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Meet one of SME’s most influential managers of Beta Test Phase III

I personally would like to thank you Heinz Johan (account: heinzjohan) Heinz, for accepting this interview and for taking the time to reply to all my questions 🙂

Santa Claus.

Heinz Johan – Interview

If you are familiar with Soccer Manager Elite, you will know that Heinz Johan as the highly successful and determined manager of Inter Milan, the team with the most consecutive rounds leading Division 1 of Beta Phase III. And while the competition at the top of the table is now fierce, Heinz will stop at nothing to ensure an Inter Milan victory!

Claus: Heinz, where do you currently reside?

Heinz: Santa Claus, thank you, I live in Indonesia

Claus: How did you come to find out about SM Elite and Xaya?

Heinz: I am playing other SM games on other devices and have done so for around 3 years. I’m familiar with Soccer Manager games and I knew about this SME because I follow their fans page in Facebook.

As for Xaya, I don’t really know much about them except to say the SME runs on the Xaya blockchain and it is also the CHI cryptocurrency.

Claus: Is this Beta Phase 3 your 1st experience in SME?

Heinz: Yes, I have started playing SME in this 3rd phase.

Claus: When you found out about this game, were you familiar with cryptocoins or CHI? Did you already hold some CHI?

Heinz: No, I’m not too familiar with cryptocurrency since in my country they aren’t popular. Nor did I know how to buy CHI.

Claus: And now? Is your knowledge about crypto coins greater now? And now, have you invested in CHI?

Heinz: I haven’t. I believe CHI could be a very good investment, but I’m not taking any risk for now. I will continue to educate myself on blockchain and cryptocurrency before I invest in it.

Claus: Who is your favourite soccer team? Is it one of your goals to take charge of that team when the full game is released?

Heinz: My real-life favourite team is Manchester United, but I’m not going to be picky about the job offer. As long as the owner cares about the club and plan to invest in the team.

Claus: What are your favourite tactics and why?

Heinz: I have many favourite tactics but one of them is an attacking rotation. It’s a tactic developed by one of my favourite managers, Gian Piero Gasperini. That’s why I play aggressive in every possible way, such as pressing and attacking, but trying keeping the balance as well.

Claus: The title fight has really hot between Inter and Real Madrid over recent weeks. Who do you consider to be the favourite to win the title? And after last round – at least 4 other teams are looking a threat. How are you feeling in this late stage of the season?

Heinz: I’m keeping a positive mindset. And I believe a positive mentality will be rewarded. I know about the threats and accept that this battle will be tough – but I will fight for the title until the very end.

Claus: How do you feel after Inter Milan be rooted in the 1st place for so long, losing the title position so close to the final and be sitting in 2nd place when there are only 5 matches to be played?

Heinz: I’m frustrated. There are technical problems within the game that cost me some matches because I can’t log in and not able to change players. However, we can’t change what’s past – but it’s time to rebuild the foundation and win games again.

Claus: Both of the teams have cup matches to play, do you consider this situation will make any of the teams struggle with the amount of games they still have to play? And, how are you handling the player conditions between the cup and league matches?

Heinz: No, because we are the biggest club in the world, that’s why we need to compete as many competitions as possible and reach semifinal or final and I always have rotational players that I put trust on an able to compete in many competitions.

Claus: Do you set any of the titles to be a priority one?

Heinz: No. I’m ambitious person and a believer, so I want to reach as many finals as possible and win the league title!!

Claus: You started this season with Boca Juniors, and the results weren’t great at that point, let us know how the Inter Milan manager opportunity came up, and how you handle this shift from a division 2 team to a top division 1 team?

Heinz: I noticed in Discord that Goldsmith was offering the manager position at Inter Milan, so I have applied for the role. There aren’t big differences from changing one club to another or one league or another, but you need to adapt in the league you were on since your opponents are different. I’m also continuing the foundation that already build and implement my new tactics in Inter.

Claus: Inter Milan is one of the most active teams in the transfer market with plenty of signings and also a lot of players sold. Any major signings you consider to be crucial to the campaign you have made so far? Any regrets seeing C. Eriksen moving to your title chase rivals Real Madrid? Do you think this move could penalize you and helped your rivals to get closer to you? How were the negotiations between the clubs, since they were already title rival by then?

Heinz: No, every player are crucial in this title challenge and winning other competitions, as I already said that we are the biggest team in the world – that’s why we need rotational players and active in transfer window and getting profits from smart business.

I don’t have any regrets selling my players that needed to be sold since they aren’t fits with the tactics, or we need the money for purchasing rotational players, and about Eriksen deal specifically? He’s not that crucial and I don’t really think he helps Madrid title win run.

Claus: Also, with all this transfers Inter Milan is one the richest club with around 58M available in cash for transfers and still build a strong team to handle the league and being still in one of the cups. Talk a little bit more about this strategy.

Heinz: Because we are the biggest club in the world that’s why we need to have smart business that getting us profits, and always active for bargain deals in transfer window.

Claus: If you could change 3 things in SME, what would they be?

Heinz: Maybe transfer windows, along with communication between manager with other manager or manager with the board and substitutions.

Claus: For our readers – what do you think about this game and would you recommend them to play this game? Why?

Heinz: I’m not going to miss playing SM Elite full release. The game feel is fun, entertaining and also challenging for anyone who interested in tactical or football in general. The devs also care about the game and willing to hear the users, so that’s a good sign for the future game.

Once again I would like to THANK YOU, Heinz Johan, for taking your available time to come here for this interview. Your insights are highly valued, as you are one of the most successful managers in Soccer Manager Elite… thus far.


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