Day: March 6, 2021

Division 1 – Round 34

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

I mentioned last week that this title fight was getting even more entertaining with the results of that round… but oh my – this was nothing compare with the results of this week! The top of the table it’s getting packed up with teams aiming to win the premiership and take home the big trophy featuring in the museum of their stadiums!! What an entertaining 2 weeks we have left.

The big game of the round was Inter Milan and Liverpool! It was a top match as expected, between 2 great managers heinzjohan and blade. Two managers who have prove their capabilities over and over in this beta phase!

Liverpool had performed a little bit better in Giuseppe Meazza and but the game remained goalless at the half time. The 2nd half started with Liverpool leading with a goal at 53rd minute from Firmino, levelled up to 0-2 in the 61st minute with a free kick from Wijnaldum. On 66th minute V. Lazaro brought Inter back to the game…and on 67h minute a goal in the Santiago Barnabéu from Greenwood put Liverpool virtually in the 1st place of the table! But it seems that was too much pressure for the red boys because it only lasted 17minutes, when A. Sanchéz goal tied up the game and crushed Liverpool dream to jump into the top of the table so soon!

And one of the biggest surprised came from Santiago Barnabéu as it was mentioned above! Real Madrid was clearly the favourites, playing within their own stadium vs the 15th of the table Manchester United. As Tigerbaker mentioned in the interview they were crossing fingers to the match between 2nd and 3rd end up tied, that it did, and if he was able to get the win they would be clearly favourites to win the title! The probably is that they didn’t and this loss make the champion fight very open! Oladz made a great work, controlling the game and being very active in the attack, so much that the brightning star of this game was Real Madrid’s keeper Courtois, saving everything he could, unless the penalty taken by Greenwood.

Other surprise came from another clash between an English and a Spanish team, again being the British club the joyful one! Arsenal, probably the busiest time in the transfer market this week, managed by RobsterNL took advantage of the skills of the newcomers and brought down Sevilla! The well know of the home supporters Lacazette was the goal scorer of the only goal of the match, but the MoM performance was delivered to new signing G. Chiellini! Featuring also in the starting eleven there were also K. Walker, Gundogan and Joselu!

Other against the odds result came from Goodison Park! Who went to the stadium has seen a great performance from Calvert-Lewin scoring 2 goals and giving the 1st win of the season to Everton!! A great work from krille120 with only 7 games in charge was able to get the 1st victory of the club and also more points than the previous manager in 25 matches! The new manager arrived too late for avoid relegation, but the Toffee supporters believe this is the right manager to bring them back to the top next season!

The Leaderboard:

  • The table leader, Real Madrid, was disappointed at the defeat but their feelings weren’t bitter because even with the defeat they were able to keep the 1st place on the table.
  • Also, the Nezzaruzzi supporters had a mixed feelings at the end of the match. The draw at the start of the game didn’t seemed a great result, but recover from a 0-2 defeat to get a drawn and with that point catching up Real Madrid on the 1st place, it seemed a valuable point!
  • The winner of this round it has to be Juventus! Hersi007 got the biggest win of the round, clearly beating Man. City in English soil by 0-3 and climbed up to the podium! This recent streak with 4 wins in a row, made them climb from 6th place, 9 points away from the 1st place, to the 3rd place, now with only 1 point behind of the throne!! What a recover!!
  • On the other side, the loser of this round it has to be Liverpool. They have reached a 0-2 win, they had virtually the 1st place of the league for some minutes, but a goal from the opponents 6 minutes to the end, make them drop from the virtual 1st place to the 4th place!! What changes a goal can make! 😮
  • PSG and AC Milan also won their matches and we have now a only 4(!!) points of distance between the 1st and the 6th place of the table!! What entertaining end of season this will be!
  • Note or praise to Chelsea‘s Eshwar that moved up to 9th place again. And remembering this team after the 21st round was sitting in 16th place with only 19points and now they have 48, it really worth to be mentioned. Congratulations for your development Eshwar!
  • In the top 10 we welcome SS Lazio who got a win from their Italian fellows Atalanta!
  • Moving down to the shadow zone, we have Barcelona that lost in an entertaining 3-2 match vs PSG and dropped down 2 places and also left the top 10.
  • Man. Utd great win in Spain, make them one of the winners of this round, climbing up 2 places in the table, to a comfortable chair nº 13!
  • Their fellow English Tottenham supporters wouldn’t be happy with the recent performances, with 6 games without a win, and their defeat against the unmanaged AC Milan make them drop 2 steps down in the ladder, now standing in the 14th position.
  • Of the teams that benefited from the results of this round was Arsenal! The 58M spent in the market in this week has proven to be worthy to get some points! Also, some English nation cooperation seems to be working, with Everton bringing down the Italian sky blue team Napoli, the direct rival of Arsenal. This helped Arsenal moving out of the relegation zone and finally they can breathe natural oxygen.
  • As mentioned, Napoli defeat against the 20th of the table make the supporters furious, as the team entered now the relegation zone, due to their poor performance with 6 matches without a win.
  • Also running poor performances and keeping without scoring and the Italian duo AS Roma and Atalanta! Arsenal win make them see the survival gap rise to 9 and 10 points respectively and with only 12 points to be on top of table, probably next week we will have 1 or 2 teams doomed to follow Everton steps.

