Month: April 2020

YouTubers – viewership up, income down.

The importance of diversifying your income streams. Medium – Story of the Day. It is with gratitude and a desire to spread financial knowledge, that I appraise and share the following story by Chris Stokel-Walker, published on 13 April 2020,… Read More ›

Money is Time!

Which is why everyone should build a website…? We have all heard the saying – ‘Time is money!’ The catch phase of every businessman and woman since the birth of money as a medium of exchange. Accountants, butchers, bakers, builders,… Read More ›

Games, Crypto and Lockdown

An Epic Combination! According to CNBC, video game sales are soaring. They stated: Sales of the latest video games have smashed records as millions are stuck at home after governments around the world locked down entire cities and pushed for social… Read More ›

Just throw money at it!

Will currency printing re-inflate stock markets? There is an expression –  ‘There is no problem which can’t be fixed by throwing money at it.’ And during these times of viral contagion, this is exactly the course of action that the… Read More ›