Division 1 – Round 35

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

One more round has been played and the fight for the title is really entertaining!

One of the highlighted matches to be checked was Juventus and PSG! The match played at Juventus Stadium was really tight and the PSG was a bit unlucky since they had the majority of the ball possession, made more shots, but the accuracy of the black & white forwards was better and with the top agent CR7 in the field, Hersi007 was the happy manager at the end of the match.

The other match highlighted involved in the title competition was Chelsea vs Real Madrid. We have commented about the unbeaten run from Chelsea and if Tigerbaker would break the record… and he did! Ehswar side started really good the match, scoring right in the 1st minute and seemed they were heading to the 15th unbeaten run but the Spanish team fought back and scored the winning goal at the 78th minute!

One of the surprises came from Camp Nou, Inter Milan was the favourite side but was unable to collect the 3 points vs Barcelona. Ter Stegen was the one to blame for the Italian supporters as he was the MofM of the game, saving all the 11 shots on goal made from Lautaro Martinez (the best goal scorer of the team) and his fellows!

Other highlighted match was as important match for the relegation battle! Pakal had a crucial win over AS Roma. After the match, Milik shirt got sold out at the Napoli store, with countless sky blue supporters willing to praise the hattrick hero!

Surprising results were in the fight for the points that Sevilla and Atalanta were battling for. In the end, the Spanish team sitting in 8th place was unable to defeat the 19th in the table. The match was entertaining, there were only 4 shots made in the frame of the goal and ALL got in! 2-2 was the final score! Note that Atalanta finally scored and the goalless run is over.
Also the 10th of the table Lazio wasn’t beat the red lantern of the league Everton. In this match it was a goaless draw!

One of the uneven match came when the 2 Manchester teams collided! The Red Devils reds beat the Citizens with a clear 3-0! The match was more tight than the result seems to wonder but the red jersey players had a better killer instinct, being Rashford the player in evidence with 2 goals scored. Surprisingly the biggest transfer of United this season (R. Sterling) didn’t left the match against his former club…

The Leaderboard:

  • The team leading the table Real Madrid, survived the competitors fierce battle. Not only survived but they raised the points difference to the 2nd place of the table.
  • One of the losers of this round has to be Inter Milan. A punishment draw in the visit to Spain, punished a lot this team, seing los blancos rivals getting running away from them, but also leaving the podium – dropping 2 places in the table!
  • One of the winning side of this round was Juventus, Hersi007 performance lately has been great and the Italian side reached now the amazing 2nd place in the table, with just 1 point to reach the peak of the mountain.
  • Liverpool supporters will be happy with this round. They took advantage of having on their side the best goal scorer of the league to get the 3 points, and skipped through Inter Milan and come back to 3rd place in the podium.
  • NGrimes was unlucky with the match, as I mentioned earlier and also with the overall results of the round, dropping down 1 place and seeing the leader gap raise to 5 points.
  • The digital manager 111010111xx wasn’t happy with the performance of their lads and this result punishes the team really badly, dropping 2 places in the table.
  • Napoli had a crucial win in this round that allowed the team to skip though Arsenal, rising and leaving the relegation zone!
  • On the other side, Arsenal ended the match frustrated by the defeated against the unmanaged team of the league AC Milan. The shareholders might be really unhappy the club going back to the underwater. We now wait to see what the new Arsenal manage Goku can deliver to the team… and fans.

Next Round – the games to watch!

Inter Milan (4th) vs Juventus (2nd)
Real Madrid (1st) vs Napoli (16th)
Arsenal (17th) vs Leicester (15th)

Inter Milan (4th) vs Juventus (2nd)
The match of the 36th round! This Italian derby is a great match to be followed, with only 1 point apart from them, and with only 2 matches left to be played at the end of the round, the team that loses this match should have the title chances crushing down 1%.

Real Madrid (1st) vs Napoli (16th)
Crucial match for both teams! Real Madrid is clear the favourite in the bookmakers, it is crucial for the club as the title race is getting close to the finishing line but on the other side, we have Napoli that has also a crucial life or death match in their hands!

Arsenal (17th) vs Leicester (15th)
Another emotional derby in this round! Arsenal is the 1st team below the relegation zone and facing Leicester the team 2 places above in the ladder with only 3 points away from them, with would crucial to the London side in the survival battle and a golden chance to catch up the opponents!

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