse is their vision. A universal gaming hub, all built upon a traditional Bitcoin, proof of work, blockchain architecture.

XAYA has the infrastructure in place to ensure secure game asset ownership and facilitate safe trade and provably fair gaming. It is also scalable enough to build MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER VIRTUAL REALITIES.

In the case of Telos – fast, oh so fast. Scalable, smart contract functionality – this blockchain can do anything. From facilitating commercial, administrative and governance functions, it provides for a plethora of virtual currencies, NFTs, games and much, much more.

Both blockchains are already making ground in the FIVE verticals and both have stable and talented teams behind them. Either (or both) of these ‘hidden gems’ could easily be a catalyst in the creation of the inevitable Metaverse.

For you budding Entrepreneurs looking to build your fortunes in this new world, you should take a close look at these two blockchain technologies – along with others. According to Piers, you should familiarise yourself with:

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum; Cryptoeconomics.
  • DAOs, DeFi, Non-fungible Tokens, Social Tokens, Cryptomedia.
  • New business models being unlocked by decentralized networks.
  • New governance models being unlocked by decentralized networks.
  • Intersections of crypto with emerging trends such as direct-to-avatar.

In conclusion Piers writes:

The increased financialization of virtual worlds is upon as the technologies to connect thousands of isolated virtual economies are unleashed.

Find the link to the full essay here.

Enjoy the week ahead! Of course if you are a silver stacker – we are sure you will.


Telos T-Bonds

Increase Liquidity with Innovative DeFi Solutions

For any enterprise, liquidity is the key to success. Remain cashed up and the doors will stay open. Let the cash run out and so too will the lights.

The Telos community believes that exchange listings are the key to liquidity and the financial success of their public blockchain. Unfortunately, the community did not have the funds necessary to meet the expensive exchange listing fees. Undeterred, this determined and decentralised community set about to make the listings happen.

They first formulated a plan to raise funds. It would need to be innovative and it would need to be appealing to investors.

Next they would build the infrastructure required to make to make the initial fundraising a success and build upon this thereafter.

And they did it. They created their own DeFi fundraising solution. It would take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and they would be called…


T-Bond NFTs would represent a future entitlement to TLOS tokens, purchased at a discount to the current market price. Quite simple really. However, for a decentralised community to devise and execute such a plan – pure genius!

In order to bring T-Bonds to life, the determined developers of the Telos community would need to build a Bitcoin Peg Token, a secure NFT blockchain core and an entire NFT marketplace. Wallet infrastructure also needed to be updated to accommodate the bonds and then the entire system needed to be audited. In conjunction, designers and marketers would need to do their part to ensure investors would be aware of the opportunity when it arose.

The broader cryptocurrency market had not been blind to the fervor at Telos. In fact, in the 8 weeks leading up to the T-bond sale – the TLOS token price would rise 400%.

Well the day arrived – January 25. And the T-Bonds would sell like hotcakes!

All denominations and all lock-up periods – SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!

It was noted that the big discount, 2 year lockups bonds were one of the most popular NFTs. A signal that the market believes that Telos is here for the long term.

In the first 36 hours of the sale, the community is said to have raised over 3 BTC, more than $US100,000 – a fantastic result! However, this was just the first step toward sustained liquidy.

The BTC from the T-Bonds sale will be used to arrange an Uniswap listing at Ethereum. Telos will look to tap into this $150 Billion Ethereum ERC-20 marketplace for future T-Bond issuances.

In addition, Telos will soon launch its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling the Telos blockchain to do everything Ethereum can do – only much faster and at a much lower cost. EVM would provide Telos with addition income as dApp developers seek to reduce costs within the Ethereum network.

Remaining funds from the T-Bond sales would be used to list Telos on other smaller cryptocurrency exchanges. And future sales – well these will be directed towards listings on large exchanges.

Telos has now become an exciting ecosystem of opportunity and development. With more and more decentralized applications joining weekly, along with new investors, speculators and developers.

The community recently published a roadmap for some of their innovative new technical releases, which includes:

  • dStor – decentralised cloud based document storage. (Q1 – 2021)
  • Telos Private – a bridge between exchanges and Telos, for people who prefer to keep their business and personal matters private. (Q3 – 2021)
  • Telos ID – a secure, blockchain based, personal identification system to assist businesses meet their KYC needs etc. (Q3 – 2021)
  • Telos Location (Q3 – 2021) – allows proof-of-location using the Telos blockchain, while paying users to do “location mining” for the system.

Link to the Telos Roadmap here.

Congratulations to all involved in Telos, on the hugely successful T-Bond sale. The future is indeed looking bright for this community of innovative and thrifty blockchain pioneers. Be sure to watch them closely.

Finally and it would be remiss of me not to mention one of the most exciting Telos developments – which is, without a doubt, our very own Daily Telos, Blockchain Diaries. And there has never been a better time to start recording your legacy, forever enshrined within the blockchain, right here at Goldsmith Money – Daily Telos.


Please note that the author does hold tokens in Telos and did not participate in the T-Bond sale.

Diary saves the day

The Brett Kavanaugh Story

Never has there been a better example of the need for a diary, than the story of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It was in 2018 that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for appointment to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. Fearing conservative values within the highest court, many on the other side of politics sought to put a stop to the certification. Coincidentally, it was at this exact same time when allegations were first raised about Judge Kavanaugh’s involvement in a sexual assault – back in 1982.

How does one go about disproving an event which is said to have occurred 36 years earlier?

With a diary of course!

This diary.

His diary, kept upon a NorthWestern Mutual Audubon Calendar, was deemed substantive enough to clear Judge Kavanaugh of wrongdoing and the confirmation proceeded. If not for the diary however, Judge Kavanaugh’s career may have been left in tatters.

At Goldsmith Money we discuss diaries ad nauseum – diary, diary, diary.

Successful people keep diaries!


Yes, it drives self-improvement through focus, reflection and documented achievement. Of course it does. But it is so much more.

A diary could, as in the case above, prove your innocence. Perhaps in a Court of Law or in the Court of Public Opinion.

Judge Kavanagh’s mother, a judge; and father, an attorney – both highly successful in their own right, had drilled into a young Brett, the importance of keeping a diary. As it turns out, it was perhaps the best advice that two loving parents could have given their son. Now it is your turn.

We have given you the tool – Daily Telos. A blockchain diary, which anyone can use.

Daily Telos is an inexpensive means to record your diary, calendar or journal onto a blockchain.

Trustless, decentralised, timestamped and permanent. So long as the Telos blockchain exists, so too will your diary entry. It is quite possible that your legacy will exist upon the blockchain, until the end of time.

We encourage you to give Daily Telos a go today. It is both easy and engaging. The link to the Daily Telos calendar page is below and you will find getting started links there.

It is important to remember, the success of Judge Kavanaugh’s diary in this case, stemmed from his daily use of it. It was the brief, yet daily entries made throughout his life, which demonstrated that his diary was reliable. And that he was a fit and proper person, worthy of the coveted position of US Supreme Court Justice.



Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative

Goldsmith Money Virtual Mint

To celebrate the recent launch of Daily Telos Blockchain Diaries, the Goldsmith Money Virtual Mint is pleased to announce the release of its first edition – Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative.

Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative – Front

The original Edxseverus design combines exquisite alpha-numeric detail, within a beautifully refined and minted waxy lustre. A true reflective vision, celebrating a conceptual framework for personal reflection and improvement.

The commemorative will be tokenised upon the Telos blockchain, at the AreaX NFT gallery.

Only 20 Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemoratives will be minted, with an initial sale price of 150 TLOS each

Of the 20, Goldsmith Money intends to purchase the first 8. For distribution among the Daily Telos team and early adopters. The remaining 12 will be available to AreaX collectors.

Daily Telos Gold 2021 Commemorative – Back

We do expect demand to be high – so please be quick to avoid disappointment.

May your life be full of joy, in an open and digital blockchain book.



Art by Edx Designs

Diaries and Journals

silver ipad

’10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Journaling’

To achieve financial success, just like any other form of success, you must be willing to sacrifice time in pursuit of your goals. Of course one needs to be effective and efficient in the manner in which the sacrifice is made. Which is where a diary, or a more comprehensive journal, becomes invaluable.

Diaries and journals provide you with structure and discipline; along with focus and clarity – all of which should lead to better time management and more productive outcomes.

Contributor to Huff Post and The Utopian Life, Mr Thai Nguyen, describes the following 10 personal benefits of keeping a daily journal or diary. These are:

  1. Stretching Your IQ.
  2. Evoking Mindfulness.
  3. Achieving Goals.
  4. Enhance Emotional Intelligence.
  5. Boost Memory and Comprehension.
  6. Strengthen Your Self-Discipline; ‘Discipline begets discipline’.
  7. Improve Communication Skills.
  8. Healing.
  9. Spark Your Creativity.
  10. Self-Confidence.

You will find the links to the full article at the bottom of this page.

my secret plan to rule the world book
Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

Goldsmith Money has understood the financial benefits of a journals and diaries for a long time. However, until now they were best kept in a book or in a digital form you could trust. Well now we have the blockchain. And the blockchain has taken diary and journal storage and maintenance to a whole new level.

We developed Daily Telos as a diary / journal tool for all to use. Built on the Telos blockchain, Daily Telos could be considered public, decentralised and trustless. Your diary can never be lost and it can never be destroyed.

Used as an anonymous public diary or journal you can achieve the 10 benefits outlined by Mr Thai Nguyen, with much convenience.

Used as an open public diary or journal – in addition to the above you might be bridging the gap between traditional journaling and modern social media. By publishing specifics of your targets, trials and achievements you will be publicly bound to your goals – without the tiresome commentary, criticisms and trolls that go with it.

The link to Daily Telos is here.

Getting started on the Telos blockchain is the hardest part – but you will find more information here. And really, this is an easy way to make the leap into blockchain.

As for Telos itself – Telos is a rapidly growing 3rd Generation blockchain, with some very impressive people involved in its ongoing development. Learn more here.

Finally, for those on Telos now – what are you waiting for? Why not jump onto Daily Telos and give it a go today!


References and article links.


Anne Frank

A blockchain diary?

Few diaries are more important to the world than Ms Anne Frank’s. The posthumous release of the personal diary she kept in her family’s secret annex in Amsterdam, helped educate the world to the atrocities committed by Germany’s National Socialist (Nazi) party.

Unfortunately for Ms Frank, she did not survive to publish the diary herself. Ms Frank died of exhaustion in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. It was her father Mr Otto Frank who found the diary after the war and in 1947 he had it published.

The following year the United Nations adopted a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to ensure this type of evil would never happen again. No doubt the diary of Ms Frank played a role in this policy development.

Anne Frank’s Diary

So what if… what if Ms Frank had taken her diary to the world in real-time? What if she could have published her diary whilst in hiding, on a public, decentralised and uncensored blockchain?

Might the world have known about the atrocities sooner?

Might this have changed the duration of war?

Might it have made a rescue mission possible?

Or might it have simply meant that the Nazi’s would have found the family sooner?

In the case of Ms Frank, the answers to these questions will remain an unknown. Simply a debate for historical scholars, for many years to come. There is no doubt however, that the Anne Frank Diary has had a profound impact on the world and so too the life of this young girl.

The question remains though…

What impact will your life story have on the world?

Should you wish your life to have an impact on the world, you must do as all successful people do – keep a personal diary or journal.

On 21 December 2020, we published a story on just this very subject.

Yes, within this website we have constructed a diary system, which is built upon a trustless, decentralised and infallible blockchain – the Telos blockchain.

No more carrying journal books. No more relying on the survival of a digital service provided. No more worry about losing your life’s story to fire or theft. Daily Telos enshrines your life and legacy in digital form, within a public blockchain – forever!!

Highly accessible, easy to use and inexpensive, our digital blockchain diary solution is in a league of its own.

To access the diary, just hit the link below. Once in the main diary interface, you will find links to further information.

Daily Telos Home Page

The hardest part of starting your own diary setting up your Telos account. This information page will assist in this process. However, if you would like further assistance, consider joining us at the Daily Telos Community Group on Telegram – link below.

Daily Telos Community at Telegram

You will find that just one reflective diary entry a day will boost your performance in all aspects of life – and will without a doubt, take your story to the world.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.





The Diary

The hidden secret of successful people

What do Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, James Cook, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain and Leonardo Di Vinci all have in common?

If you answered – ‘they all kept a diary’, you would be correct.

A log, a journal, a diary – regardless of what you call it, this document is a ‘tool for success‘.

A daily or event driven diary ensures focus, encourages reflection, fosters improvement and documents achievement.

Albert Einstein’s travel diary to the United States recorded his experiences abroad from November 1930 to June 1931. (Photo: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Whether you are a business executive; a sportsperson; a lawyer; a policeman; an artist; parent; teacher; student; blockchain engineer; or manager of a virtual soccer team – you will never reach your full potential without a diary.

Which is why Goldsmith Money has been relatively quiet on the blogging front for the past 3 months. We have been building a tool for you, the Financial Awakened. We have built for you a personal diary tool, which we call ‘Daily Telos’.

The ‘Telos, known in Ancient Greek as the ‘divine purpose’ seemed a highly appropriate name for this tool. Furthermore, it is also the name of the lightning fast, third generation blockchain our digital diary is built upon.

Yes, within this website we have constructed a diary system, which is built upon a trustless, decentralised and infallible blockchain!

No more carrying journal books. No more relying on the survival of a digital service provided. No more worry about losing your life’s story to fire or theft. Daily Telos enshrines your life and legacy in digital form, within a public blockchain – forever!!

Highly accessible, easy to use and inexpensive, our digital blockchain diary solution is in a league of its own.

To access the diary, just hit the link below. Once in the main diary interface, you will find links to further information.

Daily Telos Home Page

The hardest part of starting your own diary setting up your Telos account. This information page will assist in this process. However, if you would like further assistance, consider joining us at the Daily Telos Community Group on Telegram – link below.

Daily Telos Community at Telegram

You will find that just one reflective diary entry a day will boost your performance in all aspects of life.

Wishing you a wonderful day.



Gold on the blockchain

INFINIGOLD: Perth Mint Gold Token

Those of the Financial Awakening appreciate two things – the first is GOLD; the second is BLOCKCHAIN. The merging of the two was simply a matter of time. How this merging would take place was all that needed to be determined.