Next Round – the games to watch!

Juventus (3rd) vs PSG (5th)
Chelsea (9th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Napoli (17th) vs AS Roma (18th)

Juventus (3rd) vs PSG (5th)
Thrilling match is to be played in Italy, with the clash of Hersi007 and NGrimes. Juventus rasied to 3rd place and is looking up to get even more up in the table but it will be a tough match, since PSG is 2 places below but only 1 point behind!

Chelsea (9th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Real Madrid will face another english team in this round and this time they will have to travel to Stamford Bridge, where lives the only team that has no defeats in the last 6 matches played! In fact Chelsea recent campaign is so amazing that the unbeaten run is already lasting for 14 matches in a row! It is really amazing Eshwar, congratulations! So, will Tigerbaker break this amazing record!?

A fun fact, Tigerbaker revealed that it was he who appointed Eshwar manager of Chelsea! How Eshwar (and Chelsea) return the favour?

Napoli (17th) vs AS Roma (18th)
Won’t be one of the better matches of the rounds since the both campaigns have been really poor. However, from a survival point of view, it will be crucial to see the final result of Napoli and AS Roma. AS Roma really need to win to be stay in this division next season, however Napoli doesn’t have any more positions to drop. So both teams really need the win and we will be watching.

Heinz Johan

Meet one of SME’s most influential managers of Beta Test Phase III

I personally would like to thank you Heinz Johan (account: heinzjohan) Heinz, for accepting this interview and for taking the time to reply to all my questions 🙂

Santa Claus.

Heinz Johan – Interview

If you are familiar with Soccer Manager Elite, you will know that Heinz Johan as the highly successful and determined manager of Inter Milan, the team with the most consecutive rounds leading Division 1 of Beta Phase III. And while the competition at the top of the table is now fierce, Heinz will stop at nothing to ensure an Inter Milan victory!

Claus: Heinz, where do you currently reside?

Heinz: Santa Claus, thank you, I live in Indonesia

Claus: How did you come to find out about SM Elite and Xaya?

Heinz: I am playing other SM games on other devices and have done so for around 3 years. I’m familiar with Soccer Manager games and I knew about this SME because I follow their fans page in Facebook.

As for Xaya, I don’t really know much about them except to say the SME runs on the Xaya blockchain and it is also the CHI cryptocurrency.

Claus: Is this Beta Phase 3 your 1st experience in SME?

Heinz: Yes, I have started playing SME in this 3rd phase.

Claus: When you found out about this game, were you familiar with cryptocoins or CHI? Did you already hold some CHI?

Heinz: No, I’m not too familiar with cryptocurrency since in my country they aren’t popular. Nor did I know how to buy CHI.

Claus: And now? Is your knowledge about crypto coins greater now? And now, have you invested in CHI?

