Month: February 2020

The Political Practical

Trends – Political and Social (Part 2) Those within the Financial Awakening understand two life rules: Nobody is going to act in your best interest, all of the time. When you find someone who acts in your best interest most… Read More ›

Good Money and the Dollar 2

Part 2 – An introduction to inflation. Following on from the ‘8 characteristics of good money‘ detailed at Good Money let us continue an examination of the ‘Dollar’ with respect to each. In this post we ask the question – Are dollars a… Read More ›

The Political Pendulum

If you are left with only two options though – the first being an authoritative socialism on the left, or democratic capitalism to the right – be pushing towards the right all the time. Not only will your standard of living will be higher, you will probably live longer too.

Risk-Free Return

The fifth risk-free return – is the most important risk-free return of them all. It is generally a tax-free return and its nature is ‘debt reduction’.


As a means of introduction, I am a relatively simple man who desires little more than to feed, shelter and educate my family and leave the world a little better than how I found it. Unfortunately, I was finding this… Read More ›