Division 1 – Round 38

SME Beta Test Phase III – Season 1 Final Round report

Round Highlights:

And the final round of this entertaining season! It was a great season with lots of changes in the table until we reach this final round with all the decisions in the title race and the relegated teams.

Juventus were the favourite to win the league and it would need only to win the match. The match was tight but the bianconeros forwards weren’t with much accuracy and had 7 shots out of the frame of the goal. Tottenham took the lead at the 5th minute, the Best Goal Scorer of the league D. Costa levelled the game, but the 2nd Juve goal didn’t showed and the 1st place run out through Hersi007 fingers in the last round.

Real Madrid were facing the red lantern of the league Everton and they were struggling to get the win has the match reached the half-time with 1-1. Knowing that Juventus were losing and that the title chances were higher, los blancos got back to the field really motivated and with 2 goals from G. Bale, they got a 3-1 win, the 3 points and were crowned the CHAMPIONS!

In the lower side of the league, that was also an entertaining last round!

Napoli lead by Pakal got an outstanding and crucial win in France aggainst the 5th of the table PSG, with 1 goal on each half the 3 points seems really secure all over the game and so was the maintenance in the Division 1.

With the Napoli win, there were only 2 teams fighting for the last place of the relegation to be decided, between Arsenal and Leicester. And that’s how it was…
-In the 2nd minute Barcelona scored but Arsenal kept away from relegation
-In the 61st minute Barcelona raised the advantage to 0-2, but still Arsenal was above the death line
-Probably due the news in Emirates Stadium, right in the minute after Leicester scored and with these results Leicester was in the 16th place and Arsenal dropped to the 17th place! Terrible times for the London boys
-But on 86th minute, AC Milan scored and levelled up the game and that was the final result, so it turned back to how it was Leicester was 4minutes away to kept their place in the 1st Division, but in the end, with some luck with was Arsenal, managed by UIGoku who kept the team in the top division.

The Leaderboard:

  • CONGRATULATIONS Tigerbaker for the throne conquered by the white jersey from Madrid. It wasn’t a tough trophy with a lot of discussion, but in the end, who gets more points is the winner, so enjoy your champagne! 😉
  • Of the losers of this round has to be Hersi007 who made a great recover, reaching the 1st place when not much people were expecting some other manager besides tigerbaker and heinzjohan would compete for the title, but the great recover wasn’t complete and in the last match of the season, to frustration of all their supporters, they lost the 1st place.
  • One of the losers of this season probably will be heinzjohan. He lead Inter Milan to be the leader mostly of the season but a poor run at the end of it, with only 1 win in the last 6 matches, made the Italian team dropping from 1st to 4th place.
  • Other unhappy managers would be the ones of Leicester, Atalanta, Roma and Everton, 4 jersey we won’t see in the top flight next season.
  • Besides the title in the league, I would also congratulate Tigerbaker for being nominated the Best Manager of this Beta Phase 3, he surely shown he is the Elite of the Elitist manager. You can check the full table here
  • I would like to congratulate every manager who fulfilled their goals and also, I would like to thank you everyone for the entertaining season it was. BIG BIG Thank YOU! And with this post, I wish everyone a great new season

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