A Financial Awakening

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.’

Charles Mackay

DO YOU find that no matter how hard you work, you just never seem to get ahead?

DO YOU ever wonder why your growing wages of salary seems to buy you less and less?

DO YOU find yourself shocked at the level of debt you have amassed?

DO YOU grow angry seeing the price of your dream home rising faster than the deposit you are saving?

DO YOU feel like the funds you have been saving up for retirement, is just not going to be enough?

DO YOU sometimes find yourself concluding that the entire system is stacked against you? If you do… you could be right!

A few years back, I found myself answering YES to a few of these very questions – and decided to investigate.

A Financial Awakening has begun

If you are still reading this web-page you are part of what I am calling the ‘Financial Awakening’.

Everyday people are now questioning the workings of our monetary, banking and political systems.

Similarly many of these people are questioning their own financial decisions and lifestyle choices.

Some are searching the internet for the answers. Others are publishing their own unique discoveries as articles, or as YouTube videos, to share with the world.

I have decided create this website as a education resource, in an attempt to bring the answers together. Providing us with a ‘real world’ financial and political information hub.

Our goals being:

  1. To develop strategies and tools for a sound financial decision making process.
  2. To gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of current financial systems, with the view to promote good economic theory and governance.
  3. To examine our own financial habits, to improve our financial outcomes, lifestyle, wellbeing and happiness.

First things first however, building a financial education is like building anything else – it begins with a solid foundation. I encourage you to now visit the page titled Great Foundations.


We are thrilled to introduce Daily Telos.

Public Notice Board and Diary – built upon the Telos blockchain


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Main Image by Mohamed Almari on Pexels.com