Heinz: I haven’t. I believe CHI could be a very good investment, but I’m not taking any risk for now. I will continue to educate myself on blockchain and cryptocurrency before I invest in it.

Claus: Who is your favourite soccer team? Is it one of your goals to take charge of that team when the full game is released?

Heinz: My real-life favourite team is Manchester United, but I’m not going to be picky about the job offer. As long as the owner cares about the club and plan to invest in the team.

Claus: What are your favourite tactics and why?

Heinz: I have many favourite tactics but one of them is an attacking rotation. It’s a tactic developed by one of my favourite managers, Gian Piero Gasperini. That’s why I play aggressive in every possible way, such as pressing and attacking, but trying keeping the balance as well.

Claus: The title fight has really hot between Inter and Real Madrid over recent weeks. Who do you consider to be the favourite to win the title? And after last round – at least 4 other teams are looking a threat. How are you feeling in this late stage of the season?

Heinz: I’m keeping a positive mindset. And I believe a positive mentality will be rewarded. I know about the threats and accept that this battle will be tough – but I will fight for the title until the very end.

Claus: How do you feel after Inter Milan be rooted in the 1st place for so long, losing the title position so close to the final and be sitting in 2nd place when there are only 5 matches to be played?

Heinz: I’m frustrated. There are technical problems within the game that cost me some matches because I can’t log in and not able to change players. However, we can’t change what’s past – but it’s time to rebuild the foundation and win games again.

Claus: Both of the teams have cup matches to play, do you consider this situation will make any of the teams struggle with the amount of games they still have to play? And, how are you handling the player conditions between the cup and league matches?

Heinz: No, because we are the biggest club in the world, that’s why we need to compete as many competitions as possible and reach semifinal or final and I always have rotational players that I put trust on an able to compete in many competitions.

Claus: Do you set any of the titles to be a priority one?

Heinz: No. I’m ambitious person and a believer, so I want to reach as many finals as possible and win the league title!!

Claus: You started this season with Boca Juniors, and the results weren’t great at that point, let us know how the Inter Milan manager opportunity came up, and how you handle this shift from a division 2 team to a top division 1 team?

Heinz: I noticed in Discord that Goldsmith was offering the manager position at Inter Milan, so I have applied for the role. There aren’t big differences from changing one club to another or one league or another, but you need to adapt in the league you were on since your opponents are different. I’m also continuing the foundation that already build and implement my new tactics in Inter.

Claus: Inter Milan is one of the most active teams in the transfer market with plenty of signings and also a lot of players sold. Any major signings you consider to be crucial to the campaign you have made so far? Any regrets seeing C. Eriksen moving to your title chase rivals Real Madrid? Do you think this move could penalize you and helped your rivals to get closer to you? How were the negotiations between the clubs, since they were already title rival by then?

Heinz: No, every player are crucial in this title challenge and winning other competitions, as I already said that we are the biggest team in the world – that’s why we need rotational players and active in transfer window and getting profits from smart business.

I don’t have any regrets selling my players that needed to be sold since they aren’t fits with the tactics, or we need the money for purchasing rotational players, and about Eriksen deal specifically? He’s not that crucial and I don’t really think he helps Madrid title win run.

Claus: Also, with all this transfers Inter Milan is one the richest club with around 58M available in cash for transfers and still build a strong team to handle the league and being still in one of the cups. Talk a little bit more about this strategy.

Heinz: Because we are the biggest club in the world that’s why we need to have smart business that getting us profits, and always active for bargain deals in transfer window.

Claus: If you could change 3 things in SME, what would they be?

Heinz: Maybe transfer windows, along with communication between manager with other manager or manager with the board and substitutions.

Claus: For our readers – what do you think about this game and would you recommend them to play this game? Why?

Heinz: I’m not going to miss playing SM Elite full release. The game feel is fun, entertaining and also challenging for anyone who interested in tactical or football in general. The devs also care about the game and willing to hear the users, so that’s a good sign for the future game.

Once again I would like to THANK YOU, Heinz Johan, for taking your available time to come here for this interview. Your insights are highly valued, as you are one of the most successful managers in Soccer Manager Elite… thus far.