Division 1 – Round 33

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

Overall it was an entertaining round in the title fight point of view, with more clubs raising their chances to win the Beta Phase 3 Division 1 title!

Let’s start with the highlighted match to be seen of the previous post, that took place at Juventus Stadium. Hersi007 had license to kill Real Madrid, CR7 with 1 goal and a MofM performance was the agent inside the 4 lines in action to annihilate Tigerbaker lads. With was a close and tight match but Juventus was the more effective team in front of the goal, so they were the ones to take the 3 points from the game, 2-0 was the final result! In this game that were more to fight for than the positions in the table and the champion title. Hersi007 has also climbed to the 2nd table in the best SME managers table with only Tigerbaker ahead of him, so this game was also a crucial win in the top managers table too!

Another match with high expectations was the one in a crowded Anfield were the lads of blade and NGrimes were fighting against each other! Another really close and tight match proving these teams are really top level and really close to each other’s value! The reds was also the ones with the best aim at goal, getting 2 perfect shots and Becker being the 2nd player with best rating of the match has been decisive in this match too, getting the Liverpool net unbeaten, denying all the 10(!) attempts made from the PSG striking force!

A curiosity note is that PSG has the greatest striking force of this league with 57(!) goals netted in this 33 matches and this was only their 7th time they reach the 90th minute without the joy netting 1 in! On the other hand, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Liverpool defenders seem to know the secret as they also finish the game at Parc du Prince with a clean sheet! 😉

Also just another praizing note that this 2-0 wins from Juventus and Liverpool seems to be due to their defenses performance as they both are the 2 teams with the less goals aggainst with only 18goals getting past to their keepers.

The most surprising and most unbalanced game of the highlighted ones took place at King Power Stadium, the strenght of the teams powered by the blue jersey seemed to be decisive as Inter Milan used the alternative outfit and they left the stadium in misery with 3 Leicester goals without answer! Maybe heinzjohan make the big boys rest for the cup match…

The other game in the highlights was another italian team in trip to England. Like in the match above, the english lads of Arsenal were the happy ones and Atalanta lads left the field crestfallen, clearly worried about their future in Division 1! It wasn’t a good start for Aexio, the new manager in charge of Atalanta.

Note also to the most uneven victory of this ground, where blaugrana was the joyfull in Camp Nou stadium beating Man. City for 5-0! This was due to probably Harris follow the footsteps of heinzjohan and also took the best players out of this game.

Another surprise came from the english blue derby were Chelsea and Everton were facing each other. The top 10 team Chelsea was really close to be defeated by the 20th of the table and making this a even more surprising result. Chelsea were never in the winning position and it was only 11 minutes away to left the match with 0 points. Kai Havertz with the 2 goals from the London team was the hero for the home supporters.

The Leaderboard:

  • The two first teams of the table, we get us used to winning and winning week in and week in, this time they both got defeated so the distance between them (Real Madrid and Inter) are the same as before, but both can be considered losers of the rounds because they let the competitors teams get closer!
  • One of the winners is definitely Liverpool! blade got a major win vs PSG, took their place in the podium and they are now only 3 points away from the 1st place. Also, an important note, that in case Real Madrid lose the next match and Liverpool wins, due to goal difference, Liverpool would take over Real Madrid!
  • Juventus also took this round to raise their chances in the title! Their win against the leader Real Madrid, let them able to climb one more place and they are now sitting in 4th place. The distance to the trophy is currently set as 4!
  • One other loser of this round was PSG, if they had won, they would be only 1 and 2 points away from the 2nd and 1st place respectively, but they had lost and not even they weren’t enable to take advantage of the top 2 teams defeats, they also lost 2 places in the table, dropping now to 5th place!
  • Man City was unhappy with the results, seeing AC Milan taking over them and also Sevilla being grabbed by them.
  • Barcelona‘s MasterNinja98 was on the winning side of the round, with their great 5-0 win they climbed to 9th place, taking over Chelsea who was penalized by not getting the 3points against the 20th, Everton.
  • Leicester‘s MarkGoldbridge had 1 more impressive match with the win against the 2nd team in the table, they have raised the undefeated streak to 9 matches(!) and even the distance from the water line is kept the same, they moved 1 ladder and they are now on 14th place, climbing over Man. Utd.
  • RobsterNL should really feel one of the happiest managers on the round, with the over Atalanta, they have glued up at Napoli, with only the goal difference keeping them away to get out of the water to finally breathe some oxygen! 😉
  • Roma and Atalanta draw and got defeated and they are with 1 less round to recover. Seeing Arsenal moving so much ahead of them it would be a hard task this 2 Italian teams recover and get a salvation from the death row…For curiosity it really seems that the relegated teams will be English and Italian teams, as the last 7 teams in the table are all or English or Italian!
  • We welcome Aexio and wish him all the best, it will be a run against the clock, but let’s see how it goes!

Next Round – the game to watch!

Inter Milan(2nd) vs Liverpool(3rd)

In this round, instead of shuffling the reports to a bunch of games, all the reports and media will be attending a match that should be really crowded! How interesting and decisive would be match between the 2nd and the 3rd teams in the table when after the match, it would be only 4 matches to be played!?

The title fight is getting really hotter in this end of the season…and Tigerbaker, will be a close watcher at this match and has he mentioned in his interview will be crossing the fingers for the match being tied up when the referee blows the whistle 3 times!

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