We thought it would have stemmed from the US. New state based precious metal depositories have been built over recent years. We assumed one of the depositories would have then established themselves on a blockchain. Allowing citizens to transact in gold and silver backed tokens, convertible for the metal held in the depository.

We have no doubt that this will still take place. However, it appears that the first institution to take their gold vault to the blockchain may be Australia’s PERTH MINT.

INFINIGOLD has released its Whitepaper 1.1. In collaboration with the Perth Mint they are taking the GoldPass digital certificate to the Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC20 standard token. The token has been aptly named the Perth Mint Gold Token – or PMGT for short.

Each PMGT token is backed by a 1 ounce GoldPass certificate, which is in turn redeemable for 1 ounce of physical gold at the Perth Mint.

Whilst stored physical gold is not allocated to each certificate, the Perth Mint claim that they have the gold available to meet any redemption request. It is also noted that the mint is guaranteed by the state Government of Western Australia – providing addition credit security.

So what do we make of this?

The PMGT is a terrific development for the cryptocurrency industry!

Tokens backed by physical assets will enhance public perception of cryptocurrency generally, as the tokens are now without doubt, a store of value. In time this should encourage more adoption of the tokens as a medium of exchange, outside of the failing fiat systems.

The PMGT could be good investment vehicle for some – just buy and hold. Though if you want to buy and hold gold – wouldn’t it be better to just buy and hold physical? Perhaps.

PMGT will be available for purchase on selected cryptocurrency exchanges for account holders who have satisfied the necessary KYC identification requirements. This in itself will limit early take-up. Once purchased however, these tokens can be moved onto the Ethereum blockchain to be transferred and traded within.

Redemption for physical gold would need to take place back at a selected exchange. This may not deter interest in the tokens though, as many would not be interested in converting anyway. Instead they may be simply looking to peg some of their cryptocurrency wealth to the price of gold – and the PMGT may be an ideal solution.

However, if the desired purpose of the token is everyday trade – forget it. A single transaction on the Ethereum network is costing as much as $US20 at present. The network is being pushed past capacity by the current exploding DeFi demand. The high transaction costs and network limitations will crush any chance of PMGT replacing fiat currency as an exchange medium.

In many ways it is a shame InifiniGold selected the slow and overworked Ethereum network to build their product on. There are so many other options now. In fact, one of our two favourite blockchains, Telos, is already capable of running thousands of transactions per second, with all transactions being feeless.

Furthermore, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is built upon Telos, allowing token developers to continue to use their Ethereum style coding, on this profoundly more capable public ledger.

In the end…

the PMGT is certainly a step in the right direction, on the path to Good Money.

You can find more information on the PMGT here.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Looking for more information on GOLD, try…

And for more information on BLOCKCHAIN, try…

Random Hierarchical Representative Government

Is a new political system the only fix for democracy?

For many of the Financial Awakened – the problems in society are stemming from the obvious. There is a political and bureaucratic swamp engulfing the world. They are enriching themselves and their masters, but at the expense of the working middle-class and underprivileged.


There are some who want to drain the swamp. A noble cause indeed. However, what if the swamp cannot be drained?

What if our political system, the Democracy we treasure so deeply – is itself, deeply broken? Broken to such an extent that change is now impossible. Corrupted beyond all chance of repair.

Is it time we had a new form of Government?

This is the theme behind a recent and thought provoking publication by Mr Daniel James Larimer (Dan for short).

For those who don’t know Dan, Dan is a blockchain engineer. He is not just any engineer though. He is the mastermind and builder of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) concept and protocols.

Dan has been ultimately responsible for 3 generations of DPOS blockchain development. First BitShares, then Steem a popular social media blockchain and now the third generation EOSIO utility blockchain.

Bitshares and Steem were both highly successful in their day, always abuzz with activity.

Currently the two most active blockchains in the world (accordingly to blocktivity) are EOS and Telos – both based upon Dan’s DPOS EOSIO protocol.

I mention Dan’s history to ensure that you fully understand that this is one self-made and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT individual.

Just as important in Dan’s resume however, is his staunch and long time advocacy for individual liberties, free markets, property rights and small government.

In his article titled (perhaps controversially) ‘Can we end riots with a new kind of Government?’, Dan highlights the critical failings of the current political system in the US – which we deem to be applicable to most Western nations.

Dan lists some of the factors responsible to for the failings and these include:

  1. Gerrymandering, effectively permanently captures a district for a party
  2. Major parties don’t have to be democratic (or accountable) and make their own rules and they change them every time an outsider (e.g. Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders) threatens the elite’s choice.
  3. Media and parties control the discussion of who is eligible for masses to consider.
  4. Incumbent advantage leads to re-election of people with 20% approval rating!
  5. Campaign finance that favors celebrities and big spenders.
  6. Debate about people and not about policy.

All valid criticisms of the current political system of course.

If Dan had of left it at that, this would be the end of the discussion. However, in the usual helpful style of any good engineer, Dan has offered the world a potential solution, based around a whole new political system.

Dan has named this system –

Randomized Hierarchical Representative Government

Let us refer to this system as RHRG for short.

Dan outlines the basic process as follows:

  1. Randomly assign people to small groups (~10 people)
  2. Each group must select a representative from their members with 8/10 approval.
  3. Randomly assign selected representatives to small groups (~10 representatives)
  4. Repeat 

Dan continues:-

Every election season would start with people assigned to different random groups. 

Under this process:

  • incumbents would have no power as any single group of 10 people could prevent an incumbent from advancing.
  • Celebrities have no power because you can only vote for people in your group.
  • Identity politics has no power, because you can only vote for those in your group.
  • Special Interests have no power, because there are no long-term relationships with incumbents and 8/10 must agree.
  • Vote fraud has no power, because how can you cheat a vote of 10 people?
  • Political Parties have no power, because you must reach consensus on a representative with 8/10 people.
  • Campaign finance has no power, because the only people you have to communicate with are the people in your group(s).

In a country with 100 million eligible voters, each group of 10 could be given 30 days to discuss and reach consensus on a representative and it would take at most 8 months to pick a president and a hierarch of people under them.  Each step in the process eliminates 90% of the candidate’s.

The output of such a system would be a form of government which should represent the will of the people (to the extent such a thing exists). The system is neutral with respect to political opinions regarding the size/scope of government. It is neutral to Republican and Democratic opinions. It is neutral with respect to race, money, religion, abortion, war, etc.

What are the benefits of this system?

Dan goes on to discuss historical instances of small group voting for representatives up a hierarchy and the advantages and potential drawbacks of RHRG. As you come here for the Goldsmith Money opinion however – here goes.

Assuming a grassroots movement could gain enough moment to usurp the current democractic system – RHRG would indeed lead to:

  • A higher quality of political representative.
  • A better majority representation on important issues.
  • Lower levels of political interference from unions and other special interest groups.
  • Lower levels of media interference in the election process.
  • Less power for minority interest groups holding the majority (and sometimes all of society) to ransom.

However, the first drawback to spring to mind what that there could be a loss of continuity, political memory and experience. This could be detrimental to the outcome – particularly in the short term. This disadvantage could be easily overcome by staggering implementation and term commencement.

