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This year I decided to take things seriously, about training, some countries are still in quarantine due to a pandemic that we all know. That is why we are at home for a long time, and this is making us sedentary. and it is a bad thing for our body.

Other countries and places already have access to start over in the gym on the right foot, a great idea to get in shape is to make your own training schedule. And what better way than with Daily Telos, whether for your crossfit classes in the gym, for your running workouts or for your preparation for a triathlon in a training notebook you can record your workouts and keep an optimal follow-up of each one of them. .

Remember that having Daily Telos you must be constant and avoid excuses for not doing sports in your day-to-day life. Daily Telos is done in a month and day format.

Daily Telos Fitness

Are you ready?

In a few days, we will update the diary to a diet and exercise tracker and step counter.

Before starting to practice your favorite sport, Enter Daily Telos and control and follow a healthy routine when exercising.

Join Daily Telos and change your life!

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