How to save your marriage, ladies!

Because there is nothing more expensive than a divorce.

You will find that there is nothing more expensive in this world than a divorce. So if you can save your relationship — well you have just saved yourself a fortune.

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Last night at Goldsmith Money (YouTube), we examined a Medium article titled ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: What Women Need To Know About What Makes Men Happy’.

The article was first published by Relationship Counsellor Deborah Fox in 2017, republished by Medium’s The Good Men Project, on 10 April 2020.

The article resonated with me — a husband and partner of nearly 20 years. It touched on what I consider to be some quality tips for maintaining the emotional connections and communication within a long term relationship. And all from a woman’s perspective!

If this video saves just one marriage and the enormous associated costs – we will consider it a success.

Please enjoy and share with that special someone in your life.

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This video is one man’s opinion and general discussion only. It did not take into account your personal or financial situation. Before acting upon anything you see or hear in this video, you should seek personal and professional advice.

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