To his credit – Dan briefly mentioned this above failing and offered a similar solution, along with countering a few more potential criticisms of RHRG.

To conclude, Dan briefly discusses some of the amazing new technologies which could be utilised to ensure the successful implementation and management of this proposed political system.

So does RHRG have merit?


But that does not mean that we do not seek the opinion of other thought leaders in the libertarian establishment.

Mr Douglas Horn, chief architect of the governance enhanced Telos blockchain (mentioned previously) offered Goldsmith Money a technical dissertation on the RHRG proposal.

We will go into the full details of Mr Horn’s review in a followup article in a week or two. In brief though, Mr Horn states.

The tyrannies Dan Larimer mentions in his article about Randomised Hierarchical Representative Government will feel quite tangible to anyone paying attention to American politics of the past century or more.

However –

Mr. Larimer’s excellent treatise on a new look at electoral processes would be better served by proposing that we first show the value of this Randomised Hierarchical Representative Government through other means.

Unfortunately, you will need to wait for the full story.

At the very least… RHRG is worth discussing.

You can find Dan’s full article here on the new blockchain based social media platform – Voice.

Dan states that if we want change ‘the first step is to raise awareness of a new form of representative government.’

We at Goldsmith Money have taken our first step – we have started a conversation and created awareness. The question now – what will you do?

Please be sure to subscribe to Goldsmith Money updates here; along with our YouTube channel for all manner of discussion – monetary, blockchain, gaming or otherwise.

Be well friends.


Looking for more on politics, try The Political Pendulum – it is sure to put a few political ideologies in perspective.

What is DeFi?

happy young couple doing purchase on internet together at home

And is it the hottest ticket in cryptocurrencies?

According to an article by Mr Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah, published in The Conversation, on 26 August 2020… it very well could be. Link here.

DeFi stands for Decentralised Finance and according to Mr Cheah, this financial industry has grown from US$2.1 million to US$6.9 billion in the past 3 years.

DeFi refers to and I quote…

… financial services using smart contracts, which are automated enforceable agreements that don’t need intermediaries like a bank or lawyer and use online blockchain technology instead.

happy young couple doing purchase on internet together at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

DeFi smart contracts began with the Ethereum blockchain network and have now evolved into much, much more – encompassing a wide range of blockchains and decentralised applications (Dapps).

Lending, trading, cross-platform trading, derivatives, currency pegging and hedging are all being done within smart contracts; and, are but some of the use cases.

In a recent announcement by the Telos blockchain – they will be providing the infrastructure to tokenise a EURO 30 million property in Croatia. In partnership with Dapp development platform Katalyo and other stakeholders, they plan on tokenising both the property ownership and the rental revenue income. Another new example of DeFi in action. Article here.

In a YouTube broadcast last week (embed below) we discuss both the above articles and the financial opportunities that continue to arise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Enjoy the video and remember the term – DeFi. For you will be hearing it more over the years to come.


What is Blockchain?

Check out one of our recent blogs on just this topic.

Cryptocurrency Tokenomics

Understanding the economics of the blockchain.

Previously we have discussed the characteristics of Good Money and the reasons that Cryptocurrency could be considered Good Money.

The value of a cryptocurrency is derived from what has been coined, its ‘Tokenomics’. A portmanteau of the words ‘Token’ and ‘Economics’.

The tokenomics of a cryptocurrency consists of a large range of inputs, all of which impact its value in the decentralised market place. Inputs with respect to the characteristics of Good Money include:

  • Number of tokens in existence – Scarcity.
  • Energy inputs into token creation – Difficult to create.
  • Number of users / transaction frequency / future use potential – General Acceptability.
  • Security of chain and code – Indestructibility.
  • Level of annual token inflation – Scarcity.
  • Level of decentralisation – Trustless (level of third party risk).
  • Wallets and associated infrastructure – Portability / General Acceptability.
  • Quality of the development team who are driving the use cases and chain growth – General Acceptability.

For various reasons blockchain will change their tokenomics and in these cases, you, the Financially Awakened – will sit down and work through the changes.

Increasing inflation will place downward pressure on token prices. Burning tokens on the other hand, (permanently removing tokens from circulation), will have the effect of increasing the price of the remaining tokens.

Let’s take a look at a current scenario – the Taurion Burn Sale.

Last night we examined the proposed tokenomics changes for the XAYA blockchain in a Goldsmith Money YouTube review. Embed below.

Whilst it is not possible to put an exact price on a token, now or in the future – it is possible to get an understanding on how different stakeholders will be impacted and the possible directions the token prices might take – ceteris paribus (all other things being equal).

Enjoy the video. And if you feel you would like to discuss the matter of blockchain tokenomicsl or, the XAYA Taurion Burn Sale – please drop a comment below. You can also read more about the Taurion Burn Sale here.

Otherwise, warm up those gaming chairs, because things are about to get rather hectic in the blockchain gaming space. Final testing on Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite is merely days away – and then human mining will begin.

Be well.


Introducing ‘Political Arena’

The ‘fake news’ antidote.

“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Malcolm X

This provocative, yet insightful quote by Malcolm X, is a value proposition for political news editor and journalist Mr Chuck Norton and his political news web publication ‘Political Arena’.

The current political news sphere is a murky bog of lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, propaganda, ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Mainstream media seem to be doing their utmost to have you believe that:

  • Free markets are oppressive;
  • Opinion is fact;
  • Statistics are racist;
  • Popular consensus is science;
  • Mathematics is offensive;
  • Capitalism is evil; and,
  • Government loves you.

All incredibly similar to the propaganda slogans expressed by the Ministry of Truth, in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984.

  • War is peace.
  • Freedom is slavery.
  • Ignorance is Strength.

For the Financial Awakened, navigating the ‘Fake News’ and ‘Socialist Propaganda’ can be difficult and time consuming. So discovering a current, political news website, backed up by a treasure trove of truthful political and economic history – is incredibly valuable.

Introducing ‘Political Arena’.

In Mr Norton’s own words –

The contributors to this site are dedicated to explaining the values of free and fair markets, and of liberty tempered by restraint and personal responsibility…

Our goal is to explain the news of the day, along with complex economic, political, and global security issues in such a way that the average working man or student can respond to.

As a recent subscriber to the website, it did not take us long to realise that this site is a central depository for much of the current political and economy news (real news) we seek. Factual information which we had been spending many hours a week sourcing from multiple news outlets and historical journal sources.

We would encourage our subscribers to also subscribe to this site for your real news fix. Particular those interested news stemming from the US – which we all should be.

Going forward – we are considering adding a Political Arena page to the Goldsmith Money website, as our quick link to this depository of fact. Stay tuned on this.

So please head over to https://politicalarena.org/ and have a look around. If you like what you see, kindly let Mr Norton know. And by all means – please provide your feedback on this page as well.

Finally, don’t lose faith. The more people being exposed to the ‘real news’, the less power the ‘fake news’ networks will have. We must all simply do our part.

Be well.


Not such a Goodyear

… and you thought they just sold tyres.

When the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced their first quarter 2020 financial numbers, it was a lacklustre affair. Sales were down 15% from the year before. Unit volumes and shipments were also down and so too was the profit. In fact the company reported a $619 million loss (including impairments).

