Tigerbaker Interview

SME’s most influential Manager – Beta Test Phase III

First of all, I would like to personally thank you Tigerbaker, for accepting our offer to be interviewed and to come to our studio!

For those who don’t know him, Tigerbaker is one of the top managers in this Beta Phase 3 of SME, at the time of this interview – currently ranked #1.

And as the manager of Real Madrid, currently in 1st place in Division 1 – he truly is a man on a mission.

But let’s hear it from the man himself.

Q: Tigerbaker, tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am English but I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. I’m in my late 30s.

Q: Were you playing SM previously and how did you find out about SM Elite/Xaya?

A: I’ve been playing SM Worlds for over 10 yrs. I got an email informing me about SM Elite.

Q: Is this Beta Phase 3 your 1st experience in SME?

A: Yes, I haven’t played in the previous 2.

Q: When you found out about this game, were you familiar with cryptocoins or CHI? Did you already hold some CHI?

A: I have been a trader of financial products so I was aware of Crypto’s but not CHI. I held Bitcoin, but not CHI.

Q: Which is your favourite team and is it your intention to take charge of that team when the full game is released?

A: I haven’t got a favourite team. I enjoy watching the Premier League and the Champions League .

Q: What are your favourite tactics and why?

A: To be fair, I have no favourite tactics, but have had a lot of injuries so play the tactics must be adjusted depending on players available.

Q: The title fight is really hot between you and Real/Inter all over the season, who do you consider to be the favourite one to win the title?

AND; Do you still consider that any other of the teams below pose a threat?

A: Inter had a head start because the team when it didn’t have a manager built up a sizeable lead.

I have caught them up and over taken them I think I can win the title but Inter, Liverpool and Juventus are all in with a chance.

I would like to see Liverpool and Inter draw in the next match and Inter have a cup match so I have to beat Man Utd.

If I beat Man Utd I would think Real are the favourites!!

Q: How do you feel after finally reaching the 1st place so close to the end?

A: I’m enjoying every game so happy to play each game as it comes.

Q: Both of the teams have cup matches to play, do you consider this situation will make any of the teams struggle with the amount of games they still have to play?

How are you handling the players conditions between the cup and league matches?

Do you set any of the titles to be a priority one?

A: I am happy with my team don’t worry about the competition. Injuries have affected Real badly but hopefully Benzema (note: he missed 7 league matches) will be back for the next game.

Q: You took charge of Barcelona, then Real Madrid, then Man. City and then moved back to Real Madrid in the 6th round, any recall what came in the result of switching teams test and why you have choosen Real Madrid to be the one to manage?

A: In the beginning I built up 5% stakes in a few teams and I looked at a few teams before Real, but they were the best team for me, so I took them on.

I gave Eshwar, Gabinho, N Grimes, Master Ninja and Oladz starts in the big league and they have all been impressive!

Q: You are one of the largest shareholders of this game, owning shares from multiple teams and players and probably the user with higher returns in this beta phase, how you handle with the Tag “Tigerbaker, the moneymaker?”

Talk a little bit more about this strategy.

A: I like dealing in shares in real life and this game is just an extension of that.

Q: I noticed you have sold plenty of players and signed a few. Any major signing you consider to be crucial to the campaign you have made so far?

Did Eriksen help, letting you know the strategy heinzjohan uses and how to take advantage of it?

How were the negotiations between the clubs, since they were already title rival by then?

A: I like Eriksen and he replaced Modric. But I don’t think any one player has influenced Real it’s been a team effort.

No negotiation just bidding actually think SM Worlds is better for negotiations etc the transfer market is a little dull in SM Elite.

Q: If you could change 3 things in SME, what would that be?

A: I would change the transfer market to be more like SM Worlds; I would change the player positions to be more like SM worlds; and, I would shorten the voting times for manager of the club and player’s agent positions to 24 hrs or 48 hrs.

Q: For our readers, what do you think about this game and would you recommend them to play this game?

A: The game is fun so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone

Q: And now the final question, that our readers are really eager to know the answer…Who let the dogs out?

A: Prefer the good winner / good loser approach, so the dogs never get let out.

Q: Anything you would like to add?

A: I would like to say Goldsmith from Goldsmith money is a complete legend! I love his YouTube channel – definitely makes the game more fun. And, your reporting is definitely exciting and entertaining to read. I hope you both keep up the great work!

Me and also in the name of Goldsmith Money would like to THANK YOU very much for your compliments, for taking your time available to come here to this interview and for all your answers. Surely they will be valuable for the users who are already familiar with SME, but also for the ones who were in doubt if they should join or not! 😉

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