As a means of introduction, I am a relatively simple man who desires little more than to feed, shelter and educate my family and leave the world a little better than how I found it.

Unfortunately, I was finding this is easier said than done and getting harder. I found myself asking ‘why’?

Financial Awakening

My background is in accounting and financial services.  Ten years of accounting across several different fields did lay a solid foundation for the past 12 years spent providing holistic financial advice. 

I do not consider myself entrepreneurial and I have a strong level of admiration for those who are. It is the small business owners who drive the prosperity of nations.

Whilst this website will be considered ‘self-help’, I do not consider myself to be a ‘guru’.

I do however have 3 aptitudes which have proven to be highly beneficial to those whom I serve, being:

  1. I am a ‘contrarian’ by nature.
  2. I have a strong tendency to be ‘skeptical’ of the motivations of others.
  3. I have a passion for ‘strategy’.

These aptitudes have also given me cause to observe and reflect upon the financial and political systems across my home country and the West generally.  

Even the most rudimentary examinations of our monetary, taxation and superannuation / pension systems are enough to conclude that the future for the ‘working class’ is looking disconcerting. 

Add to this an ever expanding bureaucracy, regulation, compliance overburden and generally poor government budgeting – then the financial future of the ‘middle-class’ is a matter of concern too. 

Fortunately I am not the only one who is concerned and doing something about it. There are others out there openly critical of the politicians, bankers, advisers and educators who they claim have been perpetuating a financial mistruths for 3 generations. I hope to be able to highlight their arguments here, at this site, over the coming months.

Historically the outcome of poor financial systems is devastating. Homelessness. Hyper-inflation, which could make pension and savings accounts worthless. Starvation. A general inability to trade and conduct any type of business.

Regardless of the above, I believe there is much you can do as an individual to protect your financial position and even opportunities to avail ourselves of.  There is also much we can do together through the advocacy for sound monetary systems, along with sensible and conservative government budgeting.

It all starts however with your financial ‘re-education’. In other words your ‘Financial Awakening.’

I hope that you will join me on this journey.


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