It’s Covid19 time though, so stock markets are likely to forgive and life would go on. And then the company does the unthinkable – it got political!

Conservative warnings to big corporates are now lit up in neon.

‘Get woke, go broke’.

Tired of the of the left-wing, political correct cancel culture; right-wing conservative counterculture is hitting back. And they are doing so with their wallets.

Failing to heed to the warnings and experiences suffered by corporate peers such as Gillette; Goodyear published the following employee dress code. As per usual – some disgruntled employee uploaded it onto Twitter… and then all hell broke loose.

As far as conservatives were concerned, Goodyear had elected to stand with the enemy – and a conservative boycott would ensure.

And it was not just your average run-of-the-mill conservatives calling for the boycott. This message of boycott was coming straight from the top, with US President Donald Trump tweeting –

The message to business has never been clearer.

Sell your product, but keep your politics to yourself.

Do not tell your customers how to vote, think, behave or otherwise.

Do not force your employees to adopt a single political leaning.

Do not assume that you are the authority on all that is good and righteous.

With Goodyear being one of our favourite brand of tyres, we at Goldsmith Money will not be joining in such a boycott. Regardless of how we feel however, this is going to hurt Goodyear and it will hurt badly.

And for our valued readers, the Financially Awakened, the message is also clear. Do not stand in the way of the trending conservative counterculture. This trend is growing stronger each and every day.

Happy trend surfing.






Become your own bank –

from your home PC!

Who says you need to be reliant on the banks?

Since the invention of the Bitcoin, people have had the ability to be their own bank – without the need to rely on any third party.

It’s a giant, trustless, decentralised spreadsheet – and you hold the key. At least you do when you establish a cryptocurrency wallet on your PC or smartphone.

Using your cryptocurrency wallet you may be able exchange goods and services directly with like minded individuals from across the globe – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Introducing – XAYA Electron Gaming Wallet

Electron – for all your XAYA gaming needs

In the latest Goldsmith Money YouTube video (embed below), we take a whimsical look at the XAYA Electron wallet. Fast, stylish and completely decentralised.

And when Electron is running on your PC. you are actually contributing power (hash power) to the operations of this whole new financial ecosystem. All outside of traditional banking infrastructure.

We have a preference for XAYA over most other blockchains because of its specialised blockchain gaming design. You however, can start looking at cryptocurrencies wallets for any blockchain of your choosing. The point we make is – start looking!

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is filled with financial opportunities for the Financial Awakened. And your first step into this industry… a digital wallet!

Happy transfers.


It’s blockchain gaming…

and early interest is high!

There are very few industries that we are more passionate about than blockchain gaming. The growth of esports has been remarkable. Blockchain gaming is merely the next step in its evolution.

Despite our confidence in the industry however, we were still surprised by recent registration numbers reported by the XAYA blockchain team. Over 12,000 people have signed up to participate in their Soccer Manager Elite (SME) phase III beta test. To have 12,000 sign up to simply test the software really is extraordinary.

SME beta test resumes this week.

Should 12,000 to signup for the main game – financial success for the game and the XAYA blockchain looks set. Though there are never any guarantees in business.

To share in the registration excitement, we produced our own (somewhat comical) YouTube report – embedded below.

People will naturally migrate to blockchain gaming as it offers the ability to ‘play to earn‘. And who doesn’t want to earn currency playing games?

Credit where credit is due though. The XAYA team has proven to be ‘A Grade marketers’ of their ‘first class products‘. Two reasons we watch this team and this blockchain – very closely.

As with the initial beta tests, we will be live streaming some of our SME game play. So if you want to learn more about the game – subscribe to the Goldsmith Money YouTube channel and join us on our journey.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.



Beautiful social media on the blockchain

Here at Goldsmith Money we often spout the benefits of blockchain technology for the gaming industry. The trustless and decentralised ledger is perfect for the creation of massive gaming ecosystems, with financial opportunities galore.

The same may also be said for social media. Whilst Twitter and Facebook generally offer users indirect financial benefits through the promotion of their goods and services. They offer very little in the way of direct financial benefits to the true influencers and content creators on their platforms.

Introducing Appics

Appics joins the Telos blockchain – August 2020

When built upon a blockchain, social media platforms are able to rely upon the exact same decentralised ledger attributes – trustless, auditable, infallible, cost effective – to develop their own financial ecosystem. This blockchain foundation then allows for community trust in the platform and builds value within.

In building a valuable ecosystem, the blockchain social media platform is now able to distribute system earnings directly to the creators, influencers and community builders, based on their level of contribution.

The rewards will usually take the form of the native token to the platform. The value of the tokens will then be determined by the free market, through cryptocurrency exchange participants. The value will of course fluctuate. Over time however, consistent, good quality content creators, may be able to build a reliable income stream for themselves.


is a sleek and beautiful reward based social media platform built upon the blockchain for the reasons mentioned.

Appics is not the first social media platform built upon a blockchain. However in our opinion, it is the first built to a speed, aesthetic quality and functionality high enough to take on the mainstream players for usability. And ultimately it is usability which will determine whether it is suitable for mainstream adoption.

A blockchain based social media platform will only ever be as good as the blockchain it is built upon. So it was no surprise for us to see Appics announce that they would be moving to the Telos blockchain.

Telos is arguably the fastest, most powerful and most decentralised blockchain in the world. It is also one of only a very few blockchains with built-in governance solutions. Telos has a huge technical support network, which has just recently built social media functionality into the chain itself. A testament to their capabilities.

Of course when it comes to Telos, Goldsmith Money is a token holder and highly biased as to its quality. Make no mistake however, the merger of these two platforms is most certainly value accretive for both.

So we are thrilled to bare witness to the merger and welcome Appics with open arms. See our greetings message here.

Over the next 6-8 weeks we will look to incorporate Appics into our social media tool kit, utilising this platform to build our brand and our income potential.

A consistent theme throughout Goldsmith Money is ‘Trends’. Whilst the trend into blockchain gaming is unmistakable at present, when it comes to social media, the signs are much more subtle.

What we are seeing is people now willing to move away from from the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter and into other centralised platforms such a Parler. Will this carry into Appics – only time will tell.

Something to look out for though are the celebrities. Where the celebrities go, the masses tend to follow. Should a celebrity or two turn up on Appics – mass adoption could follow shortly thereafter.

Finally – if you are still reading this article, I deem you to be one of the Financial Awakened. And as one of the Financial Awakened, you should be always questioning where you are spending your social media time and efforts. Time is money afterall.

Ask yourself, ‘do I continue investing my valuable time into Facebook and Twitter, building value for their shareholders?’

Or, ‘should I consider building value in my own brand, in conjunction with the brands of others – within a rewards focussed decentralised community?’

Money talks ladies and gentlemen – everything else is mere garble.

You can learn more about the Appics at their website here; and, I hope to see you there soon.



Alpha Test Deep Dive – abridged

With over 1,500 people registered to participate in the upcoming Taurion alpha Test, the demand for information is huge. As such XAYA CEO, Andrew Colosimo, took up his gaming chair once again, to provide the world with a deep dive walk through.

Naturally the excitement around Taurion is enormous! It is the first of its kind!! A true decentralised and trustless gaming ecosystem, with opportunities galore.

