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Trends – Political and Social (Part 3)

When it comes to politics, just like anything else, there are always trends taking place. Long, short, weak, strong.  At present, we are seeing a very strong global trend which is likely to last for many years now.

The trend we are seeing a global push from Globalism back to Nationalism. Please refer to blog post ‘The Political Pendulum‘ should you need a refresher on these political structures.

This swing is being labelled a ‘populist movement’. In truth, it could indeed be considered a working and middle class revolution.

This movement began with the Brexit referendum result in 2016, and was reinforced later that year with the election of US President Donald Trump

The movement has found a strong foothold in European nations such as Italy, Hungary, Russia and Georgia where leaders have turned their backs on open border immigration policies and returning to traditional national values.

On 28 October 2018, the movement returned right-wing conservatism back to South America, with the election of Jair Bolsonaro as the 38th President of Brazil.

The movement is causing an ongoing headache for the center-left French President Emmanuel Macron, with Yellow Vest protests occurring weekly for the past 15 months.

The populist trend continued into Australia in 2019 with the shock re-election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The pre-election polls showed Australian citizens were disappointed with the past 6 years of coalition Government. Regardless, the desire of Australians to retain a conservative government saw an overwhelming re-election result for Australia’s conservative party.  

On 1 March this year Slovakia’s right-wing populist party claimed victory, ending a 14 year left-wing government.

Leader of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party Igor Matovic addresses his supporters, acknowledging preliminary results of the general election in Trnava, Slovakia, Sunday, March 1, 2020. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

Understanding and accepting that the trend towards Nationalism is here and will continue, you want to look out for opportunities which might arise from this.

You should also consider the associated trends, such as the resounding backlash against ‘political correctness’ and ‘virtue signalling’. As mentioned in the Trends home page. You do not want to get caught swimming against this trending currents. The financial consequences can be disastrous.

We will examine both opportunities and threats associated with with current trends, in future posts. In particularly, we will look at examples of some companies which failed to understand these political trends over the past 18 months, to help us avoid making the same mistakes.


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