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Some studies on human habits have agreed that a journal is an invaluable and very important weapon, that not only helps to keep memories alive, it keeps the brain active and you can also have excellent mental health. Memories are always current in our mind. In this busy world we live in today, how many times did we say, “ufsss I forgot again.”

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Well, we give you the news that diaries have returned from the past where they were and were used with pencil and paper, now they are used in many digital ways, which help to keep the important memories that we want to keep, atsahy they become a powerful weapon to deepen our life and open a better path to the future.

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I have an online diary called Daily Telos, and it is essential in my life because it always helps me particularly to maintain a routine in my life.

Also writing helps me keep my ideas in order, I sit every morning by the window of my home and write a paragraph or two, and it has actually been a great help.
to improve my writing, my skills, and my mental organization. many important people in the world keep a journal or blog of notes.

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This helps me reduce stress. That is, writing helps to free up cognitive resources leaving space for other mental and daily activities of living.

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Daniel Marcelo

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