Trade, transport, mining, refining, manufacture, construction, marketing and security… collusion, racketeering and piracy. Basically any other type of business venture you can dream up, could very well be possible at the planet Taurion.

Should you not have the time to watch the full one hour deep dive, we have produced a 15 minute video detailing the key takeaways. Abridged video below.

If you are interested in joining this alpha test and getting a taste for this NEW era of blockchain gaming – please click on our Goldsmith Money invite link Taurion Alpha Test Invite

This alpha test is a treasure hunt and there is over $US10,000 in prizes to be won!

We hope to see you there for the start of play on Tuesday, 25 August 2020.

Wish to learn more about the benefits of blockchain gaming – please see link below.

Be well friends.


Covid-19 treatment and prevention data looks extremely positive…

and an effective treatment is as good as any vaccine – and cheaper too.

Let it be stated upfront that we at Goldsmith Money, do not know the first thing about medicine.

However, we imagine that medical authorities the world over must be thrilled with the data coming out about the hydroxychloroquine, zinc and antibiotic combination. A combination which is being used as a HIGHLY effective treatment against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

In an opinion article in Newsweek on 23 July, Professor of Epidemiology of the Vale Public School of Heath, Harvey A. Risch, discusses hydroxychloroquine and states –

When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.


Professor Risch then goes on discuss results of recent studies where the outcome for treatment is extremely positive. In one study, 400 high risk Covid19 patients were treated by Vladimir Zelenko, using the combination above – and there were zero deaths recorded.

Four other studies involving a total of 500 high risk nursing home and clinic patients, all being treated with the combination above – also recorded zero deaths.

You can read more about what Professor Risch has to say here. Even without formal medical training, it is hard not to interpret these results as highly encouraging (if not fantastic).

Is this combination the cure?

The article is indeed consistent with the statements of Dr Stella Immanuel who claims to have cured over 350 Covid19 patients using hydroxychloroquine, zinc and the Zithromax antibiotic. See her press conference video is embedded below.

Dr Stella Immanuel – Primary Care Physician Houston TEXAS

Is zinc is the key?

On 10 July, Inga Wessels, Benjamin Rolles and Lother Rink published a perspective article on Frontiers in Immunology. The article was titled ‘The Potential Impact of Zinc Supplementation on COVID-19 Pathogenesis’. A link to the article is here.

Their review examined the potential for zinc to be used an inexpensive preventative and therapeutic agent in the fight against Covid19.

Zinc is an important element in the development and function of the human immune system. Zinc is particularly important to the body in combating viruses.

As demonstrated in the diagram above, the study found that there is an impressive intersection of known risk factors for zinc deficiency (blue circle) and the predisposition for a severe COVID-19 infection (red circle).

In conclusion the study found that whilst much data was still pending, the enumerated evidence strongly suggests great benefits from zinc supplementation as a preventative against Covid-19. This was especially true for the elderly and those with chronic diseases, who might have become zinc deficient.

Assuming the medical professionals quoted in this blog are correct – could we conclude that a simple and effective treatment and preventative for Covid-19, as being just as good as a vaccination? If not better?

And of course this is Goldsmith Money – where we want to understand the monetary costs of viable alternatives.

Suggestions have been made that the combination treatment above could be distributed at a cost under $US20 per course.

At the same time, the vaccine cure cost estimates appear to be ranging between $US2,000-$US3,000 per person and is likely to be more than 12 months away.

Fiscal prudence surely dictates that Governments of the world focus their efforts on the discussed treatment and prevention therapies. And no doubt those governments would be very eager to adopt such low cost solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When all is said and done, there was one world leader who saw the potential of this combination early on. This was The President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Credit must be given where credit is due. Not only was President Trump one of the first national leaders to close borders to contain the spread of the deadly virus. He was also the first leader to discuss this potential cure, leading medical professionals down the correct path of study.

A great big THANK YOU to all the new subscribers to this site and our YouTube channel.


XAYA update

Soccer Manager Elite and Tarion Updates

Be sure to subscribe to the Goldsmith Money YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in blockchain gaming – especially XAYA!

In last night’s report (below), we discuss the progress of the Soccer Manager Elite beta test – with Phase 3 to commence next week.

The big news however… is Taurion. The official launch date for the much anticipated alpha test is Tuesday 25 August 2020. This alpha test / treasure hunt will run until Sunday 9 October 2020 and there are many hundreds of prizes to be won – all up valued at over $10,000.

Goldsmith Money – Xaya Report 6 August 2020

Should you wish to participate in Taurion Treasure Hunt, please click on the following referrer invitation link and sign up. There have been 1,500 registrations so far… and the more the merrier. INVITE

Looking for more information on Taurion?

Check out Andrew Colosimo’s recent deep dive into this massive NEW decentralised virtual reality.

Our CHI Giveaway

Don’t forget Goldsmith Money is giving away 1,500 CHI to Taurion fans. Want to be involved? Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.


Be well Xayan friends.


Hi ho Silver, away.

And we are not talking about the Lone Ranger’s horse.

For the past 3 years we have been great advocates of silver. And with good reason. It is arguably the most amazing metal on Earth.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity of all the metal elements – making it a modern necessity for the myriad of electronic devices we have. Smart phones, computers, LED monitors and televisions.

Silver is an excellent conductor of heat and has a particular light sensitivity making it ideal for photovoltaic cells and photography, including radiography.

Silver has antibacterial properties. In seafaring days of old, two silver coins would be placed in a water barrel to keep the water fresh and microbe free. These days it is used for surgical bandages and in advanced antimicrobial nanotechnologies. Plus, it gets added into sports clothing to keep athletes smelling nice.

Silver is highly malleable and ductile and it does not rust. As such silver has been used a monetary metal for going on 3,000 years.

And as you can’t print silver – silver is indeed ‘Good Money’.

So why the excitement?

Image credit

For many a Silver Stacker it has seemed a very long time for the market to again recognise the true value of this amazing metal.

Three months ago the silver spot price was a mere $US15 per ounce and this was the middle of a pandemic. We say ‘mere’ as silver was trading at $US50 back in 2012 and even back in the 80s.

There were many reasons put forth on why the price of silver was so low – which we will not go into now. More importantly for the silver investor and stacker however, the silver price is now flying.

Between May and mid-July the price saw a steady rise to $US19. Over the past month it has really taken to the sky. Just 12 hours ago it looked as though it would break $US28. As I type this post now it has broken $US29 and is tapping on resistance at $US30.

In the midst of a global pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty and unprecedented levels of currency printing – investors are once again turning to the tried and tested safe haven that is SILVER.


To get your head around the current silver story and the physical silver shortage we are seeing – we suggest you start here.


Farm Game / Dota 2

Connecting the Steam gaming platform with the Telos blockchain

Blockchain gaming is moving forward in leaps and bounds – and Telos is sure to have a big role to play in this.

Farm Game has opened up a world of opportunity for gamers, linking all the benefits of blockchains (decentralised and trustless financial ecosystems), with the massive Steam gaming universe.

Starting with the multiplayer, online battle arena video game Dota 2, Telos will allow gamers compete with one another for decentralised tokens and assets. Subsequently these assets may be transferred, spent or otherwise – instantaneously and globally.

