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Division 1 – Round 30

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report by Santa Claus

Round Highlights:

In this round the english teams surprised many in their travels to the top team’s ground, and step back into their dream title!!

One surprise came from Giuseppe Meazza Stadium where the relegation zone team Arsenal step up to be David and had a great performance getting the upperhand right from the start, at 6th minute, to never let the advantage go away and collecting the 3 points in a very intense, entertaining and thrilling match! 2-3 was the final result!

And when all the Real Madrid supporters where in Santiago Barnabeu hearing what was happening in Italy, hoping they would finally surpass them and take the Inter Milan leadership reign to an end, since they are sitting in 1st place since the 4th round, but the dream came to a nightmare with a 0-2 against the blues Leicester!

Leicester had more possession of ball, Real Madrid was the team more closer to the goal, but a good performance from K. Scheimeichel saving 9 shots on goal and a poor performance from Courtois saving only 2 of the 4 shots on goal made the result reach half-time at 0-2, that remained until the end. A word of praise for the MarkGoldbridge performance and he is running away from the “death line” with a 6 consecutive match without any defeat!

Regarding the match of the week as I named, with was a tight duel between Ngrimes and kaiser lads! Proving their higher individual talents, PSG was the happy team when they were leaving the stadium in their bus, partying all over and celebrating the defeats of Inter and Real Madrid who took them just 2 points away from the 1st place and the champion title! Verratti with a goal on 24th minute was the decisive player of the match!

Other surprising result came from already relegated Everton! Despite this unfortunate fate, under the new manager, the boys are refusing to give easy points to the opponents and in this round they were able to get a goaless tie aggainst the 9th of the table, Barcelona! Pickford was the hero of the home supporters getting a MofM performance and keeping the goal inviolable even when Everton were playing with 1 less player in the field in the last 22 minutes of the game.

Another highlight worth to be mentioned, will have to be Chelsea result, getting a 0-6 win at Atalanta stadium! Eshwar is realling getting his name know for the SME football curious!

The Leaderboard

  • With the results from this round, nothing much in therms of position have changed! Inter Milan seems to be in crisis with already 3 games without a win, but despite the defeat they were able to raise 1 goal difference advantage from Real Madrid team.
  • The winner of this round, would have to be PSG. They didn’t climbed in the table but they are now 2 points behind, so 1 match away to be a possible holder of the such ambitioned 1st place!
  • One of the few changes in the table was dato2105‘s Lazio climbing over Tottenham and be back in the Top10.
  • Despite not being able to shorten up the difference to leave the relegation zone and they are still 4 points away to leave the downwater zone, with the amazing win at Real Madrid, RobsterNL of Arsenal have climbed 1 place in the table and this 3 points collected in this round might be crucial in the end of season.
  • As I mentioned above, Everton unfortunately have the relegation confirmed this round! If only the shareholders had appointed kirlle120 much sooner, it could have been a tottaly diferent story….

Next Round – the games to watch!

Liverpool (4th) vs Real Madrid (2nd)
Sevilla (7th) vs Inter Milan (1st)

31st Round will be a really interesting round, as the title fight will get very hot when the top teams are facing tougher teams! Real Madrid’s Tigerbaker, the actual best manager of SME will face blade the actual 4th best manager of this entertaining game! The 2 teams are 5 points apart, but it is not only the teams fight in the table, there is also the fight for the best manager on the game to show off! 😉 For curiosity, Liverpool is the team of the league that has less defeats!

Sevilla were doing really well until they played in the Parc dus Prince stadium and now the manager is eager to set the team back into the right course again! Will they able to do it, when on the other side of the pitch they have the leader of league Inter Milan managed by heinzjohan, who is also hurrying to get the italian team back into the winning role!? One of those matches that is really hard to name a favourite!

Santa Claus

Division 1 Results – Round 29

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report by Santa Claus.

Round Highlights

I had named the match being played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium one of the most thrilling match/results to be on the radar of football supporters all around this SME World and the prediction wasn’t wrong! It was an interesting match to be seen as only 2 busy keepers outstanding performances, saving all the 19 shots made onto the frame of goal in the afternoon, kept the result the same from start until the end! Gratz GrigoreVarlam that’s getting his name know, taking away points from the 3rd and the 1st in the table in 2 consecutive matches!

Other entertaining match under the radar was Real Madrid travelling in the same ground/city where they lost against their league rivals for 5-2 back in 21st November. The result wasn’t what Tigerbaker wished for, they fought hard to get the 3 points but G. Donnarumma denied all 9 attempts on goal and so Real Madrid weren’t able to break to clock and collected 1 point this time, that made the title chances very open until the end.

One of the surprising results came from Ramón Sanchéz Pizuan Stadium, but mostly if you weren’t in the stadium. Harris have chosen the left some of the key players out of pitch, and without the skills from Ederson Moraes and Kevin de Bruyne it won’t be easy to collect the 3 points in this SME 1st Division matches.

Other surprise came from Atalanta, that bagged 5 goals in the last round and they were able to get a clean sheet at Wanda Metropolitano, the house of the draw Champions of this league, that strengths this title label with one more to collect. They have an impressive 8 draws in the last 12 matches, but on the other hands currently they are already 6 matches without a win.

A word of praise to Eshwar, that got the biggest win of this round(0-3), even more in a away match and the improvement he did lately. After 21 rounds Chelsea had 19 points, equal to 17th on the table for that round and a struggling survival fight. Now however, only 8 matches later they almost doubled their score, reaching 37points, and they are sitting 3 points away from the 10th place and 11 points away from the relegation zone!! Congratulations!

I would like to comment to the Leicester vs Roma duel, that ended as it started, who could had been vital for MarkGoldbridge side as they kept the distance from the relegation zone! Leicester is doing a great “run for your life” performance, escaping the relegation zone now with 5 matches in a row without a defeat!

A final word to the newcomer that seems that is making Everton tougher as time goes by! Last week they broke an unsuccessful record and score a goal and in this week, in the Merseyside derby, they scored twice, they even were winning by 1-2 even playing with 10 men since 8th minute and even with this adversity, they were only 11 minutes away to collect 1 point! It seems that the Everton pushing bag performance are over and it is nice to see they battling out for points! Good luck for the next matches.

The Leaderboard

  • Following the 2 goalless draws of the two top teams the positions didn’t suffered any changes!
  • Two of the winners of this round was NGrimes’s PSG that saw his advantage from the 4th place rise from 1 to 3 points and also getting closer to the champion fight, now being away a full hand of points, and also blade’s Liverpool that took over the 4th place, climbing over Man. City
  • Sevilla also got back the 7th place in the ladder skipping through AC Milan.
  • Other great climb, came from Barcelona, following their win against Lazio that was with the same points, that give them the opportunity to climb up 2 places, passing Lazio and Tottenham and they are now back into 9th.
  • One of the losers of this round it has to be Arsenal, the defeat in the hands of PSG might be really hurtful, as they see all the teams around them collecting 1 point and letting Atalanta moving closer and Roma and Leicester moving 1 step away!

Next Round – the game to watch!

PSG (3rd) vs Sevilla (7th)

Inter Milan and Real Madrid seems to be clear favourites as they face teams that are in the relegation fight zone, so the match who seems more unpredictable would be the French team facing the Sevilla jersey side. PSG are 3rd seems to be favourite, even more they play in their Parc dus Prince Stadium but it should be noticed that Sevilla are 7th with only 5 points behind them. A thrilling match to be seen!

Santa Claus

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