Division 1 – Round 32

SME Beta Test Phase III – Matchday report

Round Highlights:

1st thing I noticed in the overall of this round and got really surprised by it, it that NONE team playing in their home ground was able the collect the 3 points!

The biggest surprise came right from the Milan derby between Inter Milan and AC Milan, where at the end of the 90th minutes, the unmanaged rossonero team was the one celebrating when the final whistle was blown! AC Milan was really the stronger team in the field and only a great performance by Inter Milan keeper Handanovic make the loss kept at low numbers.

Santiago Barnabéu was the field where one of the most awaited matches of this round was played! Two great teams, filled with great top players performed in this El Clásico, that this time didn’t have a great moment to celebrate because the game ended with a goaless draw. The game was really tight between the teams of Tigerbaker and MasterNinja98 and the draw was an acceptable result.

Other game from this round that the result surprised the most also came from a derby (plenty of derby played in this round) this time the North London Derby between the white shirts of Tottenham (11th) and the red shirts of Arsenal (17th). The game took place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium but it was the away team to celebrate the victory over the rivals!

Another out of ordinary result was performed by Leicester in their travel to France to face PSG! PSG the 3rd of the table was clear favourite facing the 15th of the table, but besides MarkGoldbridge team seemed to be the stronger team in the field, it was NGrimes team who was closer to get the 3 points, as J. Draxler scored right at the 5th minute and the advantage was kept secured until, when the referee’s watch reached the 75th minute, J. Vardy scored and levelled the score, that kept still until the end of the match.

The Leaderboard:

The winner of this round it surely has to be Real Madrid! Besides not being able to win, the blancos did enough to collect 1 point and that was enough to climb over to the top of the table! Also with the results of this round, Tigerbaker seems now to be the clear favourite to win the SME top manager of this season as, with only 6 matches to be played, the manager has a 5 win advantage from the 2nd best manager!

Of the losers of this round it will be Heinzjohan‘s Inter Milan! Sitting in the 1st place of the table since the 4th round, it should be really painfull dropping that place in the 32nd round, when there is only 6 matches to recover the 1st place. There is still time, but the blue & black jersey boys now don’t depend on themselves as a 6win in a row from Real Madrid would move the title to the spanish club.

A note to Juventus, managed by Hersi007, (that got the biggest/clear winner of this round (0-4) at the costs of the italian fellows AS Roma), that recently as been really solid and was sitting in 6th place since the 23rd round, was able to move 1 step up in the ladder in this round and they are only 2 points away from the bronze medal podium position! A negative note to the AS Roma team who was severe punished in their Stadio Olimpico, and seems to be struggling recently, seeing the salvation point already 7 points away from them, also being the 2nd team with less goals scored (only beaten by the red lantern Everton) and now have already 6 matches in a row without scoring any goal! Reporting this, I would also have to report that other italian like Atalanta is facing the same goaless score of Roma and I would also have to add that Tottenham is now facing a “dark era” in front of goal too, with 4 matches without scoring too!

Of the losers of the round is also Man. City that were facing their english rivals Liverpool and were only 1 point behind, but a punishing deafeat at Etihad Stadium, saw the opponent moving further ahead, Juventus getting though them and also being catched by AC Milan.

The media was already tooking notice of Chelsea‘s Eshwar management skills performed recently, and was on the winners of this round, coming back from Italy when they visit the 10th in the table Lazio with the 3 points, make them able to reach the top 10 table. Congratulations for that! Also, it has, so far as I reported the biggest jump on the table ever, climbing 4 places in only one round, skipping through Lazio, Tottenham and Barcelona. A note that Barcelona had draw aggainst the new leader by 0-0, but that wasn’t much of a surprised as that was the 3rd consecutive goaless draw from Barcelona. I guess, if they continue like this, the attendance of Barcelona matches will be dropping, because no one wants to go to a stadium knowing goals won’t happen! 😛

Down in the table, the fortunate one was Arsenal, being the only team to collect the 3 points between the last 6 of the table, which provided them reducing the distance to the lifesaver buoy, from 5 to 3 points.

2 of the italian teams, AS Roma and Atalanta, as I reported above, are facing really troubles to score and without scoring you can’t get the 3 points, and they seem to be almost drowning as the water line is already 7 points away, and if the scoreless record doesn’t break, it would be impossible to reach out there!

Next Round – the games to watch!

Juventus(5th) vs Real Madrid (1st)
Leicester (15th) vs Inter Milan (2nd)
Liverpool (4th) vs PSG (3rd)
Arsenal (17th) vs Atalanta (19th)

All the supporters will be bubbling hot to know the scores of their teams! what to say when in 1 Round 4 of the 5 top teams are facing each other!? One thing will be guaranteed! Thrilling matches and the table won’t stay the same!!

New leader Real Madrid will travel to Italy to face the new rising Juventus! One of the curiosity is, if CR7 would be eager to punish his former club and maybe taking the throne away from them!?

2nd place will travel to 15th of the table, and supposedly it would be a easy win, but on the english blue side we have MarkGoldbridge recent performances to prove otherwise, with the draw in Parc du Prince to prove they won’t be that easy punching bag that the position in the table makes us think to be.

Liverpool and PSG were for some time battling in and out to keep/get this 3rd place and now they have a golden chance to reach and kill the direct opponent of the competition! Another thrilling match to be seen! 😀

As the positions on the table aren’t great, can’t say the level of the game will be great, but the enthusiasm and the emotions will be on top, that’s a guarantee, as the season gets to an end, 17th facing 19th could be decisive to know who survived and who got relegated when we reach 17th March!

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