Whilst still at early stages of integration, Farm Game offers a great taste of gaming developments to come.

For further information, check out the Goldsmith Money YouTube video below.

And if you are interested in connecting to Farm Game to play in the Dota 2 Telos events – please use the following invite link. PC only at this time.


Happy gaming.


Telos, Farm Game and Dota 2 – 3 August 2020

Gold sets new record high…

bullion gold gold bars golden

and conditions are just right for more.

For those of you who have been following this blog for some time, the headline above will be of no surprise. Yet it will be very exciting nevertheless.

Yes – it has happened. The gold spot price has broken the previous intraday high of $US1,923.70 per ounce set in August 2011.

bullion gold gold bars golden
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At this time of drafting this blog post, the gold spot price is $US1,46.92.

With unprecedented levels of money printing; geo-politics tensions; political and civil unrest; coronavirus; and social media warfare – the environment seems to be just right for a growing gold price. And this could be the case for many, many months to come.

So hold onto those gold coins.

And for the silver stackers – don’t feel left out. For the silver spot has just rocketed past $US24 an ounce – following a few days of resistance at $US23.

For the reasons outlined above – safe haven demand for these monetary precious metals is HOT, HOT, HOT, right now. Congratulations to the prepared.


For more information about the investment potential for gold see the following Goldsmith Money blog articles.

Taurion Treasure Hunt

A treasure trove of intergalactic proportions.

To say the team at Goldsmith Money was ‘excited’ about the upcoming Taurion Treasure Hunt – would be a mammoth understatement.

Aside from the game looking awesome and thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won. This is the final Taurion test before it goes live to the world. The Alpha Test.

This is likely our final chance to get a simple the feel for this new global, trustless and decentralised gaming economy – which promises to open up a whole new world of player driven opportunity and entertainment.

Taurion Treasure Hunt – only days away


Yes – we have our new gaming PC ready to go – 32GB RAM; ASUS RT2060 8GB Graphics Card; a couple of ASUS 27″ Gaming Monitors and a new webcam. Far more than is actually needed to play.

Yes – there will be plenty of Taurion Alpha Test videos. There will also be plenty of Alpha Test live streaming – both YouTube and Twitch. But all this is hardly important to Goldsmith Money. The only thing that really matters is of course…

The Treasure

With more sponsors than the Italian Grand Prix, the Taurion Treasure Hunt promises to be bigger than Ben Hur.

The Prize Partners

  • Age of Rust
  • Battle Racers
  • Cartesi
  • Chain Clash
  • Coin’s E-Den
  • Crypto Dynasty
  • Crypto Space Commander
  • Decimated
  • Dissolution
  • Drug Wars
  • Ethernal
  • F1 Deltatime
  • Gamerhash
  • MakerDAO
  • Neon District
  • Nine Chronicles
  • Polyient Games
  • Reality Clash
  • Soccer Manager Elite
  • Splinterlands
  • The Six Dragons
  • Uptrennd
  • Xaya / Ubisoft Lab
  • Xaya
  • Zenzo

And the list of prizes is just huge… super HUGE! Too many to report on here – just click on the prize link and see for yourself.


So many great prizes to be won and Goldsmith Money plans on winning many of them. And we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to do it. Raid, plunder, loot, steal, destroy. All is fair in the resource rich, yet desolate alien planet of Taurion.

So what does Taurion look like?

Well just recently the following video began circulating within the Twitter sphere…

TAURION: The 3 Starter Cities are now “safe areas”. Opposing factions may not enter. Speed of vehicles are 3x faster than normal.

Make sure to register to claim a FREE starter pack (5 free units and an account) so you can help test and WIN.

Originally tweeted by XAYA (@XAYA_tech) on 16 July 2020.

Yes there will be ‘safe spaces’ for the faint of heart. Goldsmith Money doesn’t plan on spending too much time here though. Instead we plan on being out hunting for the prizes. I dare say the only time we will be returning to said ‘safe spaces,’ is to claim our many, many prizes.

Want to be a part of the Taurion Alpha Test Treasure Hunt?

Just click on this Goldsmith Money INVITE LINK and claim your free Taurion Starter Pack.

Hope to see you there!

Oh – and one more thing. Just in case you have not yet Pledged Your Allegiance. Think BLUE!

Aligning yourself with us, might just save you a whole lot of heartbreak.

Peace…… for now.


Learn more about Blockchain Gaming here.


Silver is shining

Over $US20 a troy ounce and rising!

Long before silver was being used in your smartphones, television sets and ipads – silver was money, just like gold.

Countries over the world have implemented various types of silver monetary standards, at various stages throughout their history. In fact, the US was still using 90% silver coins up until 1964 and 40% silver in their coins until 1970.

Today silver seems to be used for everything but money. Electronics. Solar Cells. Jewellery. Antibacterial clothing and medical equipment. Water purifiers.

However, there is a devoted group of conservatives, called Silver Stackers. Us Stackers believe that one day the world will return to ‘Good Money’ and that silver will have a large roll to play in this. Because unlike paper currency –

You can’t print silver!

And it is relatively scarce – just as money is meant to be.

Today us stackers have cause for celebration. The spot price of silver has finally broken $US20 – the first time since 2016.

Of course, if you are wanting to buy physical silver, expect to pay a lot more than $US20. However, it is certainly nice to see the futures price catching up to reality.

As a part of your Financial Awakening – I suggest you learn all you can about silver.



Conservative Counter-Culture strikes again.

Here at Goldsmith Money we pride ourselves on identifying trends early. One of the more recent trends identified is the rise of what some social media pundits are calling the ‘Conservative Counter-Culture’.

This conservative movement is no longer satisfied with ‘populist’ victories at the ballot boxes. These advocates of small and fiscally responsible government, individual rights and freedoms – now demand that their voices be heard!

However, mainstream social media platforms weren’t having a bar of this. These multi-billion dollar platforms were more than happy to censor any political thought stemming from anywhere outside of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

Even Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman’s work on free market economics is considered far-right and radical in the current political climate. And he would have likely been stripped of his social media accounts for so called… ‘Hate Speech’.

The final straw for many a conservative thinker however was Twitter flagging a second post of President Donald Trump, on 24 June 2020. They labelled a Tweet with a strong message for protestors, as a ‘violation of their policies.’

Well fed up with the unjust conservative censorship and the tyrannical restrictions on free speech, nearly 1 million conservatives created accounts on the conservative social media platform Parler, in the week that followed – with many in Trump’s team leading the way.

So what is Parler?

Parler claims to be an unbiased social media platform whose content is moderated only based on FCC and US Supreme Court case outcomes. This gives Conservatives reassurance that they will not have their speech arbitrarily censored, based on the daily whims and personal prejudices of the platform’s executive management.

It is not an open slather though – according to FCC and Supreme Court case law, there can be –

  • No Spam.
  • No Terrorists.
  • No Unsolicited Advertisements.
  • No Defamation.
  • No Fighting Words or Threats to Harm.
  • No Blackmail.
  • No Pornagraphy.
  • No Indecency (no sexual organs – picture, cartoon or otherwise).
  • No Obscenity (sexual in nature).
  • No Bribery.

