Since I can remember, I have kept a diary

I’ve kept a journal since I learned music, and I will explain why since I learned music! Because I have the saved notes of my songs. and also those of some songs that I like and I like to play and sing in church. It’s nice to keep a music journal, but now I keep my journal and on Telos Daily, it is an opportunity to digitally save my important thoughts on the blockchain. you may need them in the future.!

Daily Telos can be a good start to this new year. I think that from now on we must keep a trace of our life on this earth, our footprint, our legacies.

I want to learn from my mistakes, I think that keeping a diary with my experiences and reviewing from time to time what I did or thought a few years ago, it could be that life begins to smile at us in the present and in the future.

If you’re still wondering what the benefits of journaling are, here are 7. I like this number, God created the earth in 7 days (just saying).

These are the potential benefits of using Daily Telos

  1. Helps organize your thinking and priorities.
  2. Increase knowledge.
  3. It gives meaning to one’s life and the world.
  4. Contributes to memory.
  5. Stimulates creativity.
  6. Improve physical and emotional health.
  7. Improved decision making.

Join Daily Telos and change your life!




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