How to use your Daily Telos

4 very easy steps to start your online journal!

  • Go to the journal entry
  • Choose the method of payment
  • Fill in the box with the desired information
  • And voila, you have your information saved and organized

This Dapp developed in the Telos environment, facilitates personal development online, facilitates people to expand their experience of self-motivation and personal knowledge and allows not only to keep travel records, prayers, important writings, but you can also keep a complete travel diary. ordered by day!

It is fully functional on different devices. and it is easily manageable. with only 4 steps you already have your writings saved.

With an excellent cover of the month, to quickly see on which day you saved what you were looking for


Enter the “Diary Entry” button to start


Enter the username of your Wallet created in Telos. and choose the payment method, remember that there are two currencies accepted for the transfer, the Telos and the Heart. which I will give you the information below to create a free Telos account. and how to get Heart.


You have already entered the text box, where you will save your writings safely, you can also enter your exercises for the day by clicking on: “I want to add my daily exercises” then enter the password from your wallet, followed by the “Next” button



Wait a few seconds and voila, your writing of the day is stored in an easy, safe, and orderly way.


And finally you can use your link of the publication, in case you want to share the writing with other people.

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