I imagine that there would be very few conservatives who would actually be turned off by these restrictions though. In fact, if they are anything like me – they would find these policies reassuring.

More important to all this however – how does Parler feel?

It actually feels… FANTASTIC!

The platform is fast and the aesthetics are great, particularly on mobile devices and in ‘night mode’.

The interface is easy to navigate, though give it an hour or two to really learn your way around. Searching for hashtags and people is also easy.

It is early days for me – meaning I do not have many followers yet. This being said, I do have 25 extremely wonderful followers who I do value greatly.

It doesn’t take long before you start to get the addictive taste for all the upvotes, follows and echos (similar to retweets) in the your notification page though… so be careful.

The posting (Parlay) of external website pages is a real plus for Parler. They really do look terrific embedded in the feed.

Another Parley advantage over say Twitter, is that you have a full 1,000 characters per post, verse Twitter’s 280. So you can post a quick thought; or a long one – the choice is yours.

I can see many, many conservatives flocking to Parler over the months and years to come – so Goldsmith Money is happy to build a social media home here. We naturally hope to see you here too. Here is a quicklink to our account page, please be sure to follow.


And finally, as this blog post is going straight to Parler – please be sure to hit that upvote button and echo. If you believe that this post adds value to you and the platform, that is.

In my opinion, the conservative movement to Parler, is a huge strike against established social media platforms; and, the financial implications will be sizable! Do you agree? Please be sure to comment below – or in Parler.

Good parlaying friends.


The run on Gold and Silver has begun

The rush for Good Money will soon be a stampede

According to those in the know – being those speaking with bullion dealers, wholesalers and the mints daily…

‘The shelves are now empty!’

Much like the toilet paper and grocery runs we are seeing at the supermarkets, demand for physical gold and silver is up 10 fold in the past 7 days.

Speaking with a dealer yesterday – they claimed they were experiencing ‘unprecedented account registrations’ as people sought to buy physical. Unfortunately for these new comers, this dealer had no stock on hand and the orders they would take – expect an 8 week delivery time-frame.  

Tuesday night the Perth Mint sent out a message to distributors – they were no longer taking orders for their 100 ounce and 10 ounce silver bars due to ‘unprecedented demand’. Yesterday their website was updated to indicate that they had no silver bullion in stock at all.

There is still gold available, however be prepared to pay $AU2,700+ per ounce plus delivery costs.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

At this time the gold and silver paper spot prices continue to be the prices quoted by the media.  These paper prices are down. However, there is now a huge disconnect between the physical prices being charged. 

Customers are reporting that dealers who do have stock on hand are charging 25%+ premiums over the spot price for gold, with anything from 50-100% on silver.  As one industry observer put it – ‘the dealers aren’t even looking at the spot prices anymore.’

At present the silver spot price is $US12.50 per ounce. Single ounce Liberty Eagles however are now selling for around $20+ on ebay.

I expect that the news of this surging demand will go mainstream within a week.  At this stage the only discussion is taking place is on Twitter and in other social media sites. 

There have now been a couple of industry articles published explaining current conditions in more detail than I will here – excerpts and links follow.


The disconnect between paper prices for precious metals and demand in the bullion markets has never been clearer. Nervous investors are frantically buying coins, rounds, and bars. Dealer shelves quickly emptied of more popular products and delays are now being quoted on many products – especially in silver.  


TEX Metals

The demand experienced industry-wide over the past 5 days has been unprecedented. This is worse than Y2K, 9/11, or the Great Financial Crisis. It is the speed at which demand spiked (seemingly overnight) that has crippled the industry. Volume is up over 10x (in some cases much more) in a matter of days. This has strained customer service, logistics, and – relevant to this article – supply. The industry is built for elasticity. We are used to big spikes in demand. We can handle a 1 or 2 standard deviation move. We can’t handle a 5 standard deviation move in 5 days.

Distributors sold out of stockpiles in 48 hours. Dealer inventory disappeared immediately. Precious metals are the toilet paper rolls of the financial markets – under appreciated until there isn’t much left



Sales of the one-ounce American Silver Eagle coins were at 3.1 million so far this month, as of Wednesday, compared with total sales of 650,000 in the month of February, according to data from the Mint.


As discussed previously, it is important to hold ‘Good Money’ – not the paper promises which are currently being printed by the trillions. Some people are waking up to this and a new trend is forming. Perhaps for most however, it is already too late.


Daily Telos – Use it for your cooking recipes

I was talking to a cook recently, and she told me that she would start using Daily Telos for her recipes.

I asked myself for what? she answered me:

Can you imagine having a personal cookbook that collects all my recipes that I have invented in one place and well organized!

I was immediately shocked, because yes, she will start using this excellent application for her kitchen.

She told me that she would add her own recipes, and those of her coworkers from the restaurant where she works.

She also said these words to me: you know what it is to have my own shopping list, recipe ingredients in one place and neatly and with just one touch I can see them.


I will take my mobile phone to the restaurant, or simply in the kitchen I open Daily Telos, on the same computer where we see the food orders, the lady described very kindly.

They are professional chefs of a chain of restaurants in the city, which they can share their recipes with friends and family, other chefs of the guild. just by sneaking the link of the recipe on their social networks.

Join Daily Telos and change your life!

Website: https://goldsmith.money/daily-telos/

Telegram: https://t.me/dailytelos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DailyTelos

Daily Telos where I always want to express my experiences

From the moment I started writing in Daily Telos, I love to express all my thoughts in an understandable way, because I know it will be etched forever on the blockchain.

“Transmit what was thought in Daily Telos“. It definitely adds precision, clarity, and harmony daily to my thoughts or what I want to keep, because I know I will read it at some point in my future life.

separador generico.png

Sometimes in the afternoon I love to sit near the trees that are in my house and write to express my thoughts, I open my Daily Telos from my cell phone, in case you did not know, this application is multi-device, so you can open it in any mobile or tablet device.

Writing for me is a hobby and doing it well is what I try day after day. Easy to do on Daily Telos.

The point is that I manage to express what I want to say in a few lines.

There are no cheats in Daily Telos. The rules are set by the writer, you just have to dare and open an excellent online journal.

I always want to express my own experiences and also those of my friends. my inspiration comes from the little things that life gives us daily. and with Daily Telos, I have succeeded.

Join Daily Telos and change your life!

Website: https://goldsmith.money/daily-telos/

Telegram: https://t.me/dailytelos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DailyTelos

Leave your mark on this world

There are those who affirm that *the only thing that can transcend time is the written word in books and newspapers*; And significantly this is totally true, as time goes by, history has been in charge of supporting this theory, emphasizing the importance of leaving a mark in this world.

From the Egyptian hieroglyphs, various forms of ancient writing have been discovered, also ancient scrolls, where they talk about the life of Jesus, the scribes were in charge of leaving that legacy in the books.

It has happened with many of the oldest texts that we have managed to know, which have been preserved almost intact despite the adversities of time, they are digitized.

Be part of the most advanced technology, imagine a visual organizer of a complete personal diary. and adaptable to all devices. a legacy that the technology of the future can leave forever on the blockchain. Daily Telos, you will leave your legacy forever.

Join Daily Telos and change your life!

Website: https://goldsmith.money/daily-telos/

Telegram: https://t.me/dailytelos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DailyTelos