Month: March 2020

We should scrap compulsory retirement savings systems – now!

For the vast majority of us – superannuation and other retirement products have failed us dismally. It is time to scrap these systems and products… and start over. A short time ago I introduced a new page to Goldsmith Money,… Read More ›

Why pay taxes…

when they can just print money? Day 1 in Coronavirus Home Isolation, we are thankful that the governments of the world are printing trillions of dollars to keep us fed and paying our bills. Day 2 we start to wonder…… Read More ›

Good Money and Cryptocurrency

Could cryptocurrency be considered ‘good money’? In our previous two posts on the topic of cryptocurrency, we learned what blockchain and cryptocurrency is and briefly examined the technological leaps it had made over the past decade. In this post we… Read More ›

Lost Retirement

Lessons in retirement planning Witnessing the wild mechanisations of The Great 2020 Coronavirus Stockmarket Crash presents the perfect opportunity to open up a new discussion on the matter of retirement savings. More specifically – superannuation, retirement and pension products and the government… Read More ›

Gillette v Egard

Trends – The Conservative Counterculture. In January 2019, Gillette launched a bold marketing campaign which aimed to hold men to what they consider to be a higher moral standard. Their television commercial appeared to portray men as privileged bullies, catcallers,… Read More ›

A Political Movement

Trends – Political and Social (Part 3) When it comes to politics, just like anything else, there are always trends taking place. Long, short, weak, strong.  At present, we are seeing a very strong global trend which is likely to